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Business Email Marketing

Business Email Marketing- What Is The Source Of The Confusion

While email has been around for a number of years, there still seems to be a fair amount of confusion surrounding business email marketing. Some ways of business email marketing are better than others, but it still essential for businesses to understand how to make the most of this powerful marketing tool. We will take a quick look at some of the basics before moving on to how best to use email for your business.

Email marketing is done, as the name suggests, through email. A business can either gather email addresses when a person places an order online, when someone contacts customer service, or by asking for it directly (usually by filling out a form online in exchange for an incentive). While each of these methods results in the collection of an email address that can be marketed to, each one is slightly different and requires a different approach in the marketing message:

Marketing to customers is a great way to get repeat business. After all, these are the people who have already bought something from you, and that increase the chances that will buy from you in the future. Your business email marketing in this case could focus on offering special deals to customers only, giving them something for free just for being loyal, or inviting them to a special event. Anything you can do to let them know that you appreciate them will help. However, you should be careful that you never take this relationship for granted, otherwise your efforts could backfire.

Another way to get addresses for business email marketing is to gather them when people contact your business. They may contact you with questions about your products and services, or they may wish to complain about something. You can send a series of informative messages to the people who have inquiries about your company. This series may be pre-written and ready to send out to each person as needed. Marketing to people with complaints is a bit trickier, but it can be done. One way to handle complaints is with an email message apologizing and then offering them something special to make them happy again.

The next main group of people for business email marketing are the ones that voluntarily give you their email address. If you have a physical location for your business, you can simply ask people to give you their email address when they come to your store. Collecting their addresses online can be done in several ways, but usually involves offering an incentive of some kind. Remember, we are talking about people that would not otherwise be contacting you, so you need to give them a reason to share their information with you.

Those who give you their email address directly typically need some form of incentive for sharing their email address with you. Remember, these are people who have nit purchased anything from you, and they have not contacted you. However, these are the people that make business email marketing one of the most important things you can do for your business. Learning how to market to them is a major key to online success.

Video Squeeze Page

Video Squeeze Page

Make Money Online with Video Squeeze PageOne of the challenges of building a business online isn’t necessarily unique to the internet; building trust with potential customers. This can be a challenge offline as well. One of the best ways, online, to overcome this challenge is to build an email list and provide your readers with good information. Although list building is one of the main tennants of internet marketing and a subject you can study for a long time you should know that getting them to sign up for that list can be done easily with a video squeeze page.

If you are not familiar with the term “squeeze page” it is simply a page that has only one purpose: getting someone to sign up for your email list or newsletter, simply put, you now have a list of names and email addresses that you can send various types of information to….. of course what you send will depend on what your website or blog is all about, you might want to teach about a subject or you simply might want to sell your list members something related to your website….. of course, a combination of the two is what you should strive for.

Here’s some important video squeeze page facts:

This page has no ads, no links to other pages on your site or other website, nothing but a form to sign up which is called an optin form. Don’t distract from the main purpose of the video squeeze page!

Your visitors will have two options: optin or leave. That’s it. Squeeze pages are also called capture pages since they will capture the contact information from your visitor.

But, you may be wondering, why should I go through all that hassle? The reason is simple: on average someone will need to have around 7 unique contacts with you before they learn to trust you enough to actually buy from you. The previous sentence is one of the most important internet marketing lessons you can learn…… memorize and practice this axiom!

If they only visit your website once, which is what almost always happens, how can they get to know you? They can’t. But, if they sign up for a newsletter or email list and if you provide them with a lot of interesting and helpful information over time they can learn to trust and like you. So make sure you offer them something of value when they come to your video squeeze page. Your first message after they download your gift could be an email with something like “Hey Joe, did you read the second paragraph on page 5 where I tell you how to get a $500 piece of software FREE….. others have to pay full price! I can almost guarantee if they read your email that they will open up the book you sent from your video squeeze page and go straight to page 5!

And that is where a well made video squeeze page comes into play. Most squeeze pages have the same basic elements:

1. A curiosity inducing headline. You want to grab their attention right away. Usually something that makes your free offer seem irresistible to them will make a good headline.

2. An irresistible free offer of some sort. Most of the time people will give away a free ebook or report on some subject related to the niche market they are in. So, if you are in the bird watching niche, you may want to compile a free report on the best equipment to use when bird watching.

3. Bullet points underscoring the great information that is included in your free report. Make them really want to have it. Tease them with the thought of what they will be missing out on if they don’t sign up.

For step 3 many marketers will use videos. Making a short video can get your message across much more quickly and in a more entertaining method than just plain text. More and more people click on the video link before even reading a word on the page. That’s why its important to make your video squeeze page short, to the point, and something that creates interest to know more.

You can use the video to briefly explain the benefits of your freebie than place the bullet points underneath. Even if you use video you will still want to include a compelling title to draw their attention.

More and more of your website visitors will be “skimmers” who don’t really like to read very much. For them, adding a video squeeze page can be the best way to get them to sign up for your email list. Getting your message in front of your audience in the best format to engage them and you will get many more sign ups for your list. And don’t forget, a video squeeze page will work for any niche and it works for both online and offline marketing. Video Squeeze Pages pull in even better results when working with offline or local businesses!

Build Relationships By List Building and Make Money Online

Build Relationships By List Building and Make Money Online

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As you probably know creating a relationship with your customers and clients is huge on the subject of building a successful company, off-line or online. A list is a potential goldmine for the local businessman and a list is the mother’s milk of building any online business. People purchase from people they understand, like, and trust. That’s why you want to give full attention to building excellent relationships with your prospective customers and your current customers. I think the simplest way to make it happen would be to build an opt in list of potential customers and customers. Not only will creating a list assist you to build relationships, but it will also allow you to drive traffic towards your websites. That’s why we are going to take a very close look at tips on how to build a relationship with your prospective customers and clients by using an opt-in e-mail list.

Use A Reliable Autoresponder Service Like Aweber to Build Your List

First, you may need an email autoresponder, such as Aweber if you’re going to be developing a list. However, you can either get a hosted solution or else you can host your own solution. I definitely suggest that you receive a hosted solution so you do not have the headaches of running an actual autoresponder account company. But, if you do not know what an autoresponder is it can be simple. An email autoresponder is a software application that will automatically dripped out content to your customers once they signed up for your list.  The biggest mistake most online marketers make when they start their business is trying to save money by setting up their own hosted autoresponder instead of paying a monthly fee to someone like Aweber Autoresonders. I made this mistake and it cost me 10’s of thousands of dollars….. it’s probably more like a 100,000 dollar mistake!

Train Your List to Buy Something of Value

Next, you would like to start building a relationship with your list by offering them unbelievable free content. You want to produce a follow-up e-mail sequence that has away fantastic content and highlight your products and services. You also want to use this time to start building the relationship with your prospective customers and clients.

Last, I want to point out that you would like to make sure that you’re selling your prospects each and every time that you e-mail to them. You want to give them value, but you would like to also let them know that there is something to buy. You do not want your prospects to think that you only give free information. You want them to know that the better information is paid for information.

List Building is a Deep Subject…..So Keep Studying so You can Make Money Online

So in the following paragraphs we talked about a few different activities to do to make a bigger impact with regards to building a relationship with your prospects and clients by building an opt in list. It would be silly to think that you can learn everything in a single article. So, make certain you continue to seek out education and get better and better at list building, and relationship building. But, also focus on building your list from the very beginning. Be sure to look at Aweber, there are plenty of free tutorials that will help you make a decision if this is the route you might like to go.