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Understanding private label rights is the beginning of learning how to start your own article marketing empire. Althought there is an abundance of online information about plr materials we find that there is a serious lack of information regarding the plr process, in other words, what are the steps and exactly what needs to be done to use private label rights correctly.

If you have eyes on this page, you’ll soon be downloading a free ebook on the plr process….perfect for the new marketer and a good refresher for the more experienced marketer. This ebook is put together by the guys from PLRpro….experts in using plr material, and this isn’t some flimsy promo book, but an ebook with good solid information. What’s more this ebook about plr material and marketing is 79 pages long….you’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn.

The first thing you’ll learn is about the 6 levels of content:

  1. Scraped
  2. Auto Generated
  3. Private Label Rights (PLR) Content
  4. Unique Content
  5. High End PLR Content
  6. Hight End Unique Content

Next, there is a discussion on the PLR Site Creation Process which involves the method of using plr materials to build your niche sites. You might think you understand or already know this process…trust me you’ll pick up a few ideas on how to properly think through the entire PLR and Website Creation process.

You’ll learn how to do the research to pick your niche. Get a better understanding of keyword research…I know just about everyone could use some help with keyword research. Sometimes just one trick is all it takes for the lightbulb to go off.

For instance do you know how to use “intitle” and google to determine the effectiveness of your keyword or keyword phrases? You’ll learn that on page 17.

They do talk about some of the benefits of but it is extremely relative to their discussion on private label rights, niche selection, keyword research…and more. For instance they offer Niche Packs, in a niche pack you get the following:

  • Header graphics
  • Keyword Analysis
  • All necessary plr articles
  • Affiliate programs so you can monetize your sites
  • Keyword analysis data
  • and much more!

If you’re putting up a new site, you’ll need a domain. I’ll let out a little secret…how about using a tool called domainsbot ….an awesome tool for finding a keyword rich domain…and it’s free. In the PLR Process you’ll learn how to domainsbot and how to use it to find domains no one else would think of. Yes, you domain name is important. When I started, I was completely ingorant of this fact and wasted a lot of cash on dumb domain names. So, keep in mind there are tricks and guidelines you need to follow if you’re looking for a new domain name…..all covered in The PLR Process!

You’ll find out where to get used domains, domains with page rank already, best sources for purchasing domain names. It’s interesting to note….domain names are very important to any site your build.

Once you find a domain name and purchase it, the next step is to get a good hosting provider. These are discussed along with reasons for picking a good hosting provider. Trust me, get the wrong hosting provider and your life will be miserable.

You’ll even find out how to set you domain up on your hosting provider. Something that’s simple if you’ve done a handful…..but if you are new at this…..well the task is daunting. But don’t worry, you’ discover how to get your domain working step by step.

Next comes actually putting the pieces together and building a website. How are you going to build your site….the standard html site or maybe a wordpress blog.

In the PLR Process you’ll look at a couple of website editors such as Dreamweaver, Xsitepro, HyperVRE, Frontpage and a few others. I started almost 8 years ago by purchasing Dreamweaver….a great program. However, there have been many advances in website building software and I think Xsitepro is probably amongst the best for building small seo optimized sites…..for the beginner and pro alike….but you can find out more in The PLR Process.

In the above paragraph the websites are standard html, static webpages. Next we look at wordpress blogs. You’ll get a tutorial on how to install these blogs using your hosting providers Cpanel.

After you get your blog up and running, you next take a look at things like themes. This is the way your blog will look…..a blog doesn’t have to look like a blog….and The PLR Process walks you all the way through the process of using themes to change the look of your blog.

Plugins make a blog do special things. Plugins are like accessories on a car, and in this ebook you’ll find out how to install the plugins and where to find them. You probably already know this, but most plugins are free and you’ll find a couple of great sources for free plugins.

One of the things a plugin can do is properly optimize your blog. I was really surprised to see the detail that’s explained on how to really get your started with properly optimized blogs. This only takes a little work and will make the difference between night and day when it comes to website traffic…and that’s what its all about….TRAFFIC!

I’m only about half way through describing The PLR Process, I hope you can see that this is a real bargin. I’m half tempted to charge a small fee for it because I know most people love to download free ebooks and then they site on your hard drive……Promise me you won’t do that, please read this book and I promise you it will help you to achieve your goals of becoming successful online.

Click here to download The PlrPro Process!

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