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Email Marketing Campaign Sell More With Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing Campaign-Effective Advertising

Learning how to run an effective email marketing campaign is one of the keys to online business success. In fact, it’s fair to say that any business who doesn’t make use of email marketing is leaving money on the table, and that could eventually lead to their failure. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation surrounding marketing via email, and that makes it more confusing than it should be. With that in mind, here are a few tips for running a successful email marketing campaign.

1. Know your market. Before you do anything else, you need to know who it is you are marketing to. If you have already done market research, then you are ahead of the game, but you also need to consider that your email recipients are a subset of your main market, and you may have to make adjustments to your marketing message to compensate.

2. Build a list. You need a list of email addresses that you can send your marketing message to. There are several ways that you can get such a list, and you can use a combination of ways to increase the size of your list. You should put up an email capture form on all of your websites, and ask people for their email address. Offering an incentive of some kind is usually a good idea. This incentive should be relevant to your business, and should be just enough of a reward to get people to fill in the form.

3. Don’t be afraid to sell. One of the best things about the internet is that just about anybody can use it to make money. The problem with this is that a lot of people without experience are shy about selling. If you have an email list, then don’t be afraid to sell things to them. Do you want to know what the real secret to selling is? It’s believing in whatever you’re selling. As long as you are selling high-quality things that people can use, then you have nothing to be worried about.

4. Stay in touch. You should send out email messages on a regular basis so people will remember who you are. There is no magic frequency for how often you send out messages, but somewhere between once per day and once per month works for the vast majority of email marketers. The messages themselves can help to guide you.

5. Test and track. Split test various parts of your email marketing campaign whenever possible. For example, you can try two different subject lines for the same message (with half of the people on your list getting the first subject line, and the other half getting the second). Then see which variation gets the best response. Test and track as much as possible, and then keep the best option as the benchmark for your next message. Over time, these small improvements will really start to add up.

YouTube Alternatives For Video Marketing

YouTube Alternatives
For Video Marketing

Youtube Alternatives for Video MarketingInternet marketing can take on many different forms, and video marketing is one of the most popular. After all, the internet allows for a multi-media experience, and people like watching videos. However, YouTube has recently started to remove marketing videos from its site, so there is a need for YouTube alternatives for marketing. Imagine spending a year or two making internet marketing related videos and posting them to YouTube. Your site now depends on this YouTube traffic but suddenly Youtube gets a hair up their butt and decides your videos aren’t appropriate. “Appropriate” is Google speak for anything they want, someone complains about your videos, G thinks they are strictly commercial, videos too long, videos too short, videos sell something, videos are contrary to the politically correct views of Google….. are you getting the idea. Google just removes your videos because they want to. This is why I have always preached…… when doing anything online, control what you can control….. just because everyone is using blogger blogs doesn’t mean you have to, just because everyone is using for a url shortener doesn’t mean you have to. If you want your videos to last the test of time, host them yourself and play them in your own players…..period, them end.

Youtube Most Popular
For Video Marketing

There is no question that YouTube is the most popular video sharing site online, and will likely remain at the top for a long time to come. What this means is that you should still make use of YouTube if at all possible, but you need to make sure you go about it the right way. Always keep the thought in the back of your mind about how you should be using a YouTube Alternative. The key thought for keeping your vids on youtube  is to avoid any overt marketing in your videos. This includes the content of the video as well as the information you add when you upload your videos. If you do it right you will be able to keep your videos on YouTube, but it’s still smart to have a few alternatives ready to go if your account gets shut down.

If you have already started using Youtube for your video marketing in a big way it is absolutely imperative that you document and backup your videos. You might even want to use a redirect url for every mentioning of your youtube video. If  YT takes your videos down you can simply imput a new source in your redirect…. this could safely be considered a youtube alternative for video marketing! I’ll bet that more than 95% of those using youtube won’t do this though, so when youtube yanks your videos all your pages shoowing youtube videos will beshowing an empty yt frame…’ll look like a jerk instead of an expert!

Alternatives For Youtube
Video Marketing

Brightcove does things a little differently because it allows you to basically create your own online TV station. It’s easy to do and you can add your own videos as well as videos created by other people. The cool part is that it’s syndicated with other popular video sites on the internet. The ability to earn additional income through ad revenue or video sales is just the icing on the cake.

Dailymotion is one of the best known YouTube alternatives for marketing, and it has a lot to offer those who have an online business presence. You can easily upload videos, but there is more to it than that. There is also a B2B (business-to-business) feature called the Dailymotion Cloud that helps you to use video for your marketing purposes. The player can be customized for your users, and it allows your videos to be viewed on a variety of platforms.

Revver is another of the YouTube alternatives that gives you the chance to earn revenue from videos. Now, if you are simply uploading a video, then Revver will choose an ad to be attached to it, and you share the revenue that it generates. However, as a business owner, you can also pay to have your ad shown on videos which can bring in new business.

Save  Your Business By Learning
Youtube Alternatives for Video Marketing

If you are looking for YouTube alternatives for marketing you don’t have to rely on video-only websites. In fact, just about any site that supports videos can be used for marketing purposes, though you may have to use your own bandwidth to host your videos. Social networking sites are some of the best alternatives because people use them to share things with each other, and if they’re sharing your video, then that means your marketing message is spreading.

The Importance of Squeeze Page Templates

Squeeze Page Template

Setting up a good squeeze page is an important aspect of making your online business successful. So finding a proper squeeze page template for it is also important. However the template itself is not the important part, but what you are able to put on it is. One of the first things you learn when getting involved in trying to make money online is the fact that you need to build a list and to build a list you need some type of squeeze page template. That is you want your visitor to leave their name and email address and in turn you will send them something of value depending on the niche you’re working on. It could be something as simple as some recipes or you might give away some graphics, you might even give away an ebook teaching something about your niche.

If you do not know what a squeeze page is, it is simply a page of your website where it’s sole purpose is to drive people into joining your email list. That is it’s only function.

Keep Your Squeeze Page Simple

There should be nothing else to do on that page. No ads, no links, nothing. All they can do is either sign up to your email list, or leave. The only stuff your squeeze page should have is information on your product and the freebie offer they get if they sign up to your email list.

You may be a little afraid at hearing that, if your page has nothing on it but some information and the ability to sign up to your email list, then your visitors might leave. But the truth is, 98% of your visitors will leave and never come back anyways. So your goal is to provide as straight a path as possible for them to opt into your email list. Any unnecessary distractions may sway people who would normally have opted in. One of the toughest things for me to get my head around was the fact that most people will leave my website or webpage and not take any type of action. So the question becomes what do I need to do to increase my conversion (visitor taking action) by even a few percentage points.

You want to have repeated contact with your visitors to build up a trusting relationship. If they trust you they will be more likely to buy your product. This is what your email list provides. But here is something to consider when thinking about squeeze pages. Remember when banners were popular or popups? It didn’t take long for visitors to develop banner or popup blindness or even anger. They would leave your site as quick as the speed of light if they were baraged by banners and popups. This is something you need to keep in mind when thinking about squeeze pages because internet surfers are slowly getting to the point where they just don’t want to join any more lists on squeeze pages. Maybe they want what you have to offer, but they will quickly unsubscribe. Your assignment will be to figure out how to continue to provide value to your list so no one even thinks about unsubscribing!

The goal of your squeeze page template is to do just that. You want to provide them with the easiest route of signing up to your email list. Knowing how to actually do that is another question all together. There are some tips you can follow to get the most out of your template.

1. A place for a strong headline. Everything on your squeeze page should be for the sake of getting your visitors to join your email list. For that you need to have a compelling offer to entice them to join.

A typical offer is usually a sort of report about your product. Your title should make them want to get their hands on that information.

2. Bullet points. You want to give your visitors the information they want without unnecessary clutter. Keep the information short and concise. But also lay out what your free offer will entail to further make them want it. Do not give out too much information otherwise they will not need to opt in.

Video Squeeze Pages Work!

3. A place for a video. Having someplace on the template to put a video, should you choose to add one, is important as well. Videos are great methods for enticing people to join your list. It’s been tested by all the fat cat gurus and videos convert and get results….. so you should use them in your squeeze pages even if you don’t like them.

A Squeeze Page without An Optin is like Eggs without Bacon :)

4. An opt in form. You want to make sure your squeeze page template allows you to tie in an opt in form to your auto responder so that when your visitors do decide to join your email list, they can do so effortless and start receiving emails on your product.

Free Link Building

DigiArticleBlaster for Free BacklinksLink building is one of the most crucial steps in making a successful online business. It is the determining factor on just how popular your website is and how many people see it. If nobody can see it then they can not visit it and you wont make any money.

Link building is where you go through and create a list of back links for your website. It can be a fairly frustrating task but it is essential for creating a successful website. There are ways to do Free link building and also to help automate the process, but it will still require a lot of work.

The reason back links are so important is because they work in conjunction with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to determine how popular you website is. We have all gone through and done searched online. We generally find what we need on the first few pages so we do not really go too far back. But what if your website is the one sitting on one of those higher pages? Nobody will ever see it and you will not get traffic.

Free Link Building

Back links will help you climb the ladder and get your website to a higher page (or lower depending on how you look at it). The goal is to get as close to page one as you possibly can so more people will see your website and visit it. The more visitors you get the more chances there are for you to make money.

But even if you know just how and why link building is so important, you may not know just how to go about it. Well as I eluded to earlier, there are a lot of ways you can go about creating a list of back links. You can use Free link building services to help you generate a good list.

The problem with the free services is they may not be as good as the pay ones. They will still get the job done but if you have the spare cash and want a little more kick to your links, you might want to look into one of the pay services. As they are the ones that generally have the high quality links for you to use.

Consider These Tools for Building Backlinks
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There are also automated programs that can help you with building up a list of back links. This software will cut out a lot of the time and effort required to allow you to focus on your website instead of getting links everywhere. It will not do everything for you so you still need to monitor, but it will help a lot and save you a lot of headache.

Ultimately the Free link building services are probably your best bet. Money is tight now days and you might not want to go around paying for things that may or may not work for you. So until you get your website off the ground and generating it’s own income, sticking to the free link buidling services is probably the best thing for you to do.

Website Link Building

website link building for website trafficStarting a business is never an easy task, it requires money and time and effort. It is generally not a pleasant process. However the rewards make up for the problems as you get to be your own boss, set your own hours, and make more money. This all holds true for the internet as well.

Just like the real world, the virtual one requires marketing. It does not matter how absolutely perfect your website is if nobody knows it even exists. So you need to make your presence known and show the web that your website exists and that it is something they want to take a look at.

To do this you will need Website Link Building. Link building is the process where you build up a list of back links. Back links are the prime factor in determining your page rank. You have probably searched for things on google before and often find what you are looking for in the first few pages. So you never delve too far back, well neither does anyone else.

Website Link Building

If your website is on page thirty then you are likely not getting many, if any, visitors. Your goal is to get your website on one of those first few pages so people will actually see it and visit it. This is where back links come into play.

There are a multitude of ways you can go about to acquire back links. Ultimately it will be up to you to determine what works best. All niche’s are different so what might work for somebody selling weight training programs may not exactly work for you.

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You need to determine the best ways of acquiring back links for your particular market and apply that knowledge to the best of your ability. If you can maximize your gains you can maximize the potential of your website to generate money.

A good way to go about Website Link Building is to use social media. Websites like facebook and twitter can be huge markets for link building. If you provide quality content on such websites and draw in potential visitors and customers, they will like what they see and follow your link.

Another great way to help with your link building is to use article directories. If you write and publish articles based on your website, it will show people who are looking for your product that your site exists. If your articles have quality content and really attract their attention, they will follow your link and this might lead to a sale.

Forums are yet another great way to help you with Website Link Building. If you go to forums that are about your niche, you can make posts and try to draw people to your website. As always your posts have to be genuine and filled with good, quality content. If your posts do not have the kick they need, people wont follow your links.

No matter how you slice it, link building and back links are vital components of getting a successful business. In the real world business’ use TV, radio, and newspapers to tell people they exist. On the internet we use back links.

Link Building Tips

Link Building Tips for more backlinksThe internet can be a great place for earning money, but setting up a website to sell your product can be a bit daunting. There is so much work that has to go into getting a website set up. But it does not even stop there, once it is set up you have to work to make it successful.

Do not worry though, while it does take work it is far from impossible. Everything in life requires some effort, and if you know what you are doing it can be fairly easy even if it is time consuming. One of the things you need to do is make sure your website is seen by potential customers.

The best way to do this is with back links. Back links are a very important part of promoting your website and getting it to a higher page on google. You are probably looking for some good Link Building tips to help you get your website popular.

But just because you are looking for those tips does not necessarily mean you know why you need them. Back links are links from one website that leads to your website. These directly relate to what page your website ends up on in a google search. The closer to page one you can get, the more traffic you will see and the better the odds of making a sale.

Link Building Tips

The first Link Building tips you should remember is to make sure you get relevant back links. Google’s search algorithms have gotten quite smart and if you get back links that have nothing to do with your website, your website wont increase in the page rank. So ensure you get back links related to your website so you can climb the ladder to the first page.

Link Building Tips ….the best of Click Here

Secondly, try to get back links from highly rated websites. If you search for your product on google, you will see a lot of websites likely, and all those websites on the first few pages are highly ranked. If you can get back links from those websites it can greatly help your own website. This is because the search program detects that websites URL in your back link, and it shares some of it’s rank with you because of it.

Thirdly, make sure to get a lot of back links. Quantity is important, the more back links you can get the better. But remember that all the back links in the world wont help if they have nothing to do with your website. So while you want as many links as possible, do not forget the first tip.

Lastly, make note of what type of links you are getting. There are two types, mutual and one way. The mutual links are as they sound, that website links to you but you also link to them. This is not the best method since while it increases your rank, it also increases theirs.

The second type is the one way link. This means they are linking to you but you are not linking to them. It allows you to increase your rank while they do not, but it can also be difficult to get. With these Link Building tips you can greatly optimize your back links to improve your page rank.

Tips For Link Building

Link Building and backlinking tipsLink Building can be a very boring and tedious process and might seem like a waste of time. What you have to remember is that, while boring, it can prove to be one of the most profitable aspects of your business. It allows you to make back links which are a very important part of determining your google page rank.

Back links determine what rank your website has on the pages of Google. When someone does a search for your product, that rank will decide where your website is located. You obviously want to get that rank as high as possible so people see your website first.

While page rank may no longer be the top dog of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) it is a good measure of your sites popularity. Back links make up the majority of your page rank. You need back links in order to increase your page rank.

Click For An Ingenious Backlinking Strategy

A lot of people will often jump right into Link Building without doing the proper research. This will lead to rookie mistakes and ultimately slow down the process. There are five good tips to help you optimize your efforts so you can get the most out of your business.

Tips For Link Building

1: Make sure to get relevant back links. Google’s search bot is getting smarter and smarter, so if you fill your site up with links that have nothing to do with what your site is about, the bot will pick up on this and not drive the traffic you want. You only want people interested in your product, so make sure the links pertain to your product and similar websites.

2: Do not get no follow links. No follow links were developed as a means of deterring spammers. These links will not be accredited as a bank link even if they direct traffic to your website, and as such will not increase your page rank. This makes them virtually worthless from an SEO point of view.

3: Make sure to use anchor text. Anchor text is a very important aspect of Link Building. Google’s search engine puts a lot of stock in anchor text so by using that for your back links and keywords allows you to add just that much more kick to it.

4: Get links from high ranked sites. Links from high ranked sites carry more weight than links from lower ranked sites. Outgoing links carry the value of the host URL, what this means is that the URL in the link is what is carrying the most weight. If you can, you should try to get back links from high page rank sites.

5: Try to get permanent back links. It is hard enough trying to climb the ladder and get a high rank. What is worse is losing that high rank by losing your links. If you get links from a subscription service and sometimes paid link building you as well run the risk of losing those if you ever cancel. So try to get permanent links that you will not lose regardless of what you do.

Paid Link Building

Link building is a very important factor in a successful online business. It your marketing and is what allows people to see your website. The more people who know of your website, the more potential visitors you get. The more visitors you get the more potential there is for sales.

There are a lot of methods for link building out there. And some work better then others but it also changes depending on you and your niche. Not every strategy will work for everybody, that is why there are multiple strategies to begin with.

Paid Link Building

Paid Link Building is one such method of generating a list of back links. There is a lot of debate over it but really it just depends on you and what you want. You may feel that it is worth it or you may not. Just like every other method it is up to you to decide if you want to do it.

Now paying for your back links probably is not how you will start. A lot of people do not have that kind of money. We simply can not afford to run around paying for everything, that includes back links. So you will probably do it all manually to start.

That is perfectly acceptable since virtually everybody was in that position. That is why there are so many ways for doing link building for free. From posting on forums to drive people to your website or from posting articles on directories. There is even software that can help automate the process to help you along.

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But once your website starts generating income, you may want to take a look into Paid Link Building. While you can take the time and effort into creating your list of back links yourself, you might not want to bother or might simply not have the time to devote yourself to it as much as you should.

By paying for your links you cut out all the time and hassle. A lot of people find it to be worth the cost since you get good, quality back links right off the bat with no work involved. With these back links your website can sky rocket through the pages on it’s way to page one.

Typically, the back links for sale are often of a higher caliber then those you could get for free. They do not want to sell you something you can just get elsewhere for free, so they up the ante and provide links that will greatly improve your page rank.

So if you have the money and do not have the time or simply do not want to be bothered. Then Paid Link Building could work wonders for you as you are building permanent backlinks. There is still work you have to do, do not go in expecting to just pay a fee and have all the work done for you. All they do is give you the links, you still have to set them up and work on your website. But if you continue to work at it, you can put that saved time into your website and really start making money.

3 Most Used Techniques For Auto Responder Marketing

Auto responders have become a major tool in online marketing, and marketing in general. The Internet offers many means of affordable marketing with auto responders. Here are a three of the most used ways to utilize an auto responder.

Some webmasters set up link or article directories on their sites. They create a directory on a specific industry topic, placing their own ad or banner along the top. Then they invite others to add their website links via a link exchange program, listing themselves in your directory, or they invite articles to be submitted that include a resource box at the bottom of each with a link to the author’s website. This results in increased traffic as sites link up across the World Wide Web. Enter “link exchange software” or “article directory software” into a favorite search engine for help with each. When it comes to an auto responder, the marketer creates a series of emails describing the benefits of listing a link or article on their site. They usually provide other links related to the specific topic, but all of it is focused on acquiring links or articles for the site.

Some marketers write up a simple step-by-step instructional class in their area of expertise. Then they break it up into smaller portions or messages and set them up in an auto responder as email messages, including short ads within each message to invite sales & website visits. Then they invite website visitors to sign up through on online form or email subscription address offered through the auto responder service. As people sign up, they will learn more about the products and services through the teaching series.

The third most used technique for auto responders is sales follow up. Ever wondered how a company followed up with you after a webinar so quick? They probably used an auto responder. Using this example, the company would then send you an email the next day to with more information you may want. The following week, they will send another email to “touch base” with you and follow up. This email usually invites you to visit the website or even contact the sales department. At this point, the company may continue to follow up or start sending emails about other products or webinars. Each company is unique, and their auto responder program will be unique as well.

These three methods of using auto responders are only a few of the ways you can use an auto responder. There are many other ways to use them, and the opportunity is endless. For an excellent auto responder service that is very affordable (as low as $19 a month) try Aweber has been very useful to me, and they offer a great deal of service and support.

Nate Stockard is the owner of Stockard & Associates, Inc, a marketing and design firm in Houston, TX specializing in small business solutions. He is also the author of The Market Seedling, an informative source of information, articles, tips, and advice for small business owners and marketers.
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5 Tips For Your Online Marketing Strategy

online marketing strategy

Online marketing is an incredibly strong tool that nearly every company can benefit from. Online marketing will help you to reach consumers that you would be unable to reach through normal marketing means. It can help you to increase your image, increase the interest in your company, and increase the traffic to your company.

With that being said, online marketing is more than a web ad and an email to a database. Online marketing covers multiple venues and tactics, spanning across the web to provide you with a winning strategy. If you want to have successful online marketing you need to plan out this online marketing strategy.

These five tips will help you to plan out your own strategy. They will help to bring together a cohesive marketing strategy that will be as efficient and effective as possible.

Speak Clearly

You need to make sure that your online marketing tactics speak clearly and concisely. You need to effectively communicate your message to the masses; this means that they can easily understand the message that you are trying to get across. Think about what you are trying to say to your audience and say that in the clearest way possible.

Know your Target

You need to make sure that you understand everything that there is to know about your target market. You want to know how they operate to understand exactly how to market to them. If you do not know your target, you will not be able to effectively reach them with your marketing strategy.

Know your Options

Every good marketing strategy will completely exhaust available marketing options. You need to know your various options, and need to work to understand which of these various options will work for your company.

Work Cohesively

A marketing strategy needs to execute materials that are cohesive. Cohesive marketing tactics will help to create a campaign, making your Internet marketing as effective as possible. Keep the same tone in your writing style and the same design style to create a cohesive look.

Follow Up

In the end, you need to make sure that your online marketing efforts were successful. You need to follow up with your strategy, analyzing your tactics and methods after the marketing campaign is carried out. This will help you to understand whether or not you need to tweak, change, or completely end your online marketing campaign.

These tips make it easy for you to plan out all of the intricate details of your online marketing strategy. They will help you to understand how to speak to your audience, how to narrow in on your audience, and how to bring together an entire strategy. This cohesive campaign and strategy will help to keep your business on track as it reaps the benefits of online marketing.