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The Ugly Truth about CPA Offers

(38 of 365)James Jones, the creator of Micro Niche Finder sent an email to me that was so good I thought that I’d steal it and post it for you guys to read. He’s on a rant about CPA offers and what a rip off they can be. If you’re into affiliate marketing and CPA offers you might want to check out what he has to say….and James, if you read this and get pissed because I swiped your words….well,  just let me move and I’ll hit the delete button.

Here’s his quote links and all…by the way, James J Jones is one trustworthy internet marketer. Someone definitely worthy of following and listening to, I suggest you get on one of his lists and see what he has to say.

Here ya go:


The Ugly Truth about CPA Offers.
Every since the release of CPA arbitrage over a year ago  many internet marketing gurus have been heralding CPA as the best thing since Adsense.
And yes, you can make money with CPA.
But is CPA all that it’s cracked up to be?
For those who don’t know CPA stands for Cost Per Action.  Typically a CPA offer pays an affiliate when some action is taken by a website visitor. An action such as filling out a form or registering for a free trial.  For this “action” the affiliate is paid a commission. Commissions can range from a few cents for a simple zip code or email submit to $80 or more for a long form house or car loan lead.
The problem with CPA offers is most of the highest converting offers are what I would call scams.
Take a look at this one:
Seems great huh!  Fill out your email address and get a free Blackberry.  Who wouldn’t go for that?   Then you get to the next page and oh yeah, we need to know where to ship your Blackberry so you need to fill out your name, address and telephone number.
“Ship it to me baby! Can’t wait to get my free phone.”
Wait, what’s this?  I have to fill out a survey?  No problem.  Small price to pay for a new Blackberry.
Now what?  Another survey?  Only this time I have to send my answer to my cell phone O_o?
And reading the small print reveals this gem…
By entering your cell phone number, you acknowledge you are allowing us to give your information to one of our service providers chosen at our discretion. Specific Terms and Conditions for the mobile subscription will be posted on the confirmation page after you have submitted your cell phone number. Unless noted otherwise on the terms and services listed on the following page AT&T, T-Mobile, Alltel, Dobson, Cellular One, Virgin USA, and Cincinnati Bell are billed monthly at $9.99 per month. (emphasis mine)
Digging a little further I find this:

To obtain the gift for this promotion you must: 1) register with valid information including e-mail address, shipping address, and phone number; 2) complete the survey; 3) complete at least 2 Silver, 2 Gold and 5 Platinum Sponsor Offers (offer availability will vary); 4) be a US resident 18 or older; 5) not cancel your participation in more than a total of 2 Sponsor Offers within 6 days of the Sponsor Offer Initial Transaction Date.

Holy cow it’s going to cost me more to complete the offers then the Blackberry is worth!
That’s the first CPA scam.  They’re called incentive offers and they are all over the CPA networks.  They draw you in with the promise of a free gadget or gift card and then suck you in to a never ending spiral of offers.
The next one is the Free Trial Pay Only Shipping.  This is most prevalent in the health and beauty and business opportunity niches.  I’m sure you’ve seen these… Get a Bottle of Wonder Pill X and only pay shipping of $4.95.
Sounds reasonable, huh?  Well, here’s the thing… The REAL reason they change you shipping  is so they have your Credit Card number.  Because when you click submit you are agreeing to the tiny tiny print where they tell you that you have just signed up for a monthly plan for $39.00 or $69.00.
Fun, huh?
No not really.  And that’s how your customers will feel too if you promote this junk.
The third type of scam are the offers that just don’t live up to their claims.  An example of this is Cash For Gold.  They claim to pay top dollar for your gold.  They’ll even send you a “kit” free of charge which you can use to send in your gold jewelry.
Sounds great, huh?  Get rid of your unused jewelry and make some money.
Problem is, the offer they make for your gold is laughable.  Appx 10% of the real value. At current rates that would be appx $120.00 per ounce and that if it’s 24 ct gold.
You’d be better off selling your gold to a pawn shop.
There are other types of CPA offers.  And some are legit.  One that I have been affiliated with for years is American Consumer Opinion.  ACOP is a legitimate research company that pays people to take surveys.
I’ve done some of their surveys and I can vouch that they do pay.  And beyond that they also pay 50 cents for each referral you send them.
If you’d like to join ACOP, either as a participant or an affiliate, my affiliate link is
Click reply and let me know what YOU think, Scott.
That’s it for this bi-week.  Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to read our Every Other
Friday Newsletter.  For those in the US have a happy and safe Memorial Day and I hope you all have a fun and safe weekend.


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Drilling Down a Niche Market

DrillFinding lucrative markets can be tough. Discovering one that isn’t very saturated may be scary any time you are just starting out as an Online marketer. The key to be able to getting niche categories that are equally worthwhile and possess little competition is actually positioning down a top-level market to locate worthwhile sub-niches together with fewer rivals.

For instance, why don’t we say you are interested inside developing a web site that is involved in physical beauty. You are able to drill the particular attractiveness category down into several different sub-categories. You could potentially choose hairdressing, skincare, physical fitness, natural beauty, makeup, or even any number of markets related to beauty.

But these types are still too wide to become worthwhile together with little amounts of site visitors. You have to punch lower further. Let’s say you may handle the particular skin care group. Sub-categories regarding skin care could contain meals, acne, blackheads, lines and wrinkles, age spots, skin psoriasis, and dry pores and skin.

Now there is a listing of more compact niches you could begin to limit. Acne may still be too wide. You are able to exercise straight down even more through concentrating on adolescent zits, baby zits, as well as adult pimple.

Find New Niche Markets with MicroNicheFinder

While you want to locate markets which might be filter sufficient so that you can master, you really don’t wish to choose niches that have too little visitors obtainable. Don’t be frightened to check out your own competition.

Visit your chosen search results, just like Google, and also search for items like “how to get rid of zits.” This is certainly a distinct segment anxiously searching for a solution. If you exercise straight down excessive, just like focusing on “blackheads,” you might locate it’s a good irritation, however maybe not necessarily a thing individuals are desperate enough to invest funds resolving.

You should confirm your idea will get a considerable amount of searches by using a keyword tool just like WordTracker or Yahoo and the External Google Keyword Tool. Any time to look for the area of interest on the internet, check if there are plenty of Pay per click advertisements about the proper sidebar with the display screen.

Niche Profit Classroom Sets You Up with
2 Niche Businesses Per Month ….Everything You Need

If so, what this means is people are earning money in this niche. When you could develop a genuine slant by using an concept that’s already creating income on-line, you will be ready for instant success.

If you really would like to get in to the craigs list area of interest, don’t go after any broad, craigslist for beginners area of interest. Target something distinctive such as “Craigslist Businesses for Baby Boomers.” Look for a particular market and then appeal to their own wants rather than trying to generalize by appealing to some type of broad market and market interest.

Free Internet Marketing Tool

Website Traffic created by Traffic GeyserAre you looking for the best free internet marketing tool? The bad news is that it is probably hard to determine the best one, since it depends on your business, your target audience, the marketplace, and other issues. But the good news is that there are many that you can take advantage of to build your image/brand and obtain leads and sales.

One of the most popular free tools today is Twitter. Its popularity increases exponentially every month and many new free “Twitter-enhancing” products have also come out that can allow you to automate your Twitter account and save time. Twitter is extremely easy to use. Sign up for an account, upload your picture, write a brief description of what you want to say, and include whatever url you would like to promote, such as your website or an affiliate link. Next, you “tweet” something out to the world. Try to keep it conversational and social. Avoid too much promotion. If someone likes what you have to say, they will check out your profile and your link. Then, you will look for people to follow–people who could be interested in what you are offering. You can search by keyword to target the audience that you would like to follow. When you follow someone, they will generally follow you back, and then you can let them know more about yourself and what you have to offer, and they will do the same.

Make the Most of a Free Internet Marketing Tool

Another very fundamental-to-your-online-business free internet marketing tool is the Google Keyword Research Tool. No matter what kind of marketing you do online, you will need to tap into the keywords that are relevant to your business. You will use these keywords in your blog, website, PPC ads, articles, videos, and any other type of marketing that you do. And the free Google tool allows you to find the exact keywords to target in your promotions–for free. Simply type in a word or phrase that relates to your business, and the tool will provide you with a list of all related keywords that people are typing in, how many people are typing each term, and how competitive the terms are (how many other marketers are using them in their marketing efforts).

Videos are another very powerful, and free, way to market your business. Traffic Geyser is a video product/service that multiplies your efforts times 100 or more! All you need is a web-cam or a digital camera, and one to ten minutes of time to make a video. Simply upload it to YouTube or any of the other video sites, write a description of what you are speaking about in your video (make sure to include the right keywords), and include your link, and you’ve got a magnet for people who are searching for whatever it is that you are speaking about or demonstrating on your video.

As you can see, there is more than just one free internet marketing tool that you can use to promote your business or affiliate products. Free IM tools are a good way to start out if you are on a budget, however, when you make a few dollars…… take that money and set it aside to buy some of the tools you’ll find linked to in this post. Traffic Geyser is expensive but delivers….. one of the most potent tools on the market. Keyword tools such as Micro Niche Finder help you to determine the quality of the keywords you discover…… a big assest when determining the validity of any niche you might be researching. Free is good as long as you understand how to use the tool!

Public Domain Magazines for Discovering Niche Markets

directoryofezinesI was on a forum today and they were talking about various ways to find new niche markets. The original poster suggested using classified ads in newspapers. Pull out a paper and circle some of the different products or services being sold and start thinking outside the box. Gives you a few ideas for keywords to be used in some of the keyword tools. One guy was having a hard time coming up with keywords for Micro Niche Finder, a specialized keyword tool. Well….using classified ads would be perfect to dig up some new keywords.

Then someone mentioned magazines and how they could be used for the same thing. The so called guru’s have promoted magazines as a method to discover profitable niches for a long time and it works. I added my two cents about using magazines to uncover profitable niches below.

Magazines are helpful on several levels today, just browsing as you mentioned …..starts the creative juices flowing.

One thing to keep in mind, in today’s economy we see magazines getting thinner and thinner. Also, they tend to be more niche specific…..the broad cover everything type magazine is getting pretty thin! This means that anyone advertising a specific niche more than one or two issues in a row are making probably making some decent money. So… just found a good niche that is profitable

Another use for magazines:

Magazines that are in the Public Domain provide an excellent source for unique content on many different niches. I’m not much of a public domain expert, but there’s a guy that promotes using public domain content from magazines to develop different niches. Besides finding these mags at the library you can usually grab them on ebay for a couple of bucks.

You don’t have to worry about everybody and their brother jumping on this method because it involves a little work. You either have to scan and convert the scan to text…..or retype. Surprisingly I found these mags a good source of images that you can use for just about anything. Public Domain is a great way to think outside the box when it comes to discovering new niche markets!

Don’t forget to take your new keywords and plug them into your Micro Niche Finder keyword software. Of course you can use any keyword software you have or the free Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

Pay Per Click and Keyword Research

Pay per click is real money because it is offers an extremely important stream of traffic for just about every type of website out there. If you can get the right formula down for your business (the right combination of keywords, phrases, compelling text and the perfect bid (not too high and not too low), then you are sure to be profitable with PPC advertising.

Keyword Research Tools I Use!
Micro Niche Finder
Keyword Research Pro

The first step in pay per click is to do your keyword research. What this means is that you need to find the keywords that people are typing in when they are looking for the information that your business offers. So, if you own a jewelry business, the appropriate keywords may be diamond rings or gold earrings. Luckily, you don’t just need to guess what people are typing in. The search engines can tell you exactly what keywords your potential customers are typing in, and they do so for free. Your job is to make a list of these keywords and keyword phrases and use them in your advertisements.

Pay per click is real money when you understand what keywords you should be targeting. If you are just starting out, you should not be targeting the most competitive (expensive) keywords. This is a sure way to lose money right from the start. Again, your search engine tool will provide you with data about how competitive a keyword is. Choose the keywords that are relevant to your business that have a lower search volume. While it’s true that you won’t get as much traffic to your ad this way, you will also not be spending too much money on your advertisement. And you will start gaining some leads, customers and money. Once you have started to make a little profit, you can start re-investing your money into more competitive keywords.

Keyword Research Tools I Use!
Micro Niche Finder
Keyword Research Pro

Once you’ve picked some good uncompetitive keywords, it’s time to build your ads around them. This is where you can beat out the competition that is paying more for the same keyword that you are targeting. All you need to do is get into the “searcher’s” mind and figure out what you can say that would compel him/her to click on your ad versus someone elses. Good words to use are free, easy, quick, no-hassle, limited time offer. In this way, even if your ad is not appearing at the top of the page, it will catch the attention of the person who is searching for this information.

There is a lot of training on the internet which shows you how pay per click is real money. If you think it’s a waste of time, you need to think again. The search engines are here to stay so it’s time that you use them to your advantage by using the right keyword research tools and understanding keyword research. You can be sure that your competitors are doing just that!

MicroNicheFinder Uncovers Hot New Trends for Quick Profits

MicroNicheFinder is a keyword tool made especially for internet marketers. MicroNicheFinder has a special research button called “Hot Trends”…..simply click on the hot trends button to get 100 keyword phrases that are hot right now! Going over the list carefully, look for new product releases. Often times you’ll get products that haven’t been on the market but for a few days.

After you find a keyword phrase, you can use MicroNicheFinder to go directly to Amazon for the keyword or keyword phrase. If you find it, you just found one easy way to grab an affiliate link, and start making some money before everybody and their brother does!

Further research using MicroNicheFinder will tell you exactly how to market your new item, how much adwords will cost and other important information.

Watch James J Jones as he uses MicroNicheFinder to locate a product and take it to market. This video is only a small part of the package you get when your purchase MicroNicheFinder. James keeps upgrading the software and constantly finds new ways for us to profit by using it.

Check out this video now :)

[youtube: 480 480]

I use Micro Niche Finder for blog posts, articles, ebooks….just about every time I write something that is going to go up on the web, I do my keyword research with MicroNicheFinder for the proper keywords… all the time for those long tail keywords, MicroNicheFinder digs them up like gold nuggets!

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Online Business Model Makes an Easy $1,000 a Month

If you’ve been following my posts, you know how highly I think of the keyword tool called Micro Niche Finder…..just a terrific keyword tool for digging up long tailed keywords known as low hanging fruit. You don’t have to take my word for it, grab a copy and test it out!

You’ve also probably heard of bum marketing or article marketing and one of the movements leaders, Travis Sago.

Well, Travis has made Micro Niche Finder the official keyword tool of Bum Marketing! That’s saying something because Travis is a heavy hitter in Bum Marketing, he makes a great living through article marketing and he is a man of character and integrity……so if Travis recommends a tool, you know it’s good.

Below is a video Travis did that can easily fit into the Make Money Online category….but it isn’t some cheesy promo type video. Travis reveals a business model anyone can use to make money online, and yes, he uses Micro Niche Finder in the development of this business model.

If you’re looking for a solid way to start making some steady money online, you really need to watch the below video. I say this at the risk of sounding full of hype….but you can easily develop a small business that pulls in $1,000 a month.

Enjoy the video :)

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Internet Marketing Opportunities and 2009

December flew by fast and furious….in fact all of 2008 zipped right by, I had so much I wanted to accomplish and couldn’t, mainly do to poor health. Like so many things in life, we don’t appreciate the things we have until they’re gone and I certainly have a new found appreciation for good health since I experienced years of physical suffering.

Internet Marketing Opportunity

I only mention my health because I’m so thankful for the opportunity that we all have when it comes to the opportunity presented by interent marketing. There are so many directions and opportunities one may go in the field of internet marketing. I’ve seen complete newbies jump in head first, hit the ground running and make a pile of money…then go on to be very successful. Contrary to that, I’ve seen people get involved, buy ebooks, courses, software and go to seminars only to struggle year after year…..the ones who stick to it almost always eventually achieve some degree of success. The ones who whine, complain and giveup will proclain that internet marketing is full of scammers and false hope…..why?, because they quit!

money_500px.jpgThe undeniable truth is that internet marketing provides an opportunity for anyone who is willing to learn, invest and stick with it. For me, the last 5 years have been plagued by poor health but I drag myself up to my computer when I’m able, write a blog post, work on an ebook, learn more about building websites, create some graphics, look for more learning opportunities and implement my monetization efforts. Mind you, I can’t work like most people, sometimes I go for a week or more not being able to work. I almost never get 5 days in a row where I have at least 8 hours a day to hit it hard……My point, even though I’m ill, internet marketing has provided an opportunity to work for myself, given me a chance to earn a living and presents income opportuities that have no ceiling.

Now….if I can make this work with my disabilities, then count your blessings if you’ve been blessed with good health and can wake up every day feeling good. Interent Marketing opportunities are unlimited in scoop and income opportunity. You can work at home in your spare time, or you can work from home so you have spare time. I truly am thankful for this opportunity and those that have crossed my path over the years and offered me a hand or extented the courtesy of a free ebook or service here and there…..I practice the art of “passing it on”

Micro Niche Finder Contest

In November I entered a contest that involved creating a screen capture video tutorial on how I use Micro Niche Finder, a keyword tool by James J Jones. I use Micro Niche Finder all the time in so many ways that it was hard to come up with one way that would capture the usefulness of Micro Niche Finder. Well, I did a 20 minute video on how I use Micro Niche Finder to determine whether an affiliate review package sold in the warrior forum would be profitable or not. If it is profitable Micro Niche Finder can then be used to dig up long tailed keywords to create a blog and then write some articles that would further promote the affilaite review site.

Well….I won!

I won 3rd place and a $250 prize! How awesome is that, and I send my heartfelt thanks to the owner of Micro Niche Finder, James J Jones! By the way, James is an awesome internet marketer, comes out with some great products and often times shares some of the techniques and methods he uses to exploit various niches to make some pretty good cash. So…I highly recommend you join his list and follow his teachings.

I might mention that I was able to accomplish this when I had 2 of the worse months of my life. Once again, I only share this to give you encouragement and offer you proof that success in an internet marketing opportunity is not only possible but probable when you stick it out…..So I offer my sincere best wishes for 2009 while you persure your internet marketing dreams!

Rss Feeds for Youtube

Rss feeds are intimidating to the newbie when they first lay eyes on the word. But if you are comfortable with rss feeds then you should really check out Rss Feeds for Youtube.

After seeing the word rss, sooner or latter you decide to see what it’s all about, of course you read that rss feeds are the greatest things since sliced bread. If you have a wordpress blog, your cpanel autmatically makes the blog and you have these little rss symbols all over the blog.

You read that you need to submit your rss feeds….but as far as your concerned only God knows where you submit them or even how to get your rss feed. Even if you could find a rss feed for youtube, you might not know what to do with it.

Once you get an rss feed and click on it, all you see is some code that resembles html coding but has some new characters and different formatting….now what?

RSS Fees for Youtube and BadAssRssWell, that pretty much summed me up. I took a long time for me to start reading and forcing myself to understand rss feeds. Once I did a whole new world opened up. I could create pages with automatically updating information. I could even use rss feeds in data feeds to promote affiliate products….the list is almost endless. And I began to search for rss feeds for just about every type of website, such as looking for rss feeds for youtube.

At one point in the history of rss feeds it they were being promoted as taking over email….especially from an internet marketers point of view. The problem with email is obvious since it still exists……and is called SPAM! Rss didn’t take the place of email because it simply is still a little too complicated for the complete newbie to try and figure out….but it’s getting close and trust me, I’m sure it will happen some day. The big benefit with rss feeds is that you can subscribe only to those feeds that you want. If you find a blogger, website or even a site like youtube you can grab their rss feed and stick it in your reader….no more spam.

One great part about rss feeds is that google loves them. That alone makes it worthwhile to try and figure out how to use. So now you find many services of various kinds that involve some kind of content will have an rss feed.

Well…I wanted to share my frustration with rss feeds when it came to YouTube. I was interested in grabbing only specific videos, maybe even only 1 video and had hoped I would easily be able to grab an rss feed that would allow me to filter out everything except what I wanted….either by keyword or by channel, maybe by author.

Yes, I was wrong. I thought google would have made that rss magic happen already but it seems to be a bit of a geeky thing still. I tried to read the YouTube help files, scanned through the forums only to read stuff that I was clueless on.

Next I did a google search for Youtube and RSS and the results were just about as disappointing. Just about ready to quit and give up on finding some rss magic for youtube, I clicked on the google result one more time and I hit paydirt!

Rss Feeds for Youtube

Some fellow at a blog entitled “Unofficial News and Tips About Google” put together a post that explained the hidden secrets on how to manipulate your YouTube RSS feeds. He gives 6 methods of formatting and retrieving youtube rss feeds:

  1. Search Feeds
  2. Search in a Category
  3. The latest videos from a channel…..or only the videos that match your keywords
  4. Feeds for favorite videos
  5. Your subscriptions

You’ll find a brief explaination and example of each. Bottom line you can be much more specific when sorting youtube videos to be included in your youtube rss feed. Which of course can then be put in your rss reader or used with another script which can then be used to display content on your website.

You can find his site at:

The feeds I created worked perfect with Peter Drew’s BadAssRss RSS Submitter program. In fact this program is one way to really get the most of your rss feeds and it will literally get your sites parked on page 1 of google….and I hate to sound like the proverbial “tin man”, but it really works. First page on google within 24 hours for the right keywords, which is explained in the tutorial videos.

If you haven’t heard of Peter Drew, he’s sort of an Interent Marketer Magician with RSS. I’ve followed him for the last 2 years and he keeps finding new ways to monetize rss feeds and use rss feeds to get your sites up on the first page of google, his proven product BadAssRss is worth checking out!

Basically, you’ll be working with long tailed kewyord phrases with a small amount of competition. These of course can be found with James Jones’ keyword tool called Micro Niche Finder, best on the market in my humble opinion.

The theory involves finding a handfull of long tailed keywords in one niche and get them all on page one….how you monetize the sites is totally up to you, but since you’re on page 1, anything goes!!!

Now go out and do some experiment with rss feeds for youtube and see if you can get yourself postioned up on top of google’s search engine….heck even page 2 could mean big bucks in the right niche :)

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