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Do You have a Mobile Website Then This Information You Should Always Include In Your Mobile Website

The 3 Pieces Of Information
You Should Include On
Your Mobile Website

mobile website optimization and developmentBecause the smartphone and tablet markets are growing so quickly, it’s more important than ever to have a mobile website and to have a mobile marketing strategy for your business. If you don’t have a mobile-optimized version of your website, you’re probably losing business to your competitors who do. Technology changes quickly, almost too quick… if you blink you’ll miss the next greatest gadget or application. But….that’s just the way it is and He or She who stays on top of the fast changing mobile website development will have cutting edge mobile marketing strategies that will open up new markets and increased profits.

Mobile Websites Are Designed for A Specific Purpose

Mobile Websites designed and developed for mobile devices make it easier to engage your customers in real world business. With mobile-specific features that include click-to-call and mapping features, your mobile website will make it easier for customers to contact you.

If someone looks you up on the internet via their iPhone, for instance, it’s going to be hard to read and navigate your site if it’s designed for full-size browsers. Many people who land on your site will simply click away and find an alternative, which is usually going to be one of your competitors. Tough luck for you because that could have been your million dollar client! …..or maybe he just wanted a couple of pizzas.

The Mobile Website Layout

The mobile-optimized website layout isn’t all you need though. You also need to ensure that you’re providing your visitors with the information they want.

People using mobile devices tend to be looking for different information.

They’re generally looking for one of a few specific things:

– Your company’s phone number
– Your business address
– Hours of operation
– etc.

They’re often going to look this information up when they need to get in touch with you or even when they’re on their way to your place of business. Those customers are highly qualified, since they’re actively seeking you out to provide them with a solution to their problem. If they can’t find what they need on your site, they’ll usually move on to another one.

While having a mobile-optimized layout is important, you also need to be sure your mobile site makes it easy to find this type of information.

Make it Easy for Your Mobile Website Visitor
To Find the Info They Are Looking For

Think of it this way – your site visitor should be able to load the site and find the information they want with one hand, sitting at a stoplight. If your site passes that test, it’s going to work well for mobile access.

There’s rarely any need to provide information such as product specifications, company history and other such things on a mobile site. People looking for that kind of information are usually doing so from a full-size computer.

A developer must also gain a clear understanding on the profile of the target audience, what would be their possible requirements be from the website or the application that you are designing and how relevant in your content to the audience that you intend to communicate with. Your mobile website design must use appropriate tools that help you deliver an easy to navigate and content-rich browsing experience.

Using An Experienced Mobile Website
Developer Will Yield Big Results

If you really want to provide mobile users with this kind of information you can simply add a link to your mobile page that takes people back to the full-size layout. Most mobile devices are able to display the standard layouts, it just makes it a lot harder to navigate.

Remember the old adage, KISS….. keep it simple stupid! Provide the very basics for your mobile visitors and if needed you can include a link to your main site, but we’ve found that the simpler the better while people are using their smartphones.

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Suddenly Brick and Mortar Business Owners Wonder If They Need a Mobile Website

Suddenly Brick and Mortar
Business Owners Wonder If
They Need a Mobile Website

image of mobile website for mobile marketingTimes are tough and business owners are now wondering if they not only need a website but a mobile website also.

There are a few things to consider when contemplating whether they should deploy a mobile website.

What is your target market and do you understand what they need. Even businesses that serve the same market are different from each other and almost all businesses serve people in a wide age range, if you think that only the young people are using smartphones and connected to the web on a mobile platform, you are making a big mistake. Older generations not using cell phone technology just doesn’t apply anymore. Although some older business owners are in the stone age it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore modern technology and dismiss the effectiveness of websites, both standard websites and mobile websites as they are finding out more and more of their customers find them and buy from them through a mobile website version of their website.

Mobile Websites Increase Pofits

If your work or business involves dealing with other business owners, then it is imperative that you invest in an effective mobile website. You and your business might deal more with consumers so you might dismiss a mobile website, don’t make that mistake because a mobile website can be used for directions, special offers, coupons, contact info or even something like item of the day. Today it isn’t unusual for people to purchase just about anything online and that mindset is carrying over to mobile devices as well, all you need is traffic to your site and you’ll see results. Amazon is a good example of this, they have a mobile version of their website which is simple, easy to navigate and purchasing is similar to their main website the only difference is the size of the space because of the mobile device, people buy from their mobile site.

Mobile Web Pro Templates and Mobile Device Script

Another thing to realize about Amazon is that they know which aspects of their main website are important and they’ve reduced and made those functions available on the mobile site, things like a recommendations list and the secure shopping cart. Amazon makes a ton of cash from the main website, people have gotten used to purchasing online and aren’t afraid to leave their personal information at the site, this degree of comfort needs to be carried over to the mobile version of the website to make it successful. One way that Amazon has conveyed a degree of comfort for their mobile website is by setting up a thorough FAQ section which answers questions or problems regarding the mobile version of the website.

Increase In Smartphones Means Mobile Websites

Hopefully this article answered some of your questions about mobile websites and given you the push needed to get one set up. You might think you’d obtain next to nothing from getting one, however, the fact that 71% of Mobile phone consumers will likely search for more information on their personal Smartphones when they look at a Television, press or an e-commerce advertising; it makes you wonder if you’re leaving money on the table by not including a smartphone website into your online marketing plan. Nonetheless, cell phone consumption is increasing and ninety percent of the world exists in a place from where they are able to receive wireless access.

Mobile Web Pro Templates and Mobile Device Script

You might not want to spend the cash for a mobile website today, but sooner or latter you will have a mobile website or your competition, the one with the mobile website will quickly overtake you. Why don’t you try to run a poll on your website to see what your customers think about mobile sites. Before you do your polling it would be wise to share some of the benefits a mobile website would bring to your customers since they may think you are just trying to get more money out of them, tell them of special discounts, easy buying, special offers and the fact that all their data will still be safe and protected.

There’s No Doubt That a Business Mobile Website Draws Clients and Customers, So Why Don’t You Have A Mobile Website

Even if your business is successful, business owners are wondering if they are losing money because they don’t have a mobile version of their website. Obviously you need to think it through when considering whether you would benefit from having a mobile version of your website. Some of the links in this article point to a special package that will allow you to build your own mobile websites, in fact, there are plenty of local businesses that need mobile websites and you can easily charge $500 a site. Consider some of the thoughts about mobile websites below, if you need someone to build a mobile website for you please leave a comment and I’ll get right back to you!

mobile websites

Who buys your goods or services and what would make that buying process easier for them. I’ve got some news for you, it doesn’t matter what you sell or service, everyone is connected to the web and everyone is on the move. Even my 82 year old mother uses a cell phone to find local business numbers….. do you think she can read a desktop version of your website……no, but a mobile version with a phone number or tap here to call …..that she will use. It’s not true that granny doesn’t use a smartphone for finding a store, restaurant or other needed business. Most owners of business use some sort of smartphone and keep in contact with their customers and their business by means of a web connected phone, it may be a difficult process to learn and start but once you get a handle on using a smartphone you’ll wonder how you got along without it…, naturally you need a mobile website version, something that loads quick and displays important information up front.

Mobile Web Pro Templates and Mobile Device Script

Are you in sales, then you are working with other business owners and I can almost guarantee that your sales will increase with the proper mobile website. Don’t think that a mobile website would not be important to you because you deal strictly with consumers, your mobile website can be configured with information that focuses on getting your customers excited and motivated to come into the store and pick up the mobile only deals! Assuming your website gets traffic, qualified traffic, that is people looking to buy something it really doesn’t make much of a difference if they are on a tablet, their desktop, laptop or a mobile device as long as the webpage is displayed in a way that encourages the visitor to make a sale. One of the best examples of a working, successful mobile website is, they have a mobile version of their website that is easy to navigate, easy to find what you’re looking for and easy to purchase a product. is a great model to follow in a conceptual sense, they’ve taken the most popular aspects of the main website and put them into the mobile version of their website and you probably guessed it but the mobile version includes things like the recommendations list and the shopping cart! Today people are still hesitant to leave their information at a website especially, name, email and credit card, however, Amazon seems to have transferred this comfort from the main site to their mobile site. Often times it is just a matter of common sense when solving website problems and dealing with fear and the mobile version of a website is no different, solved their mobile website problems, questions and fear by setting up an FAQ section, you could do the same!

Mobile Web Pro Templates and Mobile Device Script

Since you’ve entertained the thought of a mobile website, I hope some of this information in this article has helped you to make up your mind about the importance of your business having a mobile site. It’s normal to think that a mobile website wouldn’t affect your business, however, considering the fact that over 70% of smartphone owners will do a quick search for more info when they see a TV ad, billboard or newspaper ad; you might start to contemplate whether or not a mobile website would be profitable for you and your business! In today’s economy you have to wonder if a mobile website is absolutely necessary and will it at least pay for itself, that’s only natural but you can’t ignore the fact that over 70% of smartphone users will pull out their device and do a smartphone search when they see a billboard, newspaper ad or see a TV ad and if you do any other advertising and these smartphone users can’t find you it’s just the fact that you’ve left cash on table! Ninety percent of the world has mobile access, if this is true, you don’t have to like it but you better decide to use it!

You might not want to spend the cash for a mobile website today, but sooner or latter you will have a mobile website or your competition, the one with the mobile website will quickly overtake you. You could run a poll or just ask your customers whether a mobile site might be useful to the, or even set up a simple 1 page mock up of a mobile version. If you decide to poll your customers make sure they have a full understanding of the benefits of a mobile website and make sure they understand that your mobile website is fully secure, you might want to set up a mock up of a mobile site so they could get the feel of it, throw in some coupons or special offers and I know you’ll get a response!

If you build websites or blogs for local businesses then you really need to check out this package. Kevin is releasing it dirt cheap and its one of the best I’ve run across. His support is superb and the product is constantly being revised and updated. I urge you to add these mobile website services to you list of services for offline marketing….. you owe it to your clients!

4 Mobile Website Tips

New and advanced technologies are paving the way in terms of businesses and commerce growth. New and improved digital platforms are being created every day to help businesses reach out to their target market and generate more sales.

If you think digital technologies have advanced at lightning speeds over the past decade, wait until you see what’s in store over the coming months and years. Recent research shows that digital media and technology is expected to grow at even faster rates in the next few years.

One of the main forms of digital growth being seen today is mobile device usage. Everyone uses their mobile phones every single day – several times per day. But mobile phones are no longer just for making phone calls. In fact, people are spending more time surfing the web via their mobile devices today than ever before.

While on the go, people tend to look for local business information right from their mobile devices. This means they are looking at mobile websites. Unfortunately, most businesses do not have a mobile-friendly website yet. In fact, many of them are not even aware that their websites are almost impossible to view on most mobile devices.

Here are a few tips to help you think about how to start mobilizing your web presence:

1. Check for Mobile Plug-ins

-If your website is a Content Management System like WordPress, check out some of the mobile plug-ins that may be available to mobilize your website. Plug-ins have to be configured correctly in order to work so use caution if you are doing it yourself.

2. Create a Separate Mobile Version of Your Website

-If you have an HTML website, it’s best to have a mobile version of your website built. This way, whenever someone tries to go to your website from a mobile device, they will be directed to the mobile version instead of your main website. This will allow them to have a pleasant experience and find exactly what they need without a bunch of hassle.

3. Don’t Use Flash on Your Mobile Website

-As much as possible, avoid using flash application on your mobile website as it isn’t supported by most mobile settings. In addition, flash makes your website take forever to load, which makes the viewer leave the site out of frustration. So if you want to attract visitors to your website, don’t do flash.

4. Only Include Important on Your Mobile Website

-Since mobile phone screens are relatively smaller compared to a computer, you can only put so much information on a mobile website. Therefore, think about what your potential customers would be looking for when they visit your website on their mobile devices. Most people who are “on-the-go” are usually looking for a phone number, hours of operation, or an directions to your establishment. So make sure information such as this is readily available on your mobile website.