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Review of Rapid Income Creator Review

Rapid Income Creator Review Sucker or NotThought I’d do a quick review of Rapid Income Creator….since it made such a huge impression on me!

<—-Are you a Sucker? Read Rapid Income Creator Review.

I was expecting the online scams to reach fever pitch since our Obama generated recession has put so many people in the poor house. In fact, I expected to see one scam after another….one hopeless promised for riches after another hopeless promise.

You see….there is no…..super software where all you need to do “push this button and voila…instant riches”…..its all BS!

Even though I expected to see these rip off artists, I still get pissed when I run across one of these deals….or worse, when someone I’m subscribed to tells me…. “Hey Scott…hope you’re still up, I was gonna send this out tomorrow but I knew you’d want to see it right away!”  My BS radar starts going crazy about now.

Yep, I got one of these emails from Jason Parker. Been on his list for a while and just about every email is a promotion for one kind of life changing offer after another…..but I like to see what the IM Lemmings are up to….so, I stay subscribed.

I got an email from Jason a couple of minutes ago….and he caught me at a weak moment…I clicked the link to see what this deal was…here’s part of his email:

This has the power to change
your financial destiny fast!


Stop whatever you’re doing…

Close the door behind you.

Turn off your phone.

…And listen to this.

Last year, this stay at home
dad made over $200,000 online
by following this easy
Cut and Paste method.

I go to this site called “Rapid Income Creator“, glanced at the sales letter…how’s this for headline:

“Discover The Turnkey Income Creator That Practically Prints Money For You Automatically… The Lazy Way!”

The rest of the sales letter tells you how you can find freedom on the internet…one caveat, you need to buy Rapid Income Creator****!

So….for only $49.95 you can forget all you woes and work at home in your pajamas making $1000’s a day or more according to his Clickbank Screeshot.

The sad part about this type of marketing and advertising is that it targets the poor folks that just lost everything or are just about to lose everything….I mean, they’re hurting :(

God help me if I ever stoop to these levels.

I’m sorry, I just get so sick of these parasites.

I’ll tell you what really set me off.

This guy…John Carter, who calls himself the Founder, put together a video at the beginning of the salesletter. It’s almost 9 minutes long. I figured I’d take a quick look to at least learn what the product does and how it works….most savy marketers will include these details.

Well….I’m pissed because it was 9 minutes of images of money, happy people, music and promises of how I’d be rich if I clicked the button below. Not one piece of information as to how to software works…..just pure hype, an insult to my intelligence and waste of my time….that’s when I decided I’d write this post reviewing Rapid Income Creator

I really don’t like ripping on another marketer. But I’d do the same to some sleazy used car salesman, ambulance chasing attorney or doctor who cut off the wrong limb. Rapid Income Creator could very well make you rich beyond your dreams…..but the “Founder” shoots himself in the foot with this sleazy salesletter.

Here’s the ironic thing….I really don’t know if RapidIncomeCreator is any good. In fact, it could be the best thing since sliced bread.

My beef is all the hype in the presentation of the product with no proven results. It’s no wonder the FTC wants to put the screws to affiliate marketing.

The software or program…whatever it is, has left me questioning what it is and what it does. Sure…its going to make me rich!…. But, how?

My rant is done.

The best thing I can say about this product is that it’s payment processor is by Clickbank …which means you have 90 days to review the product. If you get lucky and the product makes you money….well, good for you. But if it sucks, you can easily get your money back!?

One last thing.

I told you what I think of this deal, however, I didn’t purchase it. Like I said, Rapid Income Creator just might work. Plus, I’m a marketer at heart so I fought with myself as to whether or not include affiliate links in this blog post. Well…..the internet marketer got the best of me, the links are my affiliate links and I’ll make a percentage off of anyone that purchases through my link. You see…..I’m one of those who has been affected by the economy…..I need every cent I can generate!

Finally….If RapidIncomeCreator works for you and this post influenced your decision to buy, one way or the other….please stop by and leave a comment. I’d really be interested in your thoughts!

Is Getting Paid For Taking Surveys For Real

There are many ways to earn money on the web. some of them require a great deal of time, effort and money and can also yield enormous profits and others are so easy that you can start right now. One of the easiest and quickest ways to earn a bit of cash is to get paid for taking surveys. But is it really worth the time and effort? This article checks it out.

One of the benefits of taking online surveys in exchange for money is that anyone can do it, from teenagers to seniors. The other very obvious advantage is that you can get started immediately. Thirdly, you can do it from anywhere that you have an internet connection and at any time, day or night. And last but definitely not least, you don’t have to invest any money in this type of online work.

Some of the problems with online surveys are that many survey sites are scams that don’t actually pay their members. To avoid wasting your time with scam survey sites, you can try checking out which lists all paid survey sites. This website claims to only feature the best online paid survey sites that are legitimate and that do pay you for your time and opinions.

The real question is how much can you get paid for taking surveys?

Paid online surveys have become more and more popular because you can earn quick money. If you do decide to look into taking online surveys, remember that searching for the best online survey companies may be tedious and time consuming and that some survey sites will charge you a fee.

Make sure to check your email often after you have signed up for your chosen survey sites. If you are chosen, you will recieve an email that asks you to complete the forms and gives you the website addresses of companies where you will provide comments. You start to earn as soon as you complete a task. You could be asked to fill out normal questionnaires, test out food, watch a movie and review it, or other opinion-type survey work.

Online Survey participants generally get paid from $3 to $75 per survey.

To watch, review and comment on new movie trailers, you can get paid $4 – $25 per hour.

For Focus Group Surveys, you could get paid up to $150 per hour. These surveys take place at a previously specificied time and you must respond directly to companies via chat-like system.

Some phone surveys pay up to $120 per hour.

If you ask for products to try and test, you get to keep the product.

You can work on surveys part-time for a secondary source of income. If you decide to make online surveys your new full time career, you could actually make more money than your full time job is providing.

So, yes, getting paid for taking online surveys is definitely worth considering.

How To Make Money With An Online Business Ventures

The advent of today’s economy has caused many people to research the reality of making money at home.  And many of you are ending your search with online jobs that generally pay a relatively low wage or salary in exchange for the benefits you receive by working out of the comfort of your own home. When it comes to considering a better income with an actual home business, it should be a natural defense to be a little timid and cautious about the many opportunities available today.  Always ask yourself, “How much money do I need to invest?” How much technical and/or marketing knowledge do you need? How can you distinguish the scams from the legitimate methods to make money from online business opportunities?

It’s only natural to have these thoughts and reservations and you really need to get the answers.  But the freedom and financial rewards that you can have with an online business, as opposed to working an online job, definitely make it worth your while to at least consider these options.

1. The easiest way to start is by developing a business that features your passions and expertise.  Ask yourself some questions such as:

  • Are you a good writer or designer?
  • Do you have a flair for cooking?
  • Do you love gardening?
  • Do you know a lot about a specific subject?
  • Do your friends and family come to you for advice about certain things?
  • Could you turn your knowledge into a consulting business?

Do some deep thinking about what you are good at and passionate about. Once you’ve figured that out, do some research on who would want and need your product/service. You’ll then want to set up your own website or blog based on what you’re selling and target it towards who you’re selling it to. Don’t be intimidated by this step! Creating your own site is extremely easy these days and it doesn’t have to be expensive. The next step is to get traffic to your site. And this is a topic for a whole other article because there are so many ways to do this, and many of them are free.

2. If you don’t feel comfortable coming up with your own products or services to market, you can make money from online business products or services that belong to other people. One way to do this is through affiliate marketing.

There are many places you can start to look for things to market, but the most popular sites are ClickBank and Commission Junction. Anytime you make a sale on the products you promote, you are paid commissions. Network Marketing is another route to go if you don’t have your own merchandise.

There are hundreds of Network Marketing companies to choose from and they offer all kinds of products and services. With network marketing, you pay a relatively low fee (this varies from company to company) to get started and then you earn commissions on products/services that you sell as well as on the people you recruit into the company as part of your sales team. The right type of “coaching” mentality is required if you do want to get into network marketing since much of your success will depend on how well you can lead your team. One word of caution, beware of Network Marketing businesses… experience tells me most are scams, sure people make money but it’s only the people on the top. Study the company you’re interested in, call actual members to ask questions….be blunt, ask if they’re making any money, if they are, ask them how much! If they won’t answer, then move on to the next one.

There really and truly are ways to make money online. Most people working online businesses are good hard working people. As in any profession there are scammers….so follow your gut. If you’re not feeling  right about one method, simply move on to the next. Believe me, there are plenty of business models to follow and try out if you are really interested in makeing money online. Here are some resources that will help you, I use these and recommend them highly:

Earn1KaDay…..get exposed to many different business models for making money online. Teacher is top notch. Forum is one of the most friendly and helpful I’ve ever been part of.

Niche Profit Classroom ……you are supplied with 2 niche products a month. You’re given most of the materials along with a schedule of what to do next each month. You’ll learn niche marketing in Earn1KaDay as a business model, but with NicheProfitClassroom you’ll dive deeply in depth into one type of online niche marketing. The guys on products from Niche Profit Classroom are top notch and I would highly recommend either of these two memberships if you want to start making money online.

Affiliate Marketing ……learn the basics of affiliate marketing and then learn the advanced techniques. One of the most powerful and easiest methods to start making money online. Affiliorama is a top notch membership with good strong teaching.

Making Cash Fast Online – 4 Tips For Doing Just That

Making cash fast online is an idea which appeals to pretty much anyone who has a computer.

Many people start doing this on a part-time (or even less) basis. And some end up being able to quit their day jobs and work from home on their computers. Whether you’re just looking for a little extra spending money or have a more long-term goal of working from home, the internet offers a viable source of income and some methods allow you to start earning right away.

There are many ways to make cash fast online – these are just a few common ones:

1. Take part in “Get-Paid-To” Websites:

Hundreds of websites pay you to read emails, do surveys, sign up for trial subscriptions and surf the web. And the ones that pay you to complete offers are worth taking a look at because they usually include affiliate programs that allow you to earn recurring commissions.

The advantage of get-paid-to websites is that you don’t need your own website or any skills. The downside is that it might be harder to find the legitimate sites through all the scams. is a great forum to visit and find out which of these websites actually do pay their members.

Many Web 2.0 or social media websites will also pay you to participate in their communities. How much you earn depends on how much your submitted article, video or image is viewed.

2. Put your expertise to work in a virtual job:

Online jobs in the today’s economy include data entry, virtual assistants, gold farmers, online coaching/consulting and support for open source software. Mini consultation networks like Bitwine and Ether let you easily set up shop and offer advice on specific topics through the web.

Most of these virtual jobs involve direct communication through electronic mediums like internet telephony, instant messengers and emails. This of course means that all you need to get started is a computer with a steady internet connection.

If you happen to be an expert in a certain subject, you can offer consultation through websites like Jyve or Just Answers. Or you could also participate in online competitions in areas like writing, web design, photography, or more.

3. Set up your own blog or website:

You can either sell your own products/services, promote affiliate products or earn money from the ads which others display on your site. There is such a variety of money making blogs. You just need to pick a model that fits your interests, schedule and skills.

Websites can easily help you to generate passive income as well. These can range from e-commerce websites, social communities and information portals to basic landing or squeeze pages for affiliate programs.

4. Get into affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing involves promoting certain products or services and earning commissions whenever someone buys them from you. If done correctly, affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful ways to make money from the web. Commission Junction and ClickBank are two of the biggest affiliate marketplaces you can use if you decide to give this a try.

I hope this article gives you a little bit of insight into how to make cash fast online.