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Niche Profit Classroom Review

juicing and sciatica on niche profit classroomAs most of you know, I’m a member of Niche Profit Classroom and have been for about 2 years. I’m qualified to do a review of Niche Profit Classroom and each month I try to let you know what the monthly niche packs are and whether the products provided are up to snuff! I must say, after being a member for 2 years the overall quality of the site, teaching and materials have progressively increased. I’ve been in many membership sites of this type and most if not all seem satisfied at simply providing a new product or two each month. This is not so a NPC (niche profit classroom) they even provide proprietary tools, keyword tools and when Google messed things up a while back, they put forth tremendous effort to make their tools work.

This month they have some products focused on “juicing” and “sciatica“. I must say a very good choice of keywords are provided and there are some deep treasures in both of these niches.

Nicheprofitclassrooms provides a lot more than just a couple of niche packs each month. It is a complete and thorough class on how to find a niche and then how to develop the niche. It’s good for newbie’s, however, you must really apply yourself. NPC isn’t a get rich quick type of product. If you have an idea and think you want to set up a website and sell a book….. you should consider checking out the principles of NicheProfitClassrooms first.

Each month you get 2 niche packs. These are intended to be platforms for you to develop a niche. The products should all be edited and you can use their own wordpress theme or use the material on any static site or wordpress blog. You can use their graphics or get custom graphics.

Typically, I approach their products like this.

First I determine whether or not I want to purchase a domain for one or both of the niche packs.

Once a domain is picked, I use my reseller hosting to host the new domain with a standard generic wordpress blog. Keep in mind, NPC provides hosting free of charge, but I use my own hosting account for more control.

This month I set up a blog on Recipes for Juicing and Symptoms of Siatica Pain ….you can check those out. At the time of this post they are very basic wordpress blogs with 5 articles.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the prospect of setting up 2 websites a month. Normally, I find one subject that is interesting to me or I think could be potentially profitable and I’ll develop that site. Latter, I might go back and use the other material on another site or some other purpose.

The next step would be to provide the mini course optin page which is provided by NPC, some people insist on editing these courses but I find the 10 day free minicourse good enough to use as is ….as long as I put a signature link at the bottom of each email.

Next, I set up the salespage and buy button. Set up the downloads so that the entire site is live. Latter I will edit the ebook, it takes a couple weeks before any sales start rolling in.

I then go back and have a handful of wordpress plugins that I add. One of them is called wpUnique which causes any post to be completely unique and another is an autoposting plugin that creates a conversation…. this keeps content flowing on my blog and the search engines seem to like it. The autoposting plugin is called DigiTrafficMultiplier , I have more plugins I use but another one you should consider is called WpSyndicator…. check out the link to see what it does.

Got any questions? Let me know and I’ll try to help!

Review of Niche Profit Classroom 3.0

niche profit classroom homepageI thought I would do a quick review of Niche Profit Classroom 3.0 based on my experiences with the membership. Although you don’t have to, I usually purchase a keyword rich domain for each new niche pack. This month I put up the House Finches site…. looks like it will be fun!

A thorough Niche Profit Classroom Review would take hours and should be in the form of a book. So, I’m going to touch on some of the most important aspects of the NPC membership and try to flash a light them to reveal their importance and uniqueness. Quite frankly I get tired of reading reviews about products or services that are designed to get the reader to by from that writers affiliate link. I’m going to tell you want I think and if you want to give it a try please use my link but my opinion will be honest….or if this review of niche profit classroom has caused more questions than answers ….please contact me and I’ll help answer some of your questions

Briefly this is a membership site that teaches anyone how to be an internet marketer and develop various niche markets. I’ve been involved for almost 2 years and have to say that I really like what I see. NPC was great in the beginning and the new changes have made it an even better and more thorough site. I would say that a fair Review of Niche Profit Classroom 3.0 could be summed up in saying that it is THE Authority site for teaching a correct and profitable way to research, analyze and develop a profitable niche market.

Even though each month you are provided with 2 completely researched niche products along with articles, landing page, giveaway product or list building report and full report…. you are taught how to research and develop your own niche market.

I create graphics that are needed for the new NPC websites that include header graphics, images, book images and the like. I’ve had the privilege to work with a wide variety of internet marketer from the absolute brand new newbie to the marketer that had a good understanding of internet marketing, building websites and working with wordpress. Niche Profit Classroom has training for each of these types and everyone in between.

Don’t be mistaken though…. if you are a complete newbie you can be taught how to develop these niche markets, but it won’t be easy. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you this is an easy process if you’ve never done it before. However, if you are determined, you can make this happen!

The basic membership comes with 2 niche packs each month. These are niches that are already developed for you and include all the information you need to reverse engineer the package. You might wonder why you would want to reverse engineer these packages. Well, thats the key to being successful in these niche markets and Niche Profit Classroom makes it easier than anyone.

I could carry on for quite a while in an effort to try and describe the contents of Niche Profit Classroom but that would be a futile effort. You’re reading this to see if NPC is worth the investment. You …want to make money online. I can honestly tell you that you’ll find everything you need to start making money online if you join Niche Profit Classroom. For some of you it will be a real chore for others it will be relatively easy. If you know nothing about internet marketing then expect to spend additional timing learning all the things you need….and based on my experience helping others, it would be of great benefit to find someone to coach you…. which will be an extra cost.

Take a look at the screen shot of the contents of one of the niche packs for Finches.

Niche Profit Classroom 3.0 for developing niche markets

The above screenshot shows you the contents of a niche pack. I’ll quickly go over the folders.

The “Articles” folder has 5 well written articles on the subject at hand…in this case Finches. Use these articles as the basis for creating articles to submit to article directories or for setting up link silos or pyramids. I use these articles as the base article for creating and spinning articles. I use The Best Spinner for “article spinning”. You can then submit these articles anywhere.

The “Ebook” folder has a well written ebook on the subject. Of course it is a plr ebook which means you can rewrite the ebook. You can add to it, rewrite it or do as you please. Since I joined the quality of these ebooks is exceptional. I have belonged to many plr memberships and this material is by far the best.

The “Graphics” folder contains some basic graphics for a header and book cover. You get the .psd file which means you can edit the image in photoshop if you have it. Honestly the graphics leave much to be desired and you should either create your own or hire this aspect out for a professional set of graphics. But these will do in a pinch.

The “Keywords” folder contains extensive keyword research. You’ll find keywords that will bring traffic to your articles and website. These keywords and their effectiveness is determined by NPC’s own proprietary keyword software for determining keywords and the effectiveness of these keywords for your particular nich. Trust me, this tool is a big deal and well worth the money of the membership by itself.

The “Market Profile” contains a pdf describing the market and is very helpful when considering how much effort you want to put into the niche. It is further described as:

This document contains a “Formula” we devised for determining how profitable a niche market is going to be, before we ever enter the market.By following the instructions in the document form start to finish, and entering the correct data into each field, we’re able to give each market a “score” and instantly see not only whether or not a market is going to profitable, but exactly *how profitable* it’s going to be.Using this method is a way to accurately identify the markets that you should focus most of your efforts on, which will save you more time and make you a lot more money, a lot faster.

The “Salesletter” folder contains a basic salesletter for the niche at hand for you to edit and use to sell your ebook or product. I say “or product” because you might decide to sell a set of audio files or perhaps do some instructional videos. You might even decide to create a membership in this niche….. you’re really limited to your imagination. Bottom line this sales letter is meant to be edited to suit your particular purposes.

The last folder “Traffic Blueprint” is a 21 day Traffic Blueprint for Creating a Perpetual Traffic Stream. This document. NPC uses their formula to define and determine “moneywords” for your particular niche and gives a list of those keywords.You’re given information on how to create pages for your site and how to optimize that information on the site for steady traffic. The key to this success is submitting articles and you will get a specific schedule for which keywords to use and which day and which webpage to target from the article biobox.

I know that may sound a little confusing to the uninformed, but let me say that should bring great comfort to you because this is a complete recipe and all you need to do is follow it to conquer this niche.

Here’s a little something I found out. Most people looking online for a way to make money online are looking for some secret that will make money fast…they really don’t want to do much work. Niche Profit Classroom gives you everything you need to learn how to begin to make money online. There is continuing education on top of that. The trouble is, most people won’t put in the effort to do the work…. most people will quit. That’s a fact….I don’t know if you have it in you to make a success of this, the only way to find out if you’re lazy or not….if you can do this or not….is to give it a try Click on Niche Profit Classroom right now and take it for a spin.

Let’s say you do this for one year….12 months. And lets say you follow the plan and instruction for each of those 12 months. Since you get 2 niche packs per month you will have created 12mo x 2nichpacks = 24 websites for the year selling some type of niche book.

Lets play with some numbers, we’ll use low averages. Let’s say each site will sell 5 books a month at $20 per book….that would be $100 per month per site and we have 24 sites X $100 = $2,400/year

I used low numbers so I wouldn’t confuse anyone into thinking this will be laying golden eggs every month. However the way this usually works is that each site produces a couple of sales every month and that could go on for an eternity without you ever touching the site again. But…. 1 or 2 of those sites just might hit the G spot and you could have a site making 2 to 5 thousand a month. The trick to getting to this point is to run the numbers, you have to do the work….you have to pan the gold to collect the nuggets. Over time you’ll learn how to identify and develop these niche markets on your own…that’s when you really clean up.

Remember, I’m not guaranteeing any income but trying to show you what is realistically possible if you run through the entire program for a year.

So, in my review Niche Profit Classroom 3.0 is perfect for the newbie to get started with, its perfect for the internet marketer who has been searching for something to make money with and its perfect for the old time Im’er who wants to set up some evergreen sites.

I just started my site on House Finches, just has a couple of articles but feel free to check it out!

There’s actually much more that I haven’t touched on that is part of the Niche Profit Classroom…so much material and tools. Do youself a favor and check out Niche Profit Classroom today!

If you purchase through my affiliate link ===> Niche Profit  Classroom and you stay
in the membership for 2 months I will create a custom header graphic
and ebook cover specifically for your site….make that 2 of your sites.

Contact me at scott (AT) scottparat dot com

Internet Marketing offers so much to so many people and that’s why most will fail. Personally I don’t like knocking on doors or talking with people over the phone. I don’t even like dealing with people through constant emails……. just where I’m at in life. Finding a hungry market with disposable income and then providing those people with answers to their questions is how niche marketing works. Niche Profit Classrooms gives you everything you need to do this. You just have to DO IT!

I know you’re hurting out there, you need money, you want money….this could just be the “bread and butter” play for you (old football term)…. let me be frank. Forget all your pains and misfortunes, say a prayer and grab the bull by the horns (better yet, grab him by the balls) and get it done. Without that mindset ….well….this is just another opportunity you’ll be wondering about.

In final review of niche profit classroom, I would have no problem sending a family member with their last dollars to this site to start their learning process of niche marketing because this really is the epitome of the old chinese proverb. “Give a man a fish…feed him for a day” “Teach a man to fish and he is fed for life!”

Click Here to check out Niche Profit Classroom

Would You Buy a Niche Domain for $1800?

article marketing and niche marketingI was over at the Niche Profit Classroom forum looking around and ran into a post that was pretty interesting. One member was asking about purchasing a domain that was suited to his niche. It was an established domain with 800 visitors a month and was selling for $1800. I couldn’t believe someone was thinking about purchasing a domain costing this much for a PLR type site that was going to be similar to the other 900 members!

On the other hand, this is a prime example of the fact that there’s almost always someone out there that will purchase your product or service….regardless of the price. I’m not saying you should rip anyone off, just that “value” is in the eye of the beholder. If you have a coaching membership, if you do graphics, if you help newbies in some form …..all these things have a perceived value. If you pack that service or product with value then there will be a market willing to pay the price!

Here’s my reply to the guy who was thinking about picking up the $1800 domain. By the way, everyone else though he was foolish to make such a purchase.

I have to chuckle to myself when I see people anxious to invest and spend large sums of money on their internet businesses. I only laugh because I was like that also.

It becomes so tempting to buy the latest and greatest new X Y or Z because it will make your business explode! The so called guru’s invest 1000’s of dollars on salesletters that make us drool with the desire to purchase that secret ebook, ingredient or software that will make our business explode.

Unless you literally have cash to burn….save your money and try to buy a domain with one of your keywords in it. Simple as that.

The nice thing about NPC is the fact that their is a “recipe” to follow. I’d guess that 90% of the NPC members will not follow the outline for setting up NPC sites, they leave out one part or another…..or they just get tired of the routine.

I’m babbling away here however what I’m trying to say is important and relevant to your desire to purchase this expensive domain. All you need to do is get a domain with one of your keywords and follow the NPC recipe! Follow the traffic plan…this is key. The traffic plan will set up the structure for your backlinks to be evergreen and thus your traffic also.

I really admire your desire to invest in your business….with that type of commitment you certainly will succeed. However, don’t waste your money for an expensive domain that will be associated with one of the monthly niche packs.

I use a really simple method of finding domains. I use the google keyword tool to find searches with the related keyword in it such as “growing orchids, buying orchids, small blue orchids, growing orchids in cold weather… get the idea. Then I go to Godaddy and dump the keywords in godaddy’s bulk domain registration tool. It will tell you what domains are available. I use .com, .net and .org ….all seem to deliver similar results.

I could go on about how to pick a domain but I’m sure there are some good videos in the training center. I just had to pipe in and tell you to save you money….heck, I could whip up some awesome graphics for $1800 …..just kidding (although I do create custom graphics for npc sites)

Good luck


Niche Marketing with Niche Profit Classrooms

I’ve been a member of Niche Profit Classroom for a while now, they provide excellent training and teaching for anyone looking to start making money online in small niches.

Anyway, I started setting up 2 new sites this week using the wordpress default theme as a test. The sites are on along with a site on Jobs Online and Work at Home and Astral Travel for Beginners.

Keep an eye on these sites and watch as they develop. The index page will change into a optin page along with many other changes.

Niche Profit Classroom is really a great place for newbies to start learning how to research and develop niche markets for making money at home. Here’s a big plus….they have a keyword tool that actually works. Thats a big deal considering Google has shut off their old keyword tool and everybody who produces a keyword tool says there’s will be up and working soon….that was 3 weeks ago!

Installing Kompozer and Niche Profit Classroom

Building a website can be a daunting experience if you are a newbie. In fact, just downloading and installing the software can be an overpowering experience! That’s why I created this how to video on how to download and install Kompozer.

Like all things, once you’re become proficient at something you forget how it was when you first started. So…..I thought I’d do some newbie videos to help those of us who need a little clarification when starting out. One problem with youtube videos is that you can’t see them. Well….not my videos because I’ll take the time to zoom in when needed so you can see what I’m talking about. Also don’t forget to try clicking on the lower right “arrows” which expand the video to full screen! See image below

how to expand youtube video to full screen

Anyway, the video below will show you how to download and install Kompozer on your desktop. It’s really very simple, in fact if you search Google looking for instructions on how to install Komopozer you will become very confused. This exact think happened to a student of mine and this video allowed her to confidently use Kompozer.

There are several pages in the sites of Niche Profit Classroom that need to be edited by a html editor. They suggest using the wysiwyg editor in cpanel. This can be a little confusing and difficult to use. Using an editor such as Kompozer to edit your Niche Profit Classroom pages will give you more control confidence. After editing simply upload your files via Filezilla.

Niche Profit Classroom is a great membership that teaches newbies and old hats alike how to research a niche and how to create a product, then create a website for that product using a proprietary wordpress theme for the maximum amount of traffic. There really isn’t any stone left unturned at the Niche Profit Classroom Site and I highly recommend it. If you’re struggling to make money online, please do yourself a favor and check out NPC.

If you are a bit fearful about installing and using composer, please watch this video and let me know if you have any questions.