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Review of Social Monkee …25 FREE Backlinks A Day!

Everybody needs backlinks today! Google’s latest slap will cause us to focus more clearly on getting high quality backlinks…… and I found a place where you can get 25 free high quality backlinks per day!

Social Monkee is an addon for firefox that allows you to simply click on an icon, a new window pops up, you fill in 3 titles, 3 descriptions and 3 sets of keywords and the program automatically spins and mixes the content along with a keyword rich backlink right back to the webpage that’s in your browser. It works perfectly for me and I plan on upgrading soon to the paid version. Its only $47, a one time charge and then you can submit for 100 backlinks 3 times a day.

This is a new service so its worth getting in now while the getting is good! They’ve got lots of improvements planned and the service is taking off like gangbusters. Keep in mind, all links are on UNIQUE C Class IPs and Domains!

High quality backlinks are harder and harder to find. Give Social Monkee a try and start adding daily backlinks for easy indexing and quick page rank. I ran across a pretty cool Review of Social Monkee from the warrior forum ……. after reading it Click Here to sign up for Social Monkee.

Review of Social Monkee

Currently I’m looking for a possibility to get social boomarks for my different domains and inner pages on different dofollow social bookmarking sites. This is the reason why I heard and read about Social Monkee. After reading all posts in this thread I jumped in and upgraded directly to Premium Account for the one-time fee of $47. I don’t like monthly payments so much.

After reading through the User-Guide in the Members Area and installing the Firefox Plugin I start to submit my first URL – a main page of a new money site round about 3 hours ago. Everything was really easy and I got the chance to input 3 different KWs with 3 different descriptions which have to be a minimum of 160 characters. Thumbs up for this and the longer description I have to input – it’s more work ok… But I think it’s worth it.

Some minutes ago I checked everything in Scrapebox because I directly got a report with 82 backlinks and a rss-feed for my first url submission. My results were that most of the domains are PR0 – some PR1 and 2 were PR2. This is OK but I would like to see some aged domains with decent PR in the future if possible.

Then I checked if my backlinks are already indexed. I didn’t expect anything but I saw that 1 backlink is already indexed in Google and 48!!!!! are already indexed in Yahoo. The best of it I did really nothing extra like pinging, rss submission or whatever.

So, all in all I would recommend Social Monkee. It’s still in Beta and New but it has real potentail. For $47 one-time in the premium account it’s a steal.

Some adjustments should be done to improve the overall features for this service but I will continue using it.

Thumps up!

Get 25 FREE Backlinks a Day with Social Monkee