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eCommerce plugin, digital store plugin and paypal shopping cart plugin

Anyone who’s been working online experiences severe bouts of “put up a site and never touch it again” :)…..I’m kidding of course, however, sometimes it becomes difficult to get motivated and go back to update older sites.

I’ve got some really old sites that need to major remodeling and I’ve been procrastinating severely!

The reason is because they are static sites and I want to either convert them to wordpress sites or I want to turn it into a wordpress site. Those really are 2 different tasks. The first instance, I would have to take all exsiting pages and turn them into either wordpress pages or wordpress posts. In the second case, I would leave the existing static site intact and add a wordpress blog, any further additions to the site would be done through the worpdress blog.

One site I want to turn into a membership site and I’ve been researching solutions for turning a wordpress blog into a membership site. It’s amazing how many wordpress membership plugins have entered the scene in the last year….some expensive and all encompassing and some simple and cheap. It’s important to keep in mind the ultimate purpose of the membership. Simple membership sites known as Micro-Memberships are easy to set up and run with the right system and if you use wordpress with a membership plugin….setting up and maintaining these micro memberships becomes very easy. So….my goal is to turn a couple of my sites into these micro membership sites and see what happens.

I have another site with tons of ebooks, videos, smallreports and a variety of other eproducts. I wanted to turn it into a type of directory site that I’m sure you’ve seen, however, I wanted to take advantage of wordpress’s seo capabilities and easy managment, so, I’ve been looking for an ecommerce plugin that would work specifically with digital downloads. I think I found one at Tips and Tricks HQ….in fact you should visit the site because you’ll find a variety of good and free stuff, but they have a very nice eCommerce Plugin for Digital Products that I’m anxious to try out.

My other project is to turn an exsiting static hodgepodge site into a ecommerce site. This becomes a priority because it’s my wife’s site and someting I’ve been promising to do for a long time. Liz is an artist and paints glassware. So the site sells hand painted glasses of various types and other one off art pieces. There’s a shopping cart on the site now that uses paypal, however it is very archaic and shipping and handling charges are a real pain….besides all that the site was one of my first and now looks horrible!

So….I really need to spruce it up and work and getting some traffic to the site. WordPress is my best option and there are a ton of WordPress ecommerce themes or storefront type themes. In fact, the options that are available today for creating a storefront or ecommerce site with wordpress are absolutely staggering. I’ve been researching the best method of creating a storefront or just a site that I can sell a few products with for the last month and it seems as though wordpress is a given but the selection of a specific method of creating the ecommerce site is mind numbing.

So, as I go on with my research I’ve decided to compile a list of resources and recommend what I think to be the best solutions to:

  • ecommerce with wordpress
  • digital store plugin
  • storefront with wordpress
  • directory type site with wordpress
  • membership site with wordpress

Right now I’m leaning toward a WP plugin from Tips and Tricks HQ called WP eStore Plugin for the digital store, it has everything I need. Integration with Aweber, built in shopping cart, instant delivery and security for eproducts, easy checkout, integration with eMember Plugin, integration with NextGen Gallery for digital images, and a whole lot more. I’ll keep track of my progress as I move forward with the selection of these plugins and let you know how they work… keep tuned!

As far as Liz’s site that sells physical products, I’m not sure yet. The Market Theme is an ecommerce storefront theme with shopping cart, everything is built in and looks very nice. They have some nice example sites. There’s another theme and shopping cart combination that I just found at, it offers even more, though I still need to investigate.

When remodeling any website I would caution you not to just jump into the first thing that looks good. Do your due diligence and make sure your research is good. Changing an existing ecommerce site or creating a new one is not a process you want to go through twice…..especially after pages get spidered and indexed.

Integrating Aweber and E-junkie Tutorial

I’ve noticed more and more internet marketers using e-junkie and paypal to process their online digital sales. For a long time I was under the impression that e-junkie was a second rate payment processor and definitely not a world class solution for managing online sales.

Times have changed!

I’m finding more and more internet marketer’s using e-junkie to manage their affiliate programs along with processing their online digital sales. Most people originally started using e-junkie for protecting their digital download locations and a quick and easy way to set up an affiliate program.

Did you know you can start using E-junkie for only $5 a month.

E-junkie has really grown and you can sell physical as well and digital products.

Here’s some of e-junkies features, but you should really go to E-junkie and get detailed specifications and benefits of the below features.

Easy to use, centrally managed service
Digital storage & delivery for files & codes
Supports multiple payment processors
Copy-paste Buy Now and Shopping Cart buttons
Supports variants for tangible products
Shipping and packaging calculator
Sales tax and VAT calculator
Packaged products
Inventory management
Product promotion
Discount codes
Affiliate management
Autoresponder, updates & newsletters
Sales tracking, built in support for Google Analytics
Download link renewals
Easy integration with 3rd party and custom services
Logs & e-mail notifications

One problem I had with e-junkie was the seemingly lack of autoresponder integration. One of the first things you learn about internet marketing is the importance and need to start building a list of buyers and or prospects. The process typically goes something like this. The buyer clicks on your paypal button and is immediately sent to a product download page where you can give them an option to sign up to your list….most won’t. Or they make payment and are sent to the download page and then behind the scenes their name and email is automatcially added to your list.

This second option is what you can now do with e-junkie! I had no idea we could start building lists with aweber or other autoresponders :)

Well….I didn’t discover this my self but Jenn Dize who offers Ghostwriting Course and Coaching from Earn1KaDay super forum posted a small video on how this is done and I include a small portion of her post and video below:

I had just gone through the process before launching my Power Ghostwriting course, so thought I’d make a quick video in case anyone here would want to do some list building with the things they are selling on e-junkie. Keep in mind that the people who are auto-added to your list will need to confirm their opt-in, which is a good thing IMO Smile

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Paypal and Xsitepro for Automatic Download After Payment

Here’s the Question regarding setting up paypal buttons in Xsitepro

I have some software with resell rights that I want to sell on a website I have already built. I also already have paypal buttons set up for my own personal “website building” services. The problem is… I have to re-contact these people. This will not work if I am selling a software package with several different downloads. Does anyone know how to set up automatic download after a purchase is made through a PayPal button? You know… so I don’t have to manually send the stuff.

I answered and offered a free ebook about paypal below.

First you create a download page with xsitepro. On the download page you have links to the files that will be downloaded….ie, the products that were purchased.

When you make your paypal button…there is an option that will ask where you want the customer to go after making the payment… would enter the full url of the page you created in the first paragraph.

I put a paypal book up in this post, it’s free….plus the entire thread has some good conversation paypal buttons and how to download a product.

Something you might want to think about. Instead of sending your customer directly to the download page, you should create a page that has an autoresponder form on it so you can capture their name and email address….. now you can start building a marketing list. Once they fill out their name and email address they would automatically receive an email from you with the link for downloading the product they purchased.

You can use a product like Aweber or Getresponse for an autorepsonder. This is the way the big guys do it :)

Hope that helped