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Posting Full Articles From RSS Feeds

Sometimes its necessary to supplement your blog content for a variety of reasons. Maybe you’re going on vacation, maybe your just out of ideas or maybe your tired of your blog and its just been too much work to keep posting on a regular basis.

Whatever the reason, some bloggers, especially internet marketers have started looking into autoblogging. There are many types and methods of posting automatically to blogs. Usually the blog owner will install an autoblogging plugin such as WpRobot. WpRobot offers a variety of content sources to autoblog with, rss being one of them.

Most rss autoposters will post the rss feed exactly as it has been compiled. I mean, the rss feed is a Title and maybe a sentence or two with a link to read the full article. This doesn’t make much sense if you have a content rich blog and you’re concerned about the quality of your posts.

Ideally we would want to post an rss feed and have the plugin pull the full article from the rss feed. Well…..there aren’t very many solutions to this problem. If the original form of the rss feed is the snippet type, then your plugin will post a snippet…..if the rss feed is the full article, then your autposter will post a full article.

That being the case, here’s a video that shows you how to located full article rss feeds. Once you find these feeds and compile them, you can then stick them in an autoblogger or autoposter like WPRobot and post full articles. Your blog will look better, your readers will appreciate the full articles and you can take a break!!!

How To RSS …Basics by Josh Spaulding

Josh Spaulding does a great job with some refresher info or How to RSS where he discusses some of the basics to using RSS and What Rss Means.

For instance if you wanted to keep up with my blog Desktop-Wealth….just click on the link, leave your email address and each new post will be emailed to you…..that’s one way to use RSS feeds.

If you wanted to see what an rss feed looks like, click on Desktop-Wealth RSS Feed. You can add this feed to your yahoo page or google page….great for getting some link luv.

RSS has been around for quite a while….I remember when it first was introduced “the gurus” proclaimed that it would replace email. If you remember, email needed and might still need replacement because of the spam problem. Interent service providers were blocking everybody’s emails.

Consequently there were software programs and scripts developed that allowed anyone to add the desired RSS feed and have it show up instantly on your members of visitors desktop. You can imagine how internet marketers were drewling over the possibilities……no spam blockers, content delivered right to someone’s desktop……rss had to be a gift from heaven. So it’s important to really GET the “how to rss” in the near future.

Well….rss never really caught on in that respect. However, for those in the know….we can selectively pick the rss feeds from the sites we follow and put them in a rss reader to keep an eye on what are favorite bloggers are doing. Understanding how to rss is very important.

Josh explains the concept of how to use rss feeds for keeping up on subjects, bloggers and websites.

There is so much more one can do with rss, however, to keep it simple……use it to keep up on your favorite subject. Do a little research and began to see what the possiblities are when using rss and learn how many different ways rss can be used to make money.

At first I wasn’t going to comment on Josh’s rss post. After all, I already knew a lot about rss feeds. (although not nearly everything). Then I started thinking, after you’ve been online for a while….one can get a little pompous and arogant about the knowledge they’ve compiled. That’s a little sic! So why not share some of the how to’s of rss.

New people are jumping on the web every day…..rss could mean just about anything and problem means nothing to the newbie….so kudos to you Josh for getting newbie that’s been blinded by the light.

Do yourself a favor and do a little research on RSS and think of how you might use it. I predict RSS feeds will really start being used this next year in a variety of ways…..learn the how to rss and how to use them to get yourself branded and maybe even make a little extra cash :)

You might want to check out this excellent guide on “How To Rss”
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