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Mobile Websites for Local Business

Mobile Websites for Local Business

mobile websiteThere was a time that mobile websites were an option, today with the popularity of web based smart phones a mobile website for your business is a must! Now that mobile websites are popular….or should I say a must, you need to find out who builds them and how can you get one. It’s important to remember some basic mobile website design tips so that when someone visits your mobile website it is a pleasant and informative experience….. easier said than done!

If you have spent some money designing your main website, you should make an effort to carry the theme and colors to your mobile website, all the way to using a smaller version of your header graphic. Your mobile website needs to be intuitive, by that, I mean easy to navigate and find important information while the site should load quickly which means you need to keep it small in size. Don’t get lulled into thinking you can load your mobile website up with lots of pretty graphics because they will slow the site down and your visitors will leave before your website loads on the phone, graphics need to be maximally optimized.

Keep Your Mobile Website Simple

Remember the purpose of a mobile website is to get information about your company or business quickly so it is obvious that navigating your mobile site must be easy and quick, so put your primary information out front with simple tabs or icons related to finding that information. When someone navigates to your mobile site, make sure they can see the information that is considered important and that’s the info that will be tabbed or identified with icons. Categories is another way to link to the internal pages of your mobile website, so use them judicially and point them to the appropriate mobile pages. The above facts will enhance your mobile users experience and just might bring a few more customers in your store!

Add A Contact Page to Your Mobile Website

One of the first links I put on a mobile site is a “Contact Us” or “Contact Me” link with a phone number email address and other contact information, next you should link to your main website and probably to some of the social sites like Facebook. The size of a mobile website is important, do not fill your pages up with lots of content because it will just take too much time to load and the main point of the page will get lost in all the content. Make a post it note and write on it “Keep it Simple”, stick it on your screen while creating your mobile site.

Build A List With Your Mobile Website

Building a list is important so offer a discount for anyone willing to leave their name and email in an optin form. You can place an optin form on your mobile site and people will surely sign up for their discount and you’ll add another name to your marketing list!

All Smartphones Are Not The Same

It’s nearly impossible to create a universal mobile website that can be read on any mobile platform. Mobile browsers don’t support the same properties and HTML elements, and your markup may appear very different depending on the mobile browser or platform. Also, smartphones may have differently sized screens, and some of them (such as the iPhone) switch between horizontal and vertical. This switching makes browsing easy for users, but it means you can’t used a fixed width-go with a percentage instead.

Hire Professional Mobile Website Designer

Having a mobile version of your website can pay off big in increased traffic and sales, but you need to make that mobile site professional, attractive, and easy to navigate. If you’re not well acquainted with mobile development, consider using the services of a web designer which specializes in mobile platforms.

Remember, fast and quick, keeping this in mind when designing a mobile website will put you ahead of all the other designers. The coding or technical side of mobile websites is slightly different than designing a standard static HTML website. A good website designer can easily put one together for you, however, there’s a growing list of mobile website designers that specialize in mobile website design and coding. You could always do a little studying and give it a shot yourself!