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Autoresponders – a Great Tool for Your Business

The most effective way to follow up with your customers or leads is by using an autoresponder. If you are not familiar with an autoresponder, I suggest you get started because this tool is essential for your business. Once you learn how to set one up, you will be able to communicate with all your prospects and costumers easily because it will deliver your messages every day, 365 days a year. It will save you a lot of time and it will increase your sales.

There are a wide range of autoresponders out there. Prices differ depending which company you use. Most of them offer a free trial and others offer a free subscription for as long as you want. Keep in mind that when you use a free autoresponder, ads will be included in the messages you are sending to your people. For this reason it is not a good idea to use a free one but, they are great for starting out because you can learn how to set one up. Once you learn how to set one up, you can always upgrade or go find a better one somewhere else.

Writing the follow up letters is where most people have a difficult time. But if you are working with an affiliate program chances are that they already have a follow up series. If they do not have a series of messages set up, you can ask your up line for help. He or she might be using one already but if not, he or she can always put you in touch with someone above them.

Another way to create your own follow up letters is by doing a search on ads advertising your company. If you find one that has a splash page then sign up so you can get their follow up letters. You can ask if you can use them or you can rewrite them. Some times you will get emails ads in your email box advertising your company. Make sure you save everything and next thing you know, you will have a lot of material that will help you create your own follow up letters.

The most well known autoresponders out there are AWeber and GetResponse. Get response has great audio instructions that show you how to set theirs. They walk you through each step and they are very easy to follow. This is a great way to get started.

One thing I do not recommend from getresponse is to purchase their leads because it can take months before they fulfill just a couple of hundred leads.

AdLandPro has a good autoresponder and it is very easy to set up. When you are at the “Autoresponder Home” page just click on the “How To Set Up Autoresponder” link and just take it from there. It is around $14 a month but it is worth it. You can create a lot of different campaigns and can upload leads easily. Note – AdLandPro is a Social Network that has been in business for years.

According to some network marketers autoresponders can increase your sales up to 400% or more when a campaign is set up properly. It is worth to learn how to use this amazing tool and implement it in your business.

Hector has been in Network Marketing for 10 years and he has experienced his share of failures. When he first started, it was difficult to stay with one program and he kept jumping from one to another. Even though after he settled down, it was difficult for him to find the right program. It was one disappointment after another. The key here is to keep looking for something that works for you and to not give up until you are successful.

Hector Rivera has been in health care over 25 years. He received a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Oregon Sciences University School Of Nursing in 1996. He began his quest for a degree in 1991 without ever taking a single English course and only a six grade education. It was a challenge but in order to reach the top, he had to work very hard until his goal was accomplished.
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17 Powerful Ways to Use a Professional-grade Email Autoresponder to Build Your Business

Email autoresponders are extremely powerful indispensable marketing tools for any business on the Internet whether that business is an “online business” or an offline business with an Internet presence. There is no better marketing tool currently available for consistent controlled communications to your customers, potential customers, and even employees, partners, and suppliers. This article reveals 17 powerful ways to use your autoresponder; the primary focus is for business applications, but autoresponders can also be used for non-business applications as well.

Before we cover the various applications of email autoresponders, let’s cover what an autoresponder is … An autoresponder is a webserver-based software application that sends a pre-written sequence of emails (text or HTML) according to a pre-defined schedule when someone joins (or is added to) your email list.

Application #1 – Sales Messages:
The most obvious business use for your autoresponder is to provide a sequence of sales messages when a potential customer completes a form on your web page or clicks a link to join via email. The best way to get prospects to join your sales stream is to offer them something of value for signing up (e.g., a free report, newsletter, ebooks, or simply a link to a website).

Application #2 – Training:
A slightly less obvious application for your autoresponder is to provide a mini-course, or even a massive training course. For example, you can sign up to receive a free mini-course about how to use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and even get your PPC ads for 80% to 90% lower cost at Or you can sign up for a free course with 101 lessons on marketing and how to get your web host to pay you.

Application #3 – Steps To Use or Implement:
The next form of training is a formal procedure on how to use a product or service purchased by your customer. If you sell a course on money-saving techniques, like the MONEY SECRETS Home Study Course for example (, you could use your autoresponder to send them a fast-track course on specific steps to do each day for two weeks. If you sell above-ground swimming pools, you can have them join your autoresponder to get all the installation instructions.

Application #4 – Duplication & Team Communications:
If you are involved in Multi-Level-Marketing, Network Marketing, or referral marketing, you can “publish” your autoresponder campaigns so your “downline” can easily import your campaign for their recruiting and/or sales efforts.

Application #5 – Banner Advertising:
Some autoresponder services include free banner advertising services. You can upload your banners (or use the ones they provide), and they will display your banner ads.

Application #6 – Free For All (FFA) Advertising:
FFA pages allow people to advertise their products and services with one-line ads that are displayed on your FFA page until it scrolls off the bottom of the list due to other ad submissions. The power of an FFA page is you get to send a single email advertisement of your own in exchange for letting your prospect post their ad. This can be a nice free form of advertising for you.

Application #7 – Generating Traffic:
Some professional autoresponder offer a quality guaranteed traffic service to further market your business. This is usually offered for an extra charge, but you earn a commission on your own ads (which means you are actually getting discount prices). Furthermore, you can advertise your guaranteed traffic website and earn a commission when someone places an order on your website.

Application #8 – Capturing Leads:
You can also use a sign-up form for your autoresponder on a “squeeze page” to capture leads (i.e., to build your list). This is generally done by presenting a compelling offer if the prospect enters their name and email address. Then upon submitting their information, your form immediately takes the prospect to a web page and sends the first email in your campaign.

Application #9 – Tracking Ads:
On the Internet, there are lots of services that offer ad-tracking links where you enter the web address for the website you are advertising, and the service gives you an alternate web address. Then by advertising the alternate address (i.e., your ad-tracking address), it will register a “hit” every time someone clicks your ad-tracking link. Then the link automatically and immediately forwards your prospect to the target address. This is a great way to determine which advertising resources deliver and which don’t … thus saving you money when you cancel the ones that don’t produce. But why pay for this service if your autoresponder offers it for free?

Application #10 – Product Delivery:
You set up your autoresponder to deliver information products … whether offered free or purchased. All you have to do is publish the product on the web, and pass the web address (and the UserID and password if applicable) to your customeryou’re your autoresponder.

Application #11 – Broadcasting:
Broadcasting is the ability to send an email to everyone on your autoresponder list simultaneously anytime you wish;  in other words, the email has not been pre-written or added to your campaign. It’s just an impromptu email sent to your entire list. The next seven techniques all fall under the category of “broadcasting”.

If you want to alert your customers to something unexpected, broadcast it.

*** NEWS:
Notify your customers about a change in your business … for example, new address, new email address, special holiday hours, etc.

If you have a large email list of people who remember and like you and your products, you can announce a special price, a new product, or limited-quantity promotion, and generate a nice influx of cash. Make sure you make a limited-time offer.

Use your autoresponder broadcaster to remind your subscribers of an upcoming event, sales expiration, or whatever you want them to remember.

*** Keep You In Mind:
On average, most people must see you and your product seven times before they will buy, so use your autoresponder to keep you in the forefront of their mind. Be original; make them look forward to hearing from you again.

*** Publish a Newsletter:
Writing your own newsletter has many benefits. It establishes you as an expert in your niche; it reminds your prospect you exist; it educates your customer; you can add your ads to your newsletter for free, and you can even sell advertising in your newsletter.

*** Conduct Surveys:
Send out surveys to your email list. Find out what your customers want, what they liked and disliked about your products or services, what they wish they could get (leads to new product ideas), reveals where they frequent on the Internet, … The only limit is your creativity. Want to know something from your customers? Use your autoresponder broadcast feature to ask them.

Not all autoresponders offer all of these applications: you need a professional-grade autoresponder to get most of these applications, and there is only one autoresponder I have found that actually offers all of these applications and more.

This particular autoresponder also has the most important characteristic of a small fixed monthly fee … no matter how big your subscriber list gets. In fact, you can have unlimited email campaigns (i.e., email sequences), unlimited emails per campaign, and unlimited subscribers per campaign, and the price stays fixed at $17.95. Plus you can get a 30-day free trial, and with just a little effort, you can even get your autoresponder service free for life within about 60 days (see the article list below). You can learn more about this autoresponder and request a free report at this web address: 

Written By:  Dr. Bryan Stoker,

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Dr. Stoker has written & published several books, ebooks, reports, & articles in the area of personal finance & investing. Get loads of free reports & ebooks at
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How to Build a List of Prospects That Will Pay You Again and Again

Using an email autoresponder as an affiliate marketer will allow you to market to your prospects time and time again. This will essentially generate multiple streams of income for you in the process. However, you need to be strategic in doing this. No one likes being marketed to upfront, so you should not try to sell to your prospects the minute they opt-in to your list. Instead, it will pay dividends to build a relationship with these prospects first, so that they grow to know, like and trust you. Once you’ve properly established a relationship, then you can begin marketing.

To be able to generate multiple streams of income from this list, you will need to market several products. I would first recommend having a “primary, high-ticket opportunity” and then smaller ticket products that you can both lead with before the primary opportunity and follow with after.

Here’s an example:

My primary business opportunity has a $1500 price point. Subsequently, when someone opts into my email list for this, it’s not likely they will purchase until after 3-5 business exposures. So during this time, I begin building a relationship with them where I give useful content about online business and entrepreneurship. After I start building this relationship, I begin to market my primary opportunity to them. Then, once they join I get paid. I will make money again from this list even after they join my primary business. This is because I am an affiliate of several internet marketing products that my business partners will likely need once they get started (things like a website builder, email autoresponder software, and keyword research tools etc). So, not only can I market my main business opportunity to my list, I can also market a bunch of other useful internet marketing based affiliate products.

As you can see, an email autoresponder software, even a cheap autoresponder at that, can allow you to build a list of prospects that will pay you again and again. And assuming you are marketing useful products to them, then it’s great not only for you but for them as well.
For my email autoresponder, I use AWeber. If you’re a serious internet marketer, I encourage you to check it out as well.

Dan Snow is a leading internet marketer and online business owner.
For more information on how you can start profiting from your own AWeber autoresponder, check out: AWeber Email Autoresponder
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The Importance of Having a Lead Capture Page

When joining an online business opportunity for the first time, I encourage all of my partners to get a lead capture page.  A lead capture page (also known as a landing page) is the page that your visitor lands on prior going to your main website.  Basically, that page is a teaser page that provides just enough information about your business  to get your prospects’ mouths watering, but without giving them too much information.  You just want to tell them enough to make them want to know more.  Then, in order for them to be taken to your main website, they would have to fill out a form that includes their name, email address, and other information that you may want from them.  Once they fill out this form and hit the “submit” button, they are taken to your main website.  Also, by your prospects filling in that form on your capture page, you are able to follow up with them again in the future.

Why should you have a lead capture page?  The answer is this:  Most people who visit your website are not going to buy the first time around.  Sure, you may have some who purchase on impulse, but the majority of them won’t.  By sending your prospects directly to your company website without having a lead capture form, they will simply browse your website for a few seconds, and most likely click off of your website and do something else.  In the event this happens, you have lost that prospect forever.  Wouldn’t it be so much better if you have captured their information so that you could follow up with them in the future?  Just because they may not buy right now, it does not mean that they won’t buy later.  Studies show that it takes at least seven follow ups for a person to decide to buy.  By having a lead capture page, your autoresponder will be able to follow up with them automatically-even when you are not sitting in front of your computer.

How to make a lead capture page:  Designing a lead capture page requires little to no technical experience at all and anyone can do it.  One could easily find software that will help them design a lead capture page and there are companies that will design your page for you.  However, I have never paid anyone to design a lead capture page for me.  I design my lead capture pages myself and I am not a computer “techie” by any means.

First, I use a free website builder like Blinkweb. They also have a paid option.  Here is an example of a lead capture page that I designed for a program that I am in.

Once you enter a little information on your lead capture page, you will need an autoresponder in order to be able to capture your prospects’ information.  There are many autoresponder companies on the internet, but there is only one that I completely trust:  Aweber. They are extremely reliable, and they deliver all of my messages on time.  Moreover, I always know that they will land in my prospects’ inbox, and not their spam folders.  The service is really easy to use, but in the event that someone is having trouble setting up their account, they also provide online tutorials and webinars to show you exactly how to get set up.  Their customer service is great too. Whenever I call them with a question, they are always upbeat and ready to help me with whatever I need.  I must say, they are the best, bar none.

Now, you know that the importance of having a lead capture page is to:

1.  Capture your prospects’ information.

2.  Follow up with your prospects until they eventually buy from you.

Internet marketing is a great career, but it can be very competitive.  Having a lead capture page is a great way to brand yourself and give you an online identity.

Miranda Jett is a mom of 3 and a wife. She is the creator of “Your 7 Day Marketing Plan,” and also teaches individuals how to generate a full time income from home.
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How To Select The Right Autoresponder

Choosing the right auto responder is very important because you can produce some very good results with minimal effort just from subscribing to this one service.

Why Is This Important?

It is the primary machine of your business or it is the engine that keeps your business running. Without an auto responder, there is no way for you to be in touch with your subscribers, your prospects and your customers.You always need to stay in contact with your prospects and customers.

Subscribers sometimes become really annoyed if they do not receive their emails because of poor delivery. I also know some that would jump for joy! Some auto responders have poor delivery. With these poorer auto responders, the mail you send out can get caught by anti spam filters, probably blacklisted or their ip addresses have been blacklisted by the spam cops. You want an auto responder that has a good relationship with all the ip providers and can actually deliver your email to the in-box of your subscribers.

You need to be able to access your database of subscribers in order to be safe with a backup copy. You never know when or if a company suddenly goes bankrupt or the company server actually malfunctions and loses all of the data. You want to make sure that you have an auto responder service where you can actually download or upload your data to your computer. What are the important features you are searching for when you are looking to choose an auto responder?

You are looking for affordability. You need something that is within your budget. You do not want to overspend. Next thing you require is an auto responder company with tracking capability. You want to be able to find out the open rates or how often your email subscribers open their emails and you want to be able to measure the click-thru rate. Click-thru rate is how many subscribers click on the link in the email and visit the recommended site. You really need to be able to track these rates.

You also want scalability. As your list grows, is your auto responder capable of handling the extreme growth in the list if it should ensue. This is something that you really should know before choosing an auto responder. Another feature you must ensure is available is exporting because you never know what is going to happen to the server you are with. The service can go down. The server can malfunction. What ever the reason you must make sure that you are capable of exporting the database of subscribers.

My main choice is Aweber. It is known for the best email delivery. On its website it states that it can deliver 95%+ of its emails. The WWW knows that aweber provides the best response. My other choice is GoldbarOne which is an all in one business or marketing solution. It is not really an auto responder. It has the capability to increase your list size by 20 to 50 times. This is due to all the viral tools and the resources the GoldbarOne servers contain. If you can afford both of them then subscribe to both. If you cannot afford both of them then stick with Aweber.

Stephen has been writing articles for nearly 3 years. Come visit his latest website over at Hybrid Cars. People will also find valuable information on Commercial Buildings For Sale. Investment in commercial buildings for sale ensures continuous cash flow for many years for the investor.
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Why an Email Autoresponder is a Big Key to Your Success Online

In order to make money online, you need to be constantly building a list of new prospects. Without a list you have no business. I’m sure you know this by now. Bar none, the easiest way to build a list is by using an email autoresponder. An autoresponder will take the pain out of email marketing by following up with your prospects for you. Successful internet marketers use as much leverage and automation as they can, and having an autoresponder is one of the keys. Remember, the goal in internet marketing is to achieve as much success as possible with the least amount of effort.

For my email autoresponder, I use AWeber. It’s a classic system that has worked wonders for my business. Although it’s not free, it’s very inexpensive and pays itself off in value in no time. I would not recommend using a free autoresponder, as they often incorporate a lot of distracting ads on the emails that you send out. If you are a serious internet marketer and want to profit online, an autoresponder like AWeber will serve you well.

In my opinion, the best feature of an autoresponder is that it works for you 24/7, 365 days a year. Even when you sleep, it will follow up with your prospects for you. If I write an email to my list, it may take me about 30 minutes. Once I’m done, I have it automatically sent out to my prospects. With an autoresponder, you never have to do things twice. Once and done. That’s it. My email campaign is set up and is ready to go on autopilot for me. I don’t have to do anything. When a new prospect signs up for my list, they are sent all of my emails at my predetermined intervals.

This is automation and leverage at its best. When I first started in internet marketing, I didn’t have an autoresponder and I wasted so much time. If you’re serious about succeeding online, you should profit from one as well.

Dan Snow is a leading internet marketer and online business owner.
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Internet Attraction Marketing-How To Do It!

Attraction marketing is making yourself attractive in the eyes of your prospect. This concept has really taken hold in the business model of network marketing.

Practicing Internet attraction marketing is one way to build a successful network marketing business. We will look at that in this article.

In the old days of prospecting and cold calling you actually hunted down prospects. This was a very tough way to build an MLM business and led to an extremely high failure rate.

1. Today with Internet attraction marketing your prospects will find you online. There are skills involved with getting your business out where people can find it. However these are not things a person of ordinary intelligence cannot learn.


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The most successful way to start the process of Internet attraction marketing is to promote a landing page or a splash page. Generally what you do with this is provide something of value to your prospect.

You might give them a free report or e-book in exchange for them giving you their name and email address. The sign-up form on your landing page is directed to an autoresponder where you now follow up.

2. When a person fills out the form they are opting in and giving you permission to follow up with them. At this point you are given the opportunity to further make yourself more attractive to them. What you’re really trying to do is develop relationships with them while building up your own credibility.

Many Internet marketers miss this key point. They spend the majority of their time going on and on about how great their product or business opportunity is.

3. The key to Internet attraction marketing is to become a trusted friend or business partner by offering value to your prospect. People learn at different rates and this is why using an auto responder is so important.

You want to follow up over and over until until the time is right for them to identify themselves as a legitimate prospect for your business. This is why you stand the majority of your ball of messages offering Internet marketing tips and useful information about earning money.

The last thing you want to do is constantly talk about your product or business opportunity.

Of course every message should include your name and a link to your website or blog where they can get more information. Internet attraction marketing is best done when you are so working thru subscribers and developing qualified prospects.

Steve Lauri is a successful entrepreneur and home business coach. His mission is empowering people to enjoy massive mlm success in their own home business with Attraction Marketing. Click here now to see if he can help you.

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