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Create Niche Market Private Label Rights Packages and Sell these for a Quick Profit

I want to tell you ab out a way to use Micro Niche Finder. That is by using micro niche finder to find these little micro niches and creating Private Label Rights out of these micro niche markets.

I’m sure your understand Private Label Rights, if not you know what resell rights are…correct? The problem with resell rights is that you are not allow to modify the product at all…yes, you can sell it but with resell rights the product must remain in tact….no editing.

Private Label Rights allow you to modify the content, change the format of the content and claim the content as your own.

The way to make money with Private Label Rights is the buy PLR articles on your niche. Maybe you buy a package of 15 PLR articles and you then use them for content on your website. You can also create a product out of the content and sell the content as an ebook. You might use your plr articles to create a squidoo lense or squidoo lenses and then drive traffic to an affiliate product from the lenses.

There’s another way…a different way to make money with plr rights that most people don’t talk about. You can approach PLR from the other end, that is, you can create your own plr product with micro niche finder.

You can use Micro Niche Finder to find these little known micro niches or niche markets and then you can create a pack of PLR articles an ebook, if not you…you can outsource the work by providing the golden long tailed keywords for this micro market to your article writers. Then obviously you can sell the PLR rights to these articles to people who are looking for top quality PLR materials.

Watch this video as James Jones shows you how to dig up some long tailed keywords with Migirl_video_camera_535px.jpgcro Niche Finder for a specific Micro Niche. He tells you where to find a product to sell related to the keyword and then explains the strategy for writing the articles and selling them as PLR articles.

Micro Niche Finder PLR Research Video!

This is a business model in and of itself. If you don’t think PLR articles work and sell out….check out the warrior forum in the warrior special offers section. You’ll find PLR articles in just about every niche.

If you’re looking to make money online, here’s one way to start working for yourself to make some extra cash…..great job by James Jones of Micro Niche Finder…..of course you’ll need to pick up a copy of Micro Niche Finder!

Of course you can spend money instead of making money by purchasing top quality PLR articles from:

All these sources give you the articles with the micro niche keywords already researched!

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PLR Content – Growing Your ‘Content Is King’dom

We’ve all heard it, the famous phrase, ‘content is king’. Well if content is king then how the heck can we go about increasing the number of content we are able to utilize. I mean we’ve all been there, feverishly writing article after article to use for submissions and posting to our sites and the more we write the less enthusiastic we start to become about create a successful online business. So, how can we get around the one thing that all internet marketers hate doing?

PLR Content To The Rescue

If you haven’t heard about PLR(private label rights) content then it’s basically this – content that you can take and use as your own to submit to article directories, on your site, in an email series or any other method where content necessary.

In Search Of PLR Content

So where is it? Where can you go to find a whole bunch content to use as your own? Well, there are many services out there that offer quality content that members are free to use in which ever way they deem appropriate. Of course the option of taking content from the many article directories out there is possible, however there is one thing that limits this method and that is the fact you are required to add in the author box that comes attached to the article you are wanting to use.

This means their link will also have to appear on your page, intern sucking out Google Page Rank that would normally filter through to the other pages on your site. The other disadvantage is the fact that hundreds if not thousands of other marketers out there would be doing the exact same thing. Having the same page on your site as thousands of other people makes it incredibly hard to rank in the search engines.

So What’s The Other Option?

The other option would be to pay for your PLR content. There are many services that offer content to their members. This usually means you’ll have to share the content with a limited amount of people. Only members will have access to the content, however there are some things you need to look out for.

Firstly how many people will have access to the same content as you? If the service you are looking at requires you to share their content with a thousand other members, then what’s the point? You may as well go out and grab content from article directories.

Secondly work out how much you’ll be paying per article. If a membership costs $100 and in that member ship you’re going to have access to two hundred articles that would mean the cost per article is going to be $0.50. Therefore a membership that offered 400 articles would make the cost per article half of that.

PLRpro is only for those interested in developing a serious income online. It isn’t some cheap PLR membership site….it’s only for those interested in really starting their own online business. On top of that, most of the time it is closed. I suggest you take a look to see if PLRpro is open and if it is, don’t hesitate to jump in!


PS. If you want to learn more about PLR content then below is the link for the top PLR content providers in the world…

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