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Earning Money As A Website Hosting Reseller

125x125-495The job market today is not in a good state and more and more people are finding themselves unemployed. It can be difficult to find a job and just as difficult to start your own business. Starting a business requires a lot of start up cash and there is never a guarantee of success. As such, many people are turning to the internet to try and earn money. One way that people are earning money online is by becoming a website hosting reseller.

Website Hosting Reseller

You don’t need a lot of experience to begin your own hosting reseller company and it doesn’t cost much up front. If you have some computer experience or any hosting or internet experience then having your own reseller account will be a walk in the park. Even without any experience, it is relatively simple and won’t take long to learn the ropes. There are many software plans that are simple and walk you through the process teaching you everything you need to know about having your own hosting reseller business.

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A lot of web designers will go down the path of creating their own web hosting business. Web design and web hosting business can go hand in hand quite nicely. Web designers are in high demand but there is also a lot of competition out there for web design and so it is handy to have a second income of a web hosting business and the web hosting business can also bring in more web design clients. When your web design work becomes well known around the internet then you will gain more clients for both web design projects and web hosting customers. You can even create a package to give your web design clients a discount for web hosting.

Many people who set up web hosting reseller businesses will successfully look for clients in their local area. You can actually have clients worldwide for web hosting, but often your local area may be an area where there is little competition so it is a great place to start. When you are looking for clients worldwide you have a lot of competition with many of the larger hosting companies spending a lot of money on advertising and this can be difficult to compete with. If you focus on clients in your local area you will have less competition and you can do a lot of offline advertising and communicating to gain new clients.

Making money as a hosting reseller isn’t difficult and doesn’t require much money to begin. You can start off small and work your way up as you slowly gain more clients. You can purchase different hosting reseller packages so you can start off with a cheaper package and then when you gain more clients upgrade to a higher package. If you are paying $15 per month for your reseller package you can charge $10 a month to your clients and if you have 10 clients then you will earn $100 a month, minus your $15 expense and you have a profit of $85. If you upgrade to a higher package when you gain more clients you may then spend $25 a month and have 30 clients at $10 each, making $300 minus $25 expense gives you a profit of $275.

The more clients that you have the more profit you will make and it isn’t a big investment for you to start out. In fact you just need 2 clients and your initial $15 investment is covered. With a little advertising and a bit of effort to find new clients you can be well on your way to a very lucrative web hosting reseller business.

Defining Web Hosting

Maybe you have been surfing online for several years now.  Perhaps you have created accounts on a few social networks and you consider yourself to be an expert at handling email and RSS feeds.  But as far as website creation and management goes, you are basically a newbie.  So, you hired someone to design your website.  Now, though, you are supposed to make a decision about web hosting–and you aren’t even sure what that is.

Don’t worry–web hosting isn’t a difficult concept to understand.  In fact, after reading this short article, you will be able to answer when other people ask, “What is the definition of web hosting?”  So, read on–and you will soon be on your way to understanding why you need a web host for your website.

Perhaps the easiest way to think of web hosting is to imagine your website as a house that has been built in a factory, but that needs land on which to be placed.  A web host would be the land for your website; hosting providers give websites a place to live.

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Another way to understand what is the definition of web hosting might be to think of a web host as another computer that has a great deal of space.  Customers pay to put their websites on that space–the space on the web host–which allows their sites to be displayed online.

People who are just a bit more technical might understand that the web host is not merely another computer; web hosts provide the space for their customers on servers.  A server is a specialized type of computer that acts as a hub to connect computers.  Servers store and manage information as well; this is why they are used by web hosts for their customers’ websites.  Another function of servers is that they provide data backup and storage.  They also serve to provide email and internet access–chances are, you have already been using servers before when surfing the internet and accessing your own email.  The servers for web hosting providers aren’t all that different; they just hold more information.

So, why do you need web hosting for your website?  The short answer is that without it, no one except for you will be able to see your website.  You need web hosting in order for your website to be live; in other words, web hosting allows the world to have access to your site.  There are other services that are provided by web hosting providers, however.

Through a web hosting provider, you will be able to register a domain name–this is the address of your website, such as  You will also be able to have an email address at your domain name through which people (customers and clients, perhaps?) can contact you.  Your email may be something like  A web host also allows you to back up your data online, manage the look of your site, and much more.

How To Become A Website Hosting Reseller

With today’s job market being so uncertain, many people would like to start their own businesses.  But, because of the economy, a lot of people do not have the money needed to start a business.  Does this sound like you?  Perhaps you should consider becoming a website hosting reseller.

Become A Website Hosting Reseller

Starting a hosting company does not require much upfront cost, nor does it necessarily require much experience.  If you do have any type of related experience, you may find the process of starting a reseller business to be a bit simpler and you may have more options as to how to begin.  There are software plans, though, that can walk you through the process and teach you about opening a business through a certain web host if you have no experience.

Many people who become hosting resellers are also web designers.  There are countless web designers all over the internet, which makes it very difficult to earn a living doing freelance work.  By partnering your web design work with a hosting package, though, you will be able to gain more clients.  Your design work will get seen throughout the internet–and it may even serve as a means of referring people to your web hosting.  People who are impressed with the websites you create for your hosting clients will be more likely to sign on as clients themselves.  Also, because your hosting packages will include website design, you can charge more and earn an increased revenue.

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Most website hosting resellers tend to seek out clients in their local area.  This isn’t a requirement, of course, but it is often easier for resellers to obtain clients from their local market.  Web hosting is very competitive, with larger companies spending great amounts on advertising on major websites and search engines.  It is difficult for smaller resellers to compete with that; therefore, capitalizing on the local area by contacting social and professional connections can often gain clients for resellers.  There may also be inexpensive (or even free) advertising opportunities locally, such as in hometown newspapers and city-wide magazines.

It isn’t difficult to begin making money as a hosting reseller.  You could choose to begin very small at first, then build up further as time goes on.  For instance, let’s say that you could purchase a large hosting package that contains 1,000 MB of disk space and 1,000 MB of bandwidth and that the cost for this package was $15 per month.  Now, you could divide your package up into ten client accounts with 100 MB of disk space and 100 MB of bandwidth for each.  Charge $10 for each of these packages, and you earn $100 per month.  Your only cost was the $15 package cost, so your monthly profit would be $85.

Reseller web hosting is a great way to start a home business without having to put out a lot of money upfront.  With some advertising and some effort, you can be on your way to some great profits.

Choosing Cheap Reseller Web Hosting

If you are building a new website or looking for a new web host for a website you have already built, you have probably been doing some searching for an inexpensive, reliable hosting package.  Chances are, you have done a few internet searches and visited one or two of the hosting provider comparison websites.  But, have you considered selecting a cheap reseller web hosting package?

Some people are leery of using reseller web hosts.  This is often because many resellers often disguise the fact that they are resellers (due to some people’s reluctance to use resellers).  It may also be because some people are not comfortable with the idea of purchasing web hosting from an individual person who is simply selling his extra disk space and bandwidth.

There is actually no legitimate reason to be distrustful and skeptical of reseller web hosts.  Reseller web hosting involves purchasing disk space or servers and then dividing that into smaller sections (or accounts) to sell as hosting packages.  This is what even the large hosting companies do, isn’t it?  Big companies with thousands of servers are doing the exact same thing as smaller reseller web hosts that may have only one server or a certain amount of disk space to sell.  So, perhaps it isn’t fair to feel doubtful and wary of the small reseller just because his business is small.

Choosing cheap reseller web hosting for your website may, in fact, be a very wise move.  Some of the large website hosting companies have grown so large that they have become quite impersonal.  It may be difficult to get assistance from these companies if it is needed.  This can affect the success of your website if, for example, you are unable to resolve an issue with your shopping cart and customers are unable to check out with their purchases.

On the other hand, resellers typically have fewer clients than the web hosting company whose services they resell; therefore, they are usually able to provide a superior level of support to clients.  This often personalized level of support may not be evident until you need it, but you will certainly appreciate it when it becomes necessary.

Another benefit of choosing a reseller web host is the money it can save you.  While many larger web hosts do offer specials from time to time, resellers can almost always beat those prices.  And, the lower prices charged by resellers are their regular, everyday prices–not discounts that will only last for your first three or six months of hosting.  Also, because resellers receive a large discount from the hosting company whose services they resell, they are often able to provide clients with more services than their hosting company could provide…and at a lower price!

When selecting a reseller web hosting package, it is best to do some research.  Look at customer reviews of the reseller and don’t be afraid to ask questions.  This will allow you to choose the best reseller host for you.