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Free Redirect Script called Shorty

Redirecting your affiliate links is one of the most important things you can learn and do when you start internet marketing.

There are 2 basic classes of redirecting your affiliate links.

  1. Using a service on someone elses server
  2. Using a script on your own server

Let’s look at option 1 for redirecting your affiliate links. You’ve probably heard of ….which is a service that allows you to put in your affiliate link or long link and shorten it to something like or something like that. These work fine for the short term. However, I believe in controlling every aspect of your internet marketing business that you can.  Let’s suppose you put out email, pdf’s, and multiple ebooks, multiple websites and webpages over a period of time, maybe 5 years. Let’s also suppose you used the tinyurl service…….What would happen if tinyurl service went down….! Guess what, you lose 5 years worth of seeding your affiliate links across the entire world wide web. You have absolutely no recourse because those links are dead….they don’t work and whatever you were promoting will never get promoted by your tinyurl links.

F_1171.jpgThe upside of tinyurl is that it’s quick, easy and painless……but remember you are totally dependent on somone else keeing those links live.

Consider option number 2… your redirect script on your server.

The obvious big difference is that now you have control over your links. If the script breaks, you can fix it, if an affiliate program is dropped you can plug in a new affiliate program and you have the peace of mind that YOU are the one in control and as long as you host the script your affiliate links will stay live.

Now, there are numerous ways to take control over your own redirected affiliate links. The simplest is using a php redirect which I discuss and using a php redirect. There are some more advanced redirect direct and cloaking scripts available, some being free and some costing up to a 100 dollars or more.

I’ll skip the many redirect and cloaking scripts and tell you about a FREE script called Shorty that essentially does the same thing as tinyurl except you host it on your server and you can follow some statistics on which links are being clicked on.

Shorty can be installed on the main domain level as well as a folder or directory.

Download Shorty for free and start taking control of your links. As time permits you can invest in one of the more expensive redirect and cloaking. They ask for a donation….I always donate because someone has put some hard work into making the script work….however, it isn’t necessary.

Every internet marketing forum gets 100’s if not 1000’s of questions on link cloaking and link redirects….Alan Petersen has come up with a guide called Link Cloaking Explained and it would be perfect for the newbie and advanced marketer. You’ll discover some free methods and find out exactly what happens in a redirect or cloak… more bs from your forum friends who think they are guru’s…Alan knows his stuff so get yourself a copy of Link Cloaking Explained!

When you get a little more experienced you might want to investigate a couple of redirect and cloaking scripts with more functions such as:

Best Damn Redirect

Magic Link Cloaker

Secret Script


Always, always, always redirect your affiliate links and keep them under your control!

If you’re really interested on link redirects and cloaking you can grab a free pdf on link cloaking.

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Redirect Links for Clickbank Message Set

I sell an assortment of clickbank message sets that are designed to be used with an autoresponder. Currently I have a set of a 52 Health Related Messages for any autoresponder that are related to the health niche.

These email messages are designed to promote clickbank products that have good sales and are related to the health niche. All you have to do is copy and paste the message into your autoresponder and then include your clickbank affiliate link.

Included with the package is 2 scripts that can be used to create redirect links or cloaked links for your clickbank affiliate links. I had one of my customers get a little confused so I tried to explain how to use the scripts for creating a redirect link for their clickbank affiliate link. I thought it might be helpful to anyone else who is having problems creating redirect links and stumbles upon this page :)

Hi Joe

Thanks for the kind words and for your purchase!

Sorry to hear that there is some confusion with redirects.

There is a READ_ME file in the download. It has the instructions for hiding your clickbank links. The process is called a “redirect” or “link cloaking”

You are given 2 files.


For the first one, right click the file and open it in notepad or some text editor. Copy the code and open a blank file in notepad…now paste the code into that file.

Next look for all instances of “” and replace with your clickbank link.

Next save the file as anything you’d like…such as joeslink.html and use an ftp program to upload it to your server.

Typically people will create a folder on your directory and call it something like “recommends” and then save the new file in that folder.

So you would have …..which will redirect to your clickbank link.

I like using the php redirect.

In the file “hide-hoplink-php.php” you’ll find a snippet of php code like below:


Copy that snippet of code and paste it into a blank or empty notpad file.

Remove the url and insert your clickbank or other url.

Now save the file as “joeslink.php” and upload it to the your website. The same deal applies….you could create a folder called “recommends” and save joeslink.php in that folder.

So your url will look like

Remember by doing redirects or cloaking you maintain control of your links and it isn’t so obvious that it’s an affiliate link….will help keep most visitors from stealing your commissions.

You might want to check out a blog post I did a short while ago at :

As far as I know you can’t do redirects through xsitepro. You’ll be able to manage them better if you use a free ftp program like Filezilla to upload the files and manage your links.

If you still end up having problems and not understanding the concept….just go ahead and use your clickbank links in your autoresponder messages. You can change them when you get cloaking and redirects figured out.

If it will help, I could create a quick screen capture tutorial and show you how to do it, but won’t be able to get to it for a week or so.

Hope this helps,


You can use the 52 Health Related Autoresponder Messages in conjunction with just about any health related product. The great part of owning this message set is that the work is already done for you, the messages are written and include a clickbank affiliate product to promote. The messages are futher categorized in Health subjects so you can use all the messages or just some of them in an autoresponder series.

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