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CPA Networks Will Help You Make Extra Money

Cost Per Action CPA

Cost Per Action CPA

CPA networks (Cost Per Action networks) pay commissions based on the action requested. So, if you are asking for an email adress, you will get paid for obtaining that. If you are asking for a mailing address, you will get paid when the customer gives this information. There are hundreds of CPA networks with similar offers and programs.

When you are starting out, you can join one just to get the hang of it and then gradually add more to your portfolio. To be able to join a CPA network, you need to apply first. This process can take a couple of days. You’ll fill out an application and then someone from the network will call you and perform a telephone interview. They’ll ask you how you plan to promote their offers and how much you expect to spend. They’ll also ask you how long have you’ve been involved in affiliate marketing.

Once you’ve been accepted, you can get started right away. You will be assigned an affiliate manager who you will work with to determine the best offers for you and how to optimize your efforts, etc. How do you know which one(s) to choose? It’s generally recommended to sign up with a lot of CPA networks in order to get the best results. But you can also start with just one until you get the hang of it.

Here are just a few of the CPA networks to choose from:

MaxBounty has a very solid reputation as being friendly and helpful. Their offers are diverse and include paid surveys, gambling, finance and more. They also have some offers that allow incentives.

Rocket ProfitRocketProfit is one of the very few CPA networks which is NASDAQ-listed.

NeverBlue is another very popular network among CPA affiliates. One of their quality features that makes them stand out from the others is their extremely user-freindly platform which makes it easy to pick out the best offers.

AzoogleAzoogle is a very solid CPA Network with a diverse selection of offers for publishers to promote. Free trials, ringtones, finance, are included in addition to many others.

Copeac – (Communicate Perform Achieve) – is another choice for many successful CPA marketers.

FluxAdsFluxAds includes many “freebie offers” and some that cater specifically to MySpace related sites.This company is also noted for its friendly and helpful affiliate managers.

Hydra Network offers a promise to beat any payout for the exact same campaign. This network also offers has a Hydra Rewards Program as extra incentive to go with them.

Primary Ads is powered by Kowabunga’s affiliate platform, instead of Directtrack.

ClixGaloreClixGalore has their own proprietary plaform plus plenty of unique offers you won’t on any other CPA network.

Xy7Pepperjam Network call their CPA Network ‘next generation affiliate marketing’. The interface and reporting puts most other CPA networks to shame.

There are many more CPA networks to choose from. Pick one or a few and start earning money online. I have a book called CPA Overdrive and its only 7 dollars, check it out if you’re interested in learning a few tips to get started or one of the secrets revealed if you’ve been working CPA for a while now.

Boost Your Profits With Forum Marketing

Forum marketing is a way of using forums to gain traffic to your website. Also when you use a forum to market your site, it will result in more sales of either your product or service. This however will depend on the type of website that you are trying to promote.

When you use forums to market your product, it should be done quietly without raising eyes. More and more forum owners in today’s internet world are keeping an eye out for spammers and if you are caught spamming you will be banned. You need to use just your signature line to promote your product and use the content to answer questions or offer ideas. If you follow this idea, you will have a less chance of your post being deleted or worse like getting banned from that particular forum.

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You need to be aware though some forums will require that you make a certain amount of posts before you create a signature line. This will allow you the chance to build your reputation before you start to promote your product. If you are just beginning though you need to avoid these forums because you need to get your name out quickly. But be aware though even if you do have a forum that allows you to create a signature line right away you will still need to build up your reputation before pushing your product. If you carefully execute your forum marketing, it can be an effective marketing tool for you.

Forum marketing
is effective because for one reason they usually contain a high volume of users that are interested in the same topic. If your site is related to the topic of the forum, it opens up the doors for you to a network of potential customers. Another reason why they are so effective is that you are able to get information on problems that the community might be having. When you have collected this information, you can use it to create new products to introduce to the forum community.

You need to execute your forum marketing campaign with extreme care. You should post at a minimum of 50 times before you even attempt to promote your product. This is even true if you belong to a forum that allows you to create a signature line with less than 50 posts. You need to establish your reputation as an expert on the subject first otherwise you will have a great chance of failing. Also, you need to make sure all of your posts are of the highest quality. Do not make your posts either too short or too long. Your aim in your posts should also be toward helping other fellow forum users with a certain problem or issue. You should begin your posts with just simple answers to people’s ideas or problems. After you feel comfortable, you can issue your own set of ideas and issues.

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When you are creating your signature line it should be interesting and appeal to the reader instead of just being a sales pitch. Try and arouse the reader’s curiosity by stating that there is a secret that can only be revealed on your website. You can also offer a free-book that relates to your business if the visitor clicks on the link. These are great ways to get visitors to your site and when they do they will most likely sign up as a visitor as well.

You have the chance to have great website traffic when you advertise through forums if they are done correctly. It can add to more sales, newsletters, and sign ups among others which is something that you cannot get from any other site without spending a lot in advertising dollars.