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Brand New WPNotepad Plugin 100% Free Limited Time

Write Your Own Paycheck with Membership CubeWP Notepad is a new plugin from Lance Tamashiro and
Robert Plank. These guys have a certain magic about them
and are constantly putting out new products and concepts.

The reason why I listen to these two internet marketers is because
they are out making things happen with their products and concepts.
For instance, they are big promoters of Membership Sites. Guess what,
They have one of the most advanced membership classes you’ll ever
set your eyes on. Their MemberShip Models using WordPress works.

Yep, their stuff works!

No big secret, you give something away and build a list. Apparently,
Robert had nothing to do so he whipped up WP Notepad. Grab it now
and see how it might be of use to you and your readers.

Make sure you grab this AWESOME new
plugin from Robert Plank right now…

It let’s your members…

–take notes
–track their own progress

This enhancement alone will change your
membership site forever..

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WPimport Free WordPress Autoposting Plugin for Autobloggers by Robert Plank

I found an awesome FREE autoposting plugin for wordpress a created by Robert Plank. A year ago, an autoposting plugin like this would have probably cost around $75 to $100 but now you can download it for FREE. This wordpress plugin is designed to automatically upload the PLR articles you have laying around on your hard disk up to your blog, either one at a time or an entire folder full of articles, along with many other settings.

Autoposting or autoblogging is one of those fads that is slowly meeting its demise. Let me clarify.

Every internet marketer’s dream is to click a button and have something happen, maybe websites automatically built or blogs automatically being built and then we get to sit back and watch the money flow in!

Usually this is where we get into trouble. We take a process that works and abuse it. Well….that’s what’s happening with autoblogging and autoposting. In the beginning it worked with such effectiveness that everybody started autoblogging, they started making big money and they started getting sloppy.

The boys at Google aren’t dummies. They catch on real quick like when people start trying to game the system…..and instantly filling up a blog with content that isn’t original brings up red flags.

I wanted to warn you that there’s a new product that’s been hyped up and has a super salespage which is promoting autoblogging and autoposting like its some sort of new game in town. Rob Benwell’s new product doesn’t stand up to the test and I would avoid it like the plague. My inbox has been filled with emails promoting this crap and I’m tired of it.

So…..Why am I telling you about a new autoblogging plugin and then telling you that autoblogging doesn’t work? Simply because its a different kind of plugin and you can make autoblogging work if you do it correctly.

First of all this plugin was created by Robert Plank. Robert is quickly becoming one of the standup internet marketers working online. I’ve purchased almost every product he’s come out with and belong to at least one of his memberships. His products and methods are awesome. The name of his plugin is WPimport and it contains all the functions you need to throttle the way you import and post content!

There’s some very powerful plugins for autoblogging but the mistake most autobloggers make is the rate at which they send content to their blogs. Believe it or not, some people will start off sending 10 posts or more a day to their blogs….BIG MISTAKE. Never use any type of autoposting or autoblogging software or plugin to wildly send articles and other content to your blog.

You can use WPimport to keep your blog fresh or even build it ….but you need to drip the content in slowly. Try 1 post a day, maybe 1 post every 2 or 3 days to start off with….then turn it off for a week. Then set it up to post 2 posts every 3 days and let it run for a week or week and a half. Turn it off again. Go back to 1 post every 1 to 2 days and your blog will stay fresh. Make sure you go in and write a manual post a couple of times a week along with your autoposting.

If you can’t see a pattern here…’s because there is none. Try to keep your posting a random and natural as possible and you’ll be safe in Google’s eyes.

WPimport has all kinds of different settings that will help you to keep your blog looking natural. Grab a copy of WPimport….remember its free!

Download WPimort right now!

Robert Plank on Product Lauches!

I got an email today from Robert Plank about product launches. He says, “All a product launch is, is a bunch of emails.”!

Robert Plank has a unique twist and just about everything, but one thing I know….he does what he says and it works. Yep, he’s one of the unique IMer’s that actually talks about what he does and how he makes money. Some might think he’s a little harsh or a “take no prisoners type of guy”. Truth is, he knows what works, he tells ya and then doesn’t want to hear any whining about why you’re not making money!

If you’re on any internet marketing lists, then you know all about “Product Launches”, and you’ve more than likely been abused by them. Honestly, I can spot a product launch before it even hits my inbox…..I don’t care what they’re promoting, I won’t open any of their emails.

Plank sent me an email that really simplifies product lauches…makes it easy for simpletons like me to wrap my head around. You don’t need to go through some big process if you have a product or service to promote. Robert makes it real easy, in fact he talks about how he simplifies the process of product lauches. Instead of telling you about it, I’ll just paste the email here: (hope its ok with Mr Plank)

All a product launch is, is a bunch of e-mails.

It doesn’t have to be any fancier than that.
None of this “on day 17, tell them you just
remembered about a leaked chapter of the e-book
you just wrote…”

Screw that!  That’s too much stuff to remember.
If you’re launching something, just think of five
reasons they would want what you’re offering.

Or five things that would STOP them from buying
and your reason why that objection doesn’t matter.

Then that’s five quick e-mails.  At the end of
each e-mail give them a place they can go and

The problem with “product launch formulas” is
you’re expecting people to open and read every
single e-mail you send them.  They just won’t.

People are subscribed to so many lists.  You
might say one wrong thing in today’s e-mail and it
gets filtered.

Or they just don’t notice your e-mail.  Or they
open up your e-mail in one tab, along with a bunch
of other e-mails in other tabs, and forget about
clicking on your message… oops.

They might even read your e-mails out of order.

So my advice is just send them whatever is
easiest for you to write about.  The order you do
stuff in doesn’t matter.  All that matters is you
send more than one e-mail.

Big hint: one quick e-mail to your list doesn’t
make it a launch!!!

Here’s something interesting.  I had my first 25K
month back in 2007.  You know what I did?  I
e-mailed my list with a different offer every day
for an entire month.

My goal was an average of a thousand bucks each
day.  Some days I offered new products.  Some
days, old products.  Some days, resale rights.

Was I dead tired at the end of that month?  You
betcha.  Did I hit that 25K goal?  Yesirreebob.

Did my income take a huge drop the next month?
You better believe it.  You can’t offer resale
rights every single week and expect that offer not
to get worn out.

Instead of having one offer a day, just have one
offer a month.  Five launch e-mails for each

If you want to do 1 e-mail a day for 5 days,

But even an e-mail every other day for 10 days is
fine.  Or one e-mail every third day for 15
days… now you’ve spent two weeks launching a
product, great job!

I will allow you to re-mail for the same offer.
In fact, you have to if you want people to read
your stuff.  And next month, you can do it all
over again.  Just blend your content and pitch!

Did you like what I told you today?  Great, let’s
keep that party going if you haven’t joined yet:
Robert Plank on Product Lauches

Have a super duper fantastically terrific day,

Marketing Tool for Successful Internet Marketer’s

banner.actionpopup-336x280Do You Have 30 Seconds to Spare?

If you had a chance to take a peek at the Action PopUp web site recently…

Do it now….. Action PopUp

You might notice that the installation of this script can only be described as… SUPER DUPER EASY. Here’s the exact breakdown:

Step 1: Paste your opt-in code to a file. (5-10 seconds)
Step 2: Upload the script. (10 seconds)
Step 3: Paste one line of code on your sales letter. (5-10 seconds)

Total Install Time: 20 to 30 seconds

Robert even threw in a few video tutorials… of you looking over his shoulder, onto his computer screen, as he installs Action PopUp on his OWN sites! That means there’s absolutely no way you can fail.

In previous e-mails I explained how adding a pop-up to ONE web site increased my yearly income by $11,181.72… and that’s just from ONE of his fifty web sites!

Seriously, if you aren’t building a list through autoresponders and exit pop-ups, you are leaving serious money on the table. That’s all there is to it.

Have you heard the saying, “It takes an average of 7 follow-ups to make a sale?” It’s taught by internet marketers and college professors worldwide.

When you build a list, you are always going to get subscribers who will never buy, no matter how well of a marketer you are.

But there are so many people who WILL buy, if only you push the right buttons.

After seven follow-ups, only HALF of those people will accept your offer and buy.

Imagine how many profits you are missing out on by not building a list and marketing it using popups?

If you can accept an extra $11,181.72 every year, for every 30 seconds of work you put into your sites, grab a copy of Action PopUp and put it to use immediately, at:


Remember: if you are not following up with clients, you are losing clients.

Still Not Convinced You Need Action PopUp?

banner.actionpopup-336x280On the last post I stressed the importance of building a list and a creating a follow-up series to increase sales.

Every time I offer a new product for sale, I have a sub-list so people can opt-in for updates (and future product announcements). Same thing for the free lists… if I have monthly newsletter content, free report updates, more free reports and software, or more paid products… they’ll hear about it, unless they unsubscribe.

That’s 1,980 unique people on my freebie lists, and 2,741 unique people on my “paid customer” list. 737 of my current subscribers are on both my freebie lists and my paid lists.

Do you know what that means? It means (ignoring “tirekicker” unsubscribers), that 37% of people who subscribed to my freebie list, converted to a paid product at some point.

Still Not Convinced You Need Action PopUp?

If I send 1000 people to my blog, and I know 10% of that traffic opts into a newsletter, that’s 100 new subscribers and I know that will lead to 37 new buyers. The average buyer purchases 2.82 products from me at an average price of $20.77.

0.37 * 2.82 * 20.77 = Every new opt-in is like getting $21.67 in the bank.

100 new buyers = $2,167.

Pretty cool, right? It’s just a numbers game. That $2,167 probably won’t be immediate… it will happen over time as I build a relationship with those people, they get content through timed follow-ups and eventually see something they want to buy.

The average person on my list has purchased 2.82 products from me. That means if you pick a random customer, they have probably purchased THREE DIFFERENT products from me.

They get on a freebie list, I market to them and convert them into a buyer, I market some more and turn them into a paid buyer.

Most of my products are in the same niche so usually, if they buy one thing from me, they’ll buy more from me.

How do you get all these people on a mailing list? I said before to offer an ethical bribe, like a free report or free e-course, in exchange for that name and e-mail address. It works wonders.

You can take the usual direct response sales letter that begins with a headline, tells a story, lists benefits and leads into a call-to-action… but instead of leading to an order button, it leads to a name and e-mail address where people can get onto your list for this free content.

But what if someone comes to that site ready to buy? You might miss out on sales. That’s where Action PopUp comes in.

You can place this special popup on your sales letter, so if someone wants to buy right now, they can. But if they decide NOT to buy… and move their mouse cursor to the top of the page…

The entire page is grayed out and a popup appears at the top of the page! It might say something like:

Even though you have decided not to purchase today, I want to give you a free gift, “How to Fall Asleep Instantly… Every Night” just for taking the time to consider my offer. Type in your first name and e-mail address in the form below, and I will fire the free report to your e-mail inbox faster than you can bat an eyelash.”

You get the idea. Your visitors get a last-chance offer to get this free gift. There’s a good chance they’ll take that offer because they ended up on your site to begin with and are probably interested in what you’re selling.

That’s an “on-exit” popup. You can also place “on-entrance” popups on your site, so people won’t even get to read the sales letter until they provide a name and e-mail address.

They fill in that info, the popup disappears, and Action PopUp submits that info to your autoresponder in the background while your prospect continues to read the sales message. NO OTHER popup software does this!

That’s why it’s so important to have an autoresponder and a popup script such as Action PopUp … capture leads even if your prospects DON’T buy… and try to convert them into customers. Would you be happy with a 37% conversion rate?

How to Triple Your Sales in 10 Minutes?

banner.actionpopup-336x280How to Triple Your Sales in 10 Minutes?

I’ve attended a couple seminars in my day. At one of these seminars, a speaker on stage held a small cup. Then, he poured a ton of pennies over the cup. Most of the pennies ended up scattered everywhere on the floor. Only a small handful of pennies ended up in the cup.

He poured the pennies again, but this time, he put a funnel over the cup. Many of the pennies still missed, but he filled that cup with pennies.

The analogy is: if you capture as many leads as possible, you’ll make more sales and more money.

When people come to your web site – whether it’s a sales letter or content site – you want to convert them to something. If it’s a sales letter, you want to convert them into a buyer by paying you. If it’s a content site, you want them to register or add their own content to keep your site fresh… maybe click on an ad.

By adding a lead capture system to your site, you’re placing that “funnel” over your cup and getting more buyers.

That visitor might not yet be in the buying mood when you present your offer. Maybe he has lots of browser tabs open and he’s “researching” who he should buy from. Maybe he only has a limited amount of time and closes his browser before he’s done reading your sales letter.

Whatever the reason is, you can easily miss a sale. But by collecting a name and e-mail address on your site, you can get people on a list and follow up with them day after day.

There are many autoresponder services that will handle this for you. In addition, you can write follow-up e-mails that will automatically send them MORE e-mail after a certain amount of time.

You can send a welcome e-mail when they first sign up… then maybe another message tomorrow, and another the next day.

If there are some extra benefits they might have missed out when they read your page… you can remind them when you send these follow-ups. Give them one of the benefits in the message you send out on day three, and another benefit on day five…

You could try hard selling, and hit them with a sales pitch in every e-mail, or you could try a low-pressure high-content follow-up series… and offer an ethical bribe in exchange for opting in.

They want that free report, or free software, so they give you their first name and e-mail address. You send the free report via e-mail and then you can start sending them more content, or more sales pitches, over time… so even if they didn’t buy RIGHT NOW, they’ll buy eventually.

Is this legal? Of course… most autoresponder services will save the first name, e-mail address, IP address, URL, time and date of every subscriber… so you are protected. You have proof that someone asked for this information.

You ALSO have a one-click unsubscribe function at the bottom of every e-mail, so if someone wants to stop getting messages from you, they click on ONE link and are gone forever.

An awesome service that handles all of this is Aweber Autoresonders

They handle everything for you… the opt-ins, unsubscriptions… you just sign up, create a list, and they give you some cut-and-paste code that you can paste on your site… and instantly add a form.

Then you write the follow-ups you want to send, and when people signup, they automatically get these messages.

You can place this signup form on a pop-up, like one you create using ActionPopUp … so you can place this on ANY kind of site – an article site, made for AdSense site, blog, sales letter… anywhere! (We’ll discuss this in more detail later.)

That’s the long and short of how to triple your sales in just 600 seconds. Get an autoresponder if you don’t already have one, and place the Action Popup signup form on your site, to get people to signup to an autoresponder series, which will funnel them back to your order button even if they didn’t buy right away.

We’ll talk again soon…

Check out Action Popup today and start building your list faster!!

Instantly Boost Sales and Opt-Ins With Action PopUp

banner.actionpopup-336x280Build a Mailing List Without Sacrificing Profits!

DANGER: If You Still Use General-Purpose PopUp Scripts NOT Made For Use With Mailing Lists, You Are Losing Big Traffic and Big Money!

Dear Internet Marketer,

We all know how important building an opt-in list is to your success online. The majority of visitors to your sales letter don’t purchase on their first visit, so you are losing them forever.

Popups to the rescue! A popup is a smaller window that appears on a sales page where you convince a visitor to opt-in to your newsletter so you can contact them later with a special offer. If they buy from your sales page right away, great! If not, you can remind them to come back at a later date.

Instantly Boost Sales and Opt-Ins With Action PopUp

* Problem: Popups and newsletter forms on sales pages decrease conversion rates.

To fix the situation, Robert Plank Has Invented the Action PopUp.  Action PopUps appear when your visitor is about to leave your site using special mouse-tracking technology. From now on your popups won’t distract the user from your page, they’ll only appear to bring them back when they are about to leave.

Action Popup Is The First And Only Exit-Popover Script Designed For Opt-In Forms!

* The popup is unblockable since it uses HTML layers instead of actual pop-up windows.

* A lightbox effect dims the screen behind the popup to prevent them from being distracted by what you have underneath… and eager to fill out the popup form so they can get back to what they were doing!

* The popup will appear after every visit, but once they subscribe to your list… no more popups!

* Use any autoresponder code you want – even Aweber!

* This script runs 100% on YOUR SERVER so you aren’t dependent on any other sites, plus you don’t have to pay a monthly fee.

Check out Action Pop Up today!