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Using QR Codes In Your Business

Using QR Codes In Your Business

QR codes are the square barcodes that look more like an inkblot than a barcode. Even though the standard has existed for years, until recently it was really only used for tracking inventory in industrial applications. But now that camera phones are so common, they’ve moved into mainstream use. Let’s discuss several strategies for using these QR codes.

You can use QR codes for various things:

– Business cards or name tags
– Product details
– Looking up an address on Google Maps
– Email list subscriptions
– {Paypal “Buy Now” links|Paypal order links|Paypal “Buy Now” buttons}
– Social media sites
– Videos on sites like YouTube

The typical use for QR codes is to direct people to a website but that’s really just scratching the surface. They can be designed to autofill information on a web form, look up addresses automatically on Google Maps or even create a text message with the content automatically filled in.

These codes can be used anywhere that people can scan them with their smartphones, such as advertising, billboards, in-store displays, etc.

QR codes can replace quite a bit of paper in some businesses. Realtors, for example, could put a QR code on the For Sale sign on a house they’re listing. When someone scans the code, it could take them to a web page with all the details of the house and even a video walkthrough.

Conferences and trade shows are another good example, where they could include a QR code on all attendee name badges. Rather than trading business cards with everyone else, they could simply scan the QR code and automatically add that person to the address book on their smartphone.

If you’re using these codes to direct people to pages on your website, it’s a good idea to use some sort of redirect service. Once you’ve created a QR code it can’t be changed – it’s always going to point to the same URL.

By using a redirect service, you can change where the code directs people by changing the ultimate destination of the redirect.

Anywhere you display your contact information is also a good place to use a QR code. Once they scan the code, all your contact data can be automatically added to your customer’s address book.