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Review of Pligg Submitter

Review of Pligg Submitter

I found a new tool and had to do a Review of Pligg Submitter for anyone interested in automating the process of building backlinks to their websites…. high quality backlinks.

I used to think that nothing is “for sure” in internet marketing or maybe nothing lasts forever, but I’d have to rethink that because if there is one thing that has remained true or the same over the years is the fact that you need back-links to your website in order for Google to think your site has any value.

That is if you want page rank, ……..pages indexed and traffic to your website and webpages then you need other people to link to your webpages….. typically called backlinks!

Backlinking With Pligg Submitter

OK…you might be reading this and already know all about backlinks. Give me a break, some newbie is reading it and saying “What is a backlink?” and “How do I get Backlinks?” However, if you are an old hat at internet marketing you really need to read further the Review of Pligg Submitter because you are going to want to get this. Especially if you do seo work for clients or work in the offline marketing field. With Pligg Submitter you will get your clients sites ranked and on the first page in no time.

Just for you, Mr. Newbie, I’ll take a second to explain what a backlink is. Lets say you have a wordpress blog and you write a post. Inside that post you want to highlight a word, such as free coffee recipes and you want that word to be a link so if people click on it they will go to my site about coffee.

That’s called a backlink and you make one with this code, <ahref=””>free coffee recipes</a>

In the old days we used to go around writing to other webmasters and ask they if they would want to exchange links. Sometimes we would buy links back to our sites.

Automating Backlinking
with Pligg Submitter

As time has progressed there are many ways that you can automate the process of building backlinks to your site. Most of them can be considered spam and Google won’t give you much credit if any credit at all for those links.

Review of Pligg Submitter

As I write this Review of Pligg Submitter, I wanted you to know about an automated process for creating high quality backlinks ….it’s called Pligg Submitter. It creates backlinks automatically from different Pligg Sites to your desired webpages. Pligg sites are highly regarded by Google and you will get a list of Pligg sites with this software that you will load into the Pligg Submitter and these Pligg Sites have high PR!

I buy and use lots of different software, scripts and web applications…. most I don’t mention because they either don’t work, they are too expensive or are just too difficult to get working correctly. The Pligg Submitter is one of those applications that is affordable, does what it says and is easy to use and set up.

Review of Pligg Submitter ….
A Tool for Building High Quality Backlinks

Here’s the mindset I use. Tools are important for any business and its to same mindset you need if you want to make money online. Some tools you’ll buy and they will only work for a couple of weeks. Some tools might work for a couple of months and some will work for years. The issue is, you must buy these tools if you want to make money online and the Pligg Submitter is something I think will work for a long time.

The Pligg Submitter has already had a couple of revisions and updates. You need this piece of sofware and work it hard and smart for building backlinks to your web properties and watch your page rank grow for some of your most difficult to move websites.

In a review of Pligg Submitter I give it 2 thumbs up…. Click Here to get a copy today! Make sure you get the one time offer after you make your initial purchase, it’s a list of another 1500 high ranking Pligg Sites to load into the submitter Click Here for the extra pligg sites.