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Still Not Convinced You Need Action PopUp?

banner.actionpopup-336x280On the last post I stressed the importance of building a list and a creating a follow-up series to increase sales.

Every time I offer a new product for sale, I have a sub-list so people can opt-in for updates (and future product announcements). Same thing for the free lists… if I have monthly newsletter content, free report updates, more free reports and software, or more paid products… they’ll hear about it, unless they unsubscribe.

That’s 1,980 unique people on my freebie lists, and 2,741 unique people on my “paid customer” list. 737 of my current subscribers are on both my freebie lists and my paid lists.

Do you know what that means? It means (ignoring “tirekicker” unsubscribers), that 37% of people who subscribed to my freebie list, converted to a paid product at some point.

Still Not Convinced You Need Action PopUp?

If I send 1000 people to my blog, and I know 10% of that traffic opts into a newsletter, that’s 100 new subscribers and I know that will lead to 37 new buyers. The average buyer purchases 2.82 products from me at an average price of $20.77.

0.37 * 2.82 * 20.77 = Every new opt-in is like getting $21.67 in the bank.

100 new buyers = $2,167.

Pretty cool, right? It’s just a numbers game. That $2,167 probably won’t be immediate… it will happen over time as I build a relationship with those people, they get content through timed follow-ups and eventually see something they want to buy.

The average person on my list has purchased 2.82 products from me. That means if you pick a random customer, they have probably purchased THREE DIFFERENT products from me.

They get on a freebie list, I market to them and convert them into a buyer, I market some more and turn them into a paid buyer.

Most of my products are in the same niche so usually, if they buy one thing from me, they’ll buy more from me.

How do you get all these people on a mailing list? I said before to offer an ethical bribe, like a free report or free e-course, in exchange for that name and e-mail address. It works wonders.

You can take the usual direct response sales letter that begins with a headline, tells a story, lists benefits and leads into a call-to-action… but instead of leading to an order button, it leads to a name and e-mail address where people can get onto your list for this free content.

But what if someone comes to that site ready to buy? You might miss out on sales. That’s where Action PopUp comes in.

You can place this special popup on your sales letter, so if someone wants to buy right now, they can. But if they decide NOT to buy… and move their mouse cursor to the top of the page…

The entire page is grayed out and a popup appears at the top of the page! It might say something like:

Even though you have decided not to purchase today, I want to give you a free gift, “How to Fall Asleep Instantly… Every Night” just for taking the time to consider my offer. Type in your first name and e-mail address in the form below, and I will fire the free report to your e-mail inbox faster than you can bat an eyelash.”

You get the idea. Your visitors get a last-chance offer to get this free gift. There’s a good chance they’ll take that offer because they ended up on your site to begin with and are probably interested in what you’re selling.

That’s an “on-exit” popup. You can also place “on-entrance” popups on your site, so people won’t even get to read the sales letter until they provide a name and e-mail address.

They fill in that info, the popup disappears, and Action PopUp submits that info to your autoresponder in the background while your prospect continues to read the sales message. NO OTHER popup software does this!

That’s why it’s so important to have an autoresponder and a popup script such as Action PopUp … capture leads even if your prospects DON’T buy… and try to convert them into customers. Would you be happy with a 37% conversion rate?