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Beware of Internet Marketing Guru’s

This post is for anyone interested in making money online, in specific, I’m talking about the practice called “Internet Marketing”.

First, let me tell you a little about myself.

I stumbled online due to illness. I learned how to build websites, write ebooks, sell ebooks, build blogs, develop traffic, do keyword research, niche research and all the other basics involved in internet marketing… or simply selling things online.

I don’t remember when I first started but it was someplace in the late 1990’s. I actually started by getting involved in a couple of internet based multi level marketing type companies. None of which worked and were nothing more than an expensive education. However, I became fascinated in the process of using the internet to develop a full time income. After having a brick and mortar company with a $50,000 a month overhead…. it was exciting to see that it might be possible to make a living with no employees and no overhead costs.

I soon found that it doesn’t matter what you want to sell or what service you want to provide. You can build a website, blog and forum around your favorite topic….but….and this is a BIG BUT, if there isn’t a hungry ravenous crowd with disposable income interested in what you have to sell….. well, let’s just say you will go broke.

First rule then is to learn how to find a niche market where there is an exciting interest and buyers with a disposable income. Then all you do is create a product such as an ebook that solves their problem and sell it to them. NicheProfitClassrooms is a membership site that shows you exactly how to do this… I highly recommend this membership….. stick with it and study it hard for about a year and you’ll learn more basics about internet marketing than any other way.

It is possible to make a good living online. Once you learn the mechanics of building websites, creating graphics, working with autoresponders amongst other procedures, you can take these new talents and offer your services to the offline world. That is, those business owners with local stores, businesses and offices. Teach these people how to get more control over their clients by building a list with your autoresponder. Help people searching for their store and services by optimizing their websites for the proper keywords.

Offline marketing can be a business in and of itself!

So….my point is, you really can make money online. There are things you need to learn first! Some will learn on their own by reading and joining other marketers list ….and some will get coaching for a more personal approach.

Once you start to get involved in internet marketing, you will be tempted to join many lists. These people will bribe you by giving free stuff. Stuff that sounds important will be offered if you join their list. Before you know it you have joined 35, 35 or maybe 50 lists from different “experienced” marketers.

Now…all these guys are going to portray themselves as experts or “gurus”. They are the ones you should listen to and you should buy all the products, books, services and anything else they recommend if you want to become successful online.

Its been my experience that most of these marketers are not really here to show you how to make money online, but to show you how they can take your money right from your wallet or credit card!

There’s nothing wrong with a genuine email that suggests you buy product A because it will help you learn how to drive traffic to your website. However, if that same email owner sends 3 or 5 emails a week telling you that you need to buy this product or the next product….understand, they are doing this simply for the affiliate income generated by your sale.

So, if you want to learn internet marketing you will have to develop a sense of discernment regarding the material you are reading and who it is that the material comes from. Spend some time on some of the internet marketing forums such as the Warrior Forum or Earn1KaDay and ask questions, see who the leaders are and ask someone in the forum if they know the guy you are interested in.

With today’s economy there are many people interested in making money online.Keep in mind, it is possible and it is fun, but it will take some studying, work and a little bit or luck.

One more thing.

As you sign onto other marketers email lists, you will begin to get emails telling you about the newest, latest and greatest XYZ and you need this to make better websites because Guru Joe Blow is now making 6 figures with this system. Hurry though because Joe Blow is only going to let 1000 of these out… buy now!

I get so sick of this BS.

Always remember this.

If Super Guru Internet Marketer has a new Widget that can make 1000’s of dollars online overnight. And…its easy to use And he is only going to let a few out …..If this thing is so successful do you really think he is going to sell it to the public?

I know I wouldn’t and I bet you wouldn’t give away the golden goose either.

What ever he is selling may have worked one day and the guru might have made a ton of money with it….problem is the technique is no longer new and no longer works like when it was new…. in other words, he is done with it and wants to sell it to you.

The above couple of paragraphs is just one model designed to extract you from your money. So…buyer beware!

Remember, I’m not saying don’t buy anything.

All I’m trying to convey to you is to be aware of all the hype and the expensive products that are flying around…..chances are they are over hyped and over priced.

Look for good solid information. Be comfortable enough in a good forum so you can ask about “Dr. Guru’s” latest and greatest traffic generation product.,.. or whatever :)

Don’t be afraid to spend money on the good stuff. Most courses have 39, 60, or 80 day warranties….so you should be pretty safe.

Most importantly is to do something with the knowledge you began to gain. That means start wrting that ebook and building that website!

Don’t forget to check out Niche Profit Classroom for a good and safe learning experience!

Discover How To Make Money with Blogs!

Struggling to make money with blogs?

Then it’s time you discovered BlogHatter!

This powerful, yet extremely easy-to-use software program allows you… with just a few clicks of your mouse… to create high quality semi-autoblogs using the most used blog platforms: (which is free)

– And and

But what makes BlogHatter really stand out is its incredibly rich set of tools, which allow you to, among other things:

– Import Private Label Rights articles – Search and import images from Google, Tinypic and Flickr
– Search and import video from YouTube
– Create great blogs in  languages other than English using the embedded translation utility
– Quickly “rewrite” copy using the synonyms and replacement tool – And much more!

Traditionally autoposting or autoblogging has been confined to those with self-hosted wordpress blogs and expensive plugins. Not to mention there is the complexity of the wordpress plugins and trying to figure out how to use them, most are not intuitive and takes someone with some experience if you want to start autoblogging.

This is where Bloghatter really shines! Bloghatter is a very basic desktop application that allows even the newbie to start autoblogging. You might ask, “Why is this important?” simply because as a newbie your online exposure is limited until you can develop some outside links to your websites. Now….you can easily do this by setting up your own network of blogs with Bloghatter. Initially you don’t have to worry about how you link the blogs…..just create a blog with useful content and link back to another blog or web2.0 property that has similar content….every now and then, link back to your money site using anchor text that is composed of your desired keyword.

You can start out easily and slowy or your can crank out 100’s of blogs with BlogHatter!

With BlogHatter, you’ll finally have right at your fingertips all the tools you need to make a financial killing blogging online!

To learn more about this incredible new software program, just go over and check out BlogHatter today!

WordPress eMember WordPress Membership Plugin Review

One of the most successful online business models is the membership business model. Before internet marketers began to use WordPress, they were using membership scripts on static webpages. Some marketers began to make big bucks, others achieved minor success but you don’t have to be a Wall Street Investor to know that monthly recurring income will beat the pants off a single sale any day!

If you’ve been marketing online for a number of years then you know of the mass pilgrimage from static websites over to the WordPress platform. Most memberships have stuck with their static sites and membership scripts….simply because it works. Plus migrating a membership over to a new platform could end up costing big bucks, be full of bugs and cause you to lose your members….so why bother. Just keep cashing those checks>:)

Well, there have been membership plugins for almost the last 2 years. These plugins were clunky, odd to use and often times just didn’t work. Thankfully it looks like today’s wordpress membership plugins are caught up to their old static membership scripts. These new plugins do some amazing things.

I memtioned in another post about the Wishlist Membership Plugin, a wordpress membership plugin that is probably one of the most powerful plugins I’ve seen to date, because it can do everything short of bake a cake, it can become a little awkward and difficult to use…..especially for the newbie. Another negative about Wishlist is the cost, by far one of the most expensive out there. If you’re in need of everything Wishelist does and your pocket book is stuffed with cash, I invite you to check it out. Seriously, I condone the investment of the best tools possible to build your business, however, often times, finances dictate what type of tools you can invest in.  I’m sure the competition will cause a rethinking of their pricing. But, it you want a membership plugin that can do just about everything under the sun, give the Wishlist Membership Plugin a look.

I started this post because I was excited and wanted to tell you about one very inclusive and affordable wordpress membership plugins called WordPress eMember Membership Plugin. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been searching for a preferably free membership plugin, however, I found those to be generally lacking in more than one category. In specific I want the membership plugin to add the new member to one of my Aweber Autoresponder Lists. I couldn’t find a free one to do that. In fact, the less expensive ones won’t touch that function.

Once I started reading about all the functions WordPress eMember membership plugin would do I really got excited….too many to list here, but it does handle the Autoresponder dilema. It’s super affordable at $27 dollars and I’m so excited to see that it will add new members to my selected Aweber Autoresponder list. We all know that building a list is one of the most important aspects of internet marketing. Once a visitor becomes a customer or a member, they will develop a  relationship and trust with you and consequently they are much more likely make a purchase, join another membership or take your advise. That’s why starting a free or $1 membership to access some type of valued content could be the beginning or your own online riches…..keep in mind, your list is a valued asset and don’t blast them with some offer every other day but deliver quality content or suggest they purchase a product only if you’ve had experience and can honestly recommend it.

What’s really cool is that the folks at have put together a series of related plugins that integrate with each other. This is so exciting, I can’t wait to give it them a try, they have an estore plugin….take all those ebooks and set up a store….or deliver your products, they have an affiliate plugin and a handfull of other plugins that all seem to be able to be integrated. I want to be upfront with you, I haven’t purchased any of these yet, but have done the research and as soon as I finish writing this post I plan on ordering the membership plugin…although I really would like to try the estore plugin but then again….the affiliate plugin looks like it would be of big help to me. Anyway, this plugin is integrated with other plugins these folks product….let me tell you just a few of the things that the WordPress eMember Membership Plugin can do:

  1. You can create various membership levels including a free
  2. Selectively protect the full or a section of an article. Create different membership levels and select what content (eg. posts, pages) can be viewed by each membership level.
  3. Very easy to use and it integrates nicely into your existing site. No site redesign or any changes necessary.
  4. It is pre-integrated with the WordPress Affiliate Software Plugin. So if you decide to boost your membership signups by introducing an Affiliate Program (award affiliates that redirect visitors who become your member) later then all you have to do it activate the other plugin.
  5. Fully Integrated with WP eStore Fully integrated with the WordPress eStore (WordPress Shopping Cart) plugin.

There appears to be a few negatives depending on your viewpoint. Although the plugins are very affordable, they appear to be single user license which means only one site per plugin, there is a multi-site license but I couldn’t find a developers license. I’m only guessing on this one, but I haven’t seen this company around until now which means they are fairly new to the plugin scene and there’s probably not enough history to determine whether their support is going to exist and exactly how good it will be….correct me on this if I’m wrong.

Despite those small negatives, these guys have put together an awesome group of plugins….if they work as good as they say, you can greatly expand they use of any wordpress site…..from membership site to complete ecommerce site! Just imagine what you could do with all the eproducts you’ve stashed away all these years….if setting up an estore or estore/membership site is as easy as they say,  you’ll be able to make good use of the products you have and get good materials into hands of those that need it.

Don’t forget, if you develop sites for others of offline markets such as brick and mortar stores, you now have the ability to easily set up an estore for your clients. Better yet, introduce them to the concept of online memberships and the benefits these have for promoting and distributing their products!

Once more, you can find the plugins at these links:

  1. WordPress eMember Membership Plugin
  2. WordPress Affiliate Platform Plugin
  3. WordPress eStore Plugin

Defining Web Hosting

Maybe you have been surfing online for several years now.  Perhaps you have created accounts on a few social networks and you consider yourself to be an expert at handling email and RSS feeds.  But as far as website creation and management goes, you are basically a newbie.  So, you hired someone to design your website.  Now, though, you are supposed to make a decision about web hosting–and you aren’t even sure what that is.

Don’t worry–web hosting isn’t a difficult concept to understand.  In fact, after reading this short article, you will be able to answer when other people ask, “What is the definition of web hosting?”  So, read on–and you will soon be on your way to understanding why you need a web host for your website.

Perhaps the easiest way to think of web hosting is to imagine your website as a house that has been built in a factory, but that needs land on which to be placed.  A web host would be the land for your website; hosting providers give websites a place to live.

Suggested Webhosts with Cpanel

Ultimate Marketing Center
Site5 Hosting


Micfo Hosting

Another way to understand what is the definition of web hosting might be to think of a web host as another computer that has a great deal of space.  Customers pay to put their websites on that space–the space on the web host–which allows their sites to be displayed online.

People who are just a bit more technical might understand that the web host is not merely another computer; web hosts provide the space for their customers on servers.  A server is a specialized type of computer that acts as a hub to connect computers.  Servers store and manage information as well; this is why they are used by web hosts for their customers’ websites.  Another function of servers is that they provide data backup and storage.  They also serve to provide email and internet access–chances are, you have already been using servers before when surfing the internet and accessing your own email.  The servers for web hosting providers aren’t all that different; they just hold more information.

So, why do you need web hosting for your website?  The short answer is that without it, no one except for you will be able to see your website.  You need web hosting in order for your website to be live; in other words, web hosting allows the world to have access to your site.  There are other services that are provided by web hosting providers, however.

Through a web hosting provider, you will be able to register a domain name–this is the address of your website, such as  You will also be able to have an email address at your domain name through which people (customers and clients, perhaps?) can contact you.  Your email may be something like  A web host also allows you to back up your data online, manage the look of your site, and much more.

CSS Dreamweaver

Cascading Style Sheets is something every webmaster should learn to use, however it can be complicated to code by hand.?Fortunately, the built in Dreamweaver CSS tools make it simple as pie as you’ll see in this introductory lesson.

Whether you are a total newbie when it comes to CSS or you are an expert, the built in Dreamweaver CSS tools can help you out a lot.

This tutorial is designed for the person who owns Dreamweaver, is curious about CSS and wants to learn how to put it to use.

CSS is not hard to learn and with the Dreamweaver point and click tools, it is easier than ever.

3 Types Of CSS:

You can have an internal, external, or inline css style sheet.

In this tutorial, I will discuss an external style sheet, which I think is the most useful when working on a website with more than 1 page.

To create an external stylesheet with Dreamweaver, simple click ‘New’ and under ‘Basic Page’ choose ‘CSS’.

This will

Dreamweaver CS4

give you a blank style sheet.

The next thing you want to do is experiment and create 1 or 2 CSS definitions.

You might create a CSS definition called ‘background1′ and make the color green.

Then save the CSS style sheet as something like ‘sample1.css’.

Next you would open an html file in the same folder that has some text in it and ‘attach’ the external style sheet.

You attach the sheet by selecting the ‘Text’ dropdown menu and choosing ‘CSS Styles’ then ‘Attach Style Sheet’.

Once you have attached an external style sheet to a webpage, you can make changes to the external style sheet and change the content page.?This is especially important if you have a website with multiple web pages.

The concept is, that by attaching an external style sheet to all of your web pages, you can update many web pages instantaneously by changing the one CSS style sheet that is attached to them.

In this manner, a large corporate website with 20,000 pages could be updated with new colors and fonts in less than 15 seconds!…Simply by changing the one external CSS style sheet.

So you see how useful CSS style sheets can be.

To get started, simply go into your HTML code after you have attached an external CSS sheet to your page in Dreamweaver. You can take any tag like a tag and start typing in a CSS class.

For example, . If you start adding a css class to any of these tags, Dreamweaver will start to auto-complete it for you and you can choose which class you want to add from a dropdown menu.

You can also use this to style page backgrounds, table backgrounds, fonts, and much more!

You only have to learn the fundamentals of CSS and then experiment with Dreamweaver and I promise you’ll be capable of using CSS with Dreamweaver in a matter of a few hours.

To learn more about Dreamweaver and Cascading Style Sheets, you can watch step by step videos at

Article Source:

Jay Gilbert offers step by step guides for people who want to sell info products online. Sign up for the free Dreamweaver tips training course.

Adobe Education Store

Learn CSS for Award Winning Website Design

I started to learn website design somewhere around 2003. I was determined to learn how to put up a website if it meant buying every book on website design there was! I really wanted to be an award winning website designer. I kept hearing the word Dreamweaver and had no idea what that meant!

At that time there weren’t a whole lot of online tutorials for building a website and webpages, so I went off the the local Barnes and Noble to find a book on website design. I must have purchased 10 books on website design.

My next decision was to purchase Dreamweaver. Frontpage was available at the time but I thought it would be wise in investing in software that I thought was the best and would be around for a while. I had never created a webpage before and when I first opened up Dreamweaver I almost ended my  not yet begun career of designing and building websites! Everything was so foreign to me, and learning html seemed so difficult. Yet all my research let me to believing that Dreamweaver would be the tool of choice for creating award winning website designs. I should add that I was forced to purchased Xsitepro for a long time web development and maintenance project. I really had no desire to learn how to use Xsitepro or to purchase it. However, once  I invested to the time to learn Xsitepro….. I became very found of the program. In fact, I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn how to start building websites and developing and maintaining their own websites……yes, I would encourage the purchase of Xsitepro over Dreamweaver for the newbie. However, if you want to learn html and css coding then Dreamweaver would be second to none!

A lot has happened since those early years of website design. I’ve whipped up a lot of websites but haven’t come anywhere near mastering the complete power of Dreamweaver. However, by using Adobe Photoshop to create templates and then importing the pieces into Dreamweaver I think I’ve been able to create some websites that are getting pretty close to being award winning!

Nonetheless, I continue the journey of website design by exploring new techniques and methods of website development. Worpdress has come on the scene in the last couple of years and is rapidly becoming one of the easiest and most flexible methods of developing on online presence. Many top designers are using wordpress to develop award winning website design. I found a great online guide that covers how to edit wordpress theme and how to create WordPress Themes called How to Be a Rockstar WordPress Designer….. don’t waste any time, get it if you have an interest creating wordpress themes!

If you do anything with web development then you know that CSS or cascading style sheets is rapidly becoming the standard method of putting pages on the web. Dreamweaver has great css functionality and wordpress is basically a object of css programing or coding. If you plan on doing any wordpess hacking you better know and understand css code!

I’ve been on a journey of Worpress hacking for the last year and have learned the basics of css. I can’t tell you how many css tutorials I’ve started and never completed :) My goal is to start creating wordpress themes from photoshop files and I just don’t know and understand css well enough to start creating award winning website designs!

Anyway, as I sit here tonight thinking about all the css frustrated website designers I thought I’d offer a few rays of hope!. For the first time in my life I went through a complete css tutorial, start to finish and didn’t skip any steps :) It wasn’t really a basic css tutorial, but I figured I better start someplace close to the beginning so I could properly understand the basics of building websites or blog themes with css. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was, and I’ve made it a goal to be able to write a css site blindfolded by the end of this year….and hopefully have a better understanding of hacking away at wordpress blogs by that time also.

If you want to brush up on your css or just start learning it so you can began a career of building award winning website design …..then, check out the css tutorial I just finished. Nothing to promote here, just a decent tutorial on using css to create a simple webpage with a navigation tree across the top and in the footer. The author breaks up the tutorial as follows:

1.  Introduction
2. The Design
3. Default HTML Template
4. Setting the canvas
5. The major elements
6. Floats
7. Additional Structure
8. Some basic text styles
9. The Header
10. Footer
11. The Navigation (arg!)
12. Getting it right in IE

Let me give you some encouragement if you’re trying to learn web design. Trust me on this, you can do it! Just don’t quit. Remember that people learn differently. You might come to understand a concept by reading it once. Another person might have to read it 100 times….but they will get it. That same concept might not be understood by the next guy unless they actually do it….for some people they can do it once and understand…..again, others might have to (in this cas) write the basic code of an html page 50 times before they see the pattern. The important idea is, if you don’t quit, you’ll never fail. Your success might come in degrees rather than in one moment!

Good Luck….let me know if you give it a shot! Since I’m somewhat of a book hound so I picked a few of my favorite CSS Books that you might find helpful.