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Simple Tips For Using Keywords

keyword rich articles for your blog with Article StalkerThere are a lot of elements that into getting a page to rank higher in the search engines. when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), keywords are near the top of the list of importance. Keywords are words that people are searching for, and part of how the search engines determine your rank for those words. There are a lot of other variables as well, but using keywords effectively is a vital part to ranking well in the search engines. Here are some things to keep in mind to help you do better.

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1. Know your audience. There is one main theme when it comes to keywords, and that is relevance. Knowing who your audience is will help you keep your keywords relevant to what they are looking for. Take the word ‘apple’ for example. You could optimize your site for that keyword, but are you going after people who use Apple computers or those who are interested in the fruit?

2. Create a list. You can start by thinking of what people are most likely to search for, as it relates to your website. However, that’s only the start. You should also use a keyword tool of some kind to get longer lists, and to see how many people are using those words. The more keywords you have to work with, the easier it will be to make an SEO friendly website.

3. Make a plan. Take some time to think about how you will use each of your keywords on your various pages and how you will link all of the together. You may want to get a pen and paper and draw out how the pages will be connected to one another. Don’t forget to use hyperlinked (words people can click on) keywords in some places. This anchor text tends to be viewed more favorably by the search engines, so use that to your advantage.

4. Don’t overdo it. While you will be selecting as many keywords as possible, you shouldn’t overstuff your pages with them. If you use too much of the same keywords on the same page, the search engines may think you’re trying to cheat and could penalize you for it. The other reason for not overdoing it is that it’s hard for your visitors to understand. After all, there’s one thing you don’t want people to do when they get to your site, and that’s to leave. Making the text sound natural will help them to stay long enough to do what you want them to do.

5. Check your competition. In other words, use each of keywords in a search engine and see how many competing pages there are. The more the pages, the harder it will be to rank higher. Take some extra time and click through on the first few results. This will give you some idea if the top ranked sites know what they’re doing. The best keywords are those that have a lot of searches, but not a lot of competition. The truth is that these words can be hard to find. So, while you should check your competition, you shouldn’t get too hung up on it either.

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Keyword Marketing Tool—Pick the Best!

keyword internet marketing toolsTo market your internet business successfully you need the right keyword research tool. Using the right keywords will do two things for you. They will direct people to your website and eventually make you more money. More people visiting your website, more people will buy what you are selling therefore make you more money.

Keywords are not the entire story though, start there and find good or even great keywords then create your website and optimize it for the search engines then submit it. If you have found good keywords to use then your website will be ranked higher on the search results page so when someone types that keyword into the search bar they will see your website, click through and hopefully make a purchase.

Sounds easy, right? Well, if you try to do this all on your own, you will soon find yourself lost and frustrated then you will probably give up. So, how do you get the right keywords to use for your search engine optimization? Use a good keyword marketing tool. You will save mounds of time and energy that you need to put to doing other things to optimize your website.

A good keyword tool will give you a list of keywords to choose from, will help you decide which keywords are unused or seldom used and which ones will work. Other aspects of keyword research that a good keyword tool will help you with are; how many other websites will you be competing with if you choose this or that keyword, SEO, or search engine optimization, and page rank.

Stay away from keywords that have too much competition. Even if they sound like a good fit, they will do you absolutely no good and may even keep you from getting ranked higher on the search engines. Make sure you choose keywords that describe your business exactly. If you can’t do that in one word, a better option may be a long-tail keyword. Long-tail keywords may narrow down the competition and if the long-tail keyword you choose has a high number of searches then you are probably going to be ranked high in the search engines.

Page rank will help you track what your page is doing on that search engine. This is one way to track how well your site is doing and if it stays ranked high on the search engine. If, for some reason, it does not stay ranked high, then you need to find better keywords and re-optimize your website.

Research is the best way to find what you are looking for. With so many tools out there you are bound to find the one to suit your needs the best. Find one that has it all or maybe two or three that, when used together, give you all you need. However you go about it, do not waste your valuable time trying to find keywords that will work on your own, use a keyword marketing tool.

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Pay Per Click and Keyword Research

Pay per click is real money because it is offers an extremely important stream of traffic for just about every type of website out there. If you can get the right formula down for your business (the right combination of keywords, phrases, compelling text and the perfect bid (not too high and not too low), then you are sure to be profitable with PPC advertising.

Keyword Research Tools I Use!
Micro Niche Finder
Keyword Research Pro

The first step in pay per click is to do your keyword research. What this means is that you need to find the keywords that people are typing in when they are looking for the information that your business offers. So, if you own a jewelry business, the appropriate keywords may be diamond rings or gold earrings. Luckily, you don’t just need to guess what people are typing in. The search engines can tell you exactly what keywords your potential customers are typing in, and they do so for free. Your job is to make a list of these keywords and keyword phrases and use them in your advertisements.

Pay per click is real money when you understand what keywords you should be targeting. If you are just starting out, you should not be targeting the most competitive (expensive) keywords. This is a sure way to lose money right from the start. Again, your search engine tool will provide you with data about how competitive a keyword is. Choose the keywords that are relevant to your business that have a lower search volume. While it’s true that you won’t get as much traffic to your ad this way, you will also not be spending too much money on your advertisement. And you will start gaining some leads, customers and money. Once you have started to make a little profit, you can start re-investing your money into more competitive keywords.

Keyword Research Tools I Use!
Micro Niche Finder
Keyword Research Pro

Once you’ve picked some good uncompetitive keywords, it’s time to build your ads around them. This is where you can beat out the competition that is paying more for the same keyword that you are targeting. All you need to do is get into the “searcher’s” mind and figure out what you can say that would compel him/her to click on your ad versus someone elses. Good words to use are free, easy, quick, no-hassle, limited time offer. In this way, even if your ad is not appearing at the top of the page, it will catch the attention of the person who is searching for this information.

There is a lot of training on the internet which shows you how pay per click is real money. If you think it’s a waste of time, you need to think again. The search engines are here to stay so it’s time that you use them to your advantage by using the right keyword research tools and understanding keyword research. You can be sure that your competitors are doing just that!

MicroNicheFinder Uncovers Hot New Trends for Quick Profits

MicroNicheFinder is a keyword tool made especially for internet marketers. MicroNicheFinder has a special research button called “Hot Trends”…..simply click on the hot trends button to get 100 keyword phrases that are hot right now! Going over the list carefully, look for new product releases. Often times you’ll get products that haven’t been on the market but for a few days.

After you find a keyword phrase, you can use MicroNicheFinder to go directly to Amazon for the keyword or keyword phrase. If you find it, you just found one easy way to grab an affiliate link, and start making some money before everybody and their brother does!

Further research using MicroNicheFinder will tell you exactly how to market your new item, how much adwords will cost and other important information.

Watch James J Jones as he uses MicroNicheFinder to locate a product and take it to market. This video is only a small part of the package you get when your purchase MicroNicheFinder. James keeps upgrading the software and constantly finds new ways for us to profit by using it.

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I use Micro Niche Finder for blog posts, articles, ebooks….just about every time I write something that is going to go up on the web, I do my keyword research with MicroNicheFinder for the proper keywords… all the time for those long tail keywords, MicroNicheFinder digs them up like gold nuggets!

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