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SEO For Small Business

SEO For Small Business-A Chance To Rank Higher With Big Business

SEO for Small Business
by Maria Reyes-McDavis under CC BY  with
SEO is the great online equalizer….compete with the Big Boys!


With SEO for small business you can play with the big boys… I mean your business can compete at a level of the major players. How would you like to compete directly with …..well, you can if you are using seo for small business!

The internet has changed the way people do business, and if you will pardon the cliche, it is a game changer. People not only go online for entertainment purposes, but they also go online for information and to buy things. SEO (short for search engine optimization) refers to a wide variety of methods that are used to help a site rank higher in the results when someone does a search. SEO for small business evens the playing field and gives the smallest business a chance to rank higher than a big business.

Step #1 – Research

Before you do anything else, you need to know who your market is, and what it is that they are using the search engines to look for. The more you know about your target market, the better. Having a detailed image of who they are and what problems they need solved will help you craft your marketing message and also help you when doing SEO. You also need to know what keywords they are entering into the search engines, and then use those keywords accordingly. There are several tools (free and paid) that can give you a good idea of how many searches a particular keyword is getting.

Step #2 – Implementation

Once you have done your research you can start doing your SEO. This is where the proverbial rubber meets the road. Entire books have been dedicated to effective SEO, but here are a few things you can do to improve your site’s position in the search engine results.

* Write keyword-rich content, but always write for people first and search engines second.

As webmasters and marketers it is easy to forget this fact and practice all the seo strategies we know in an effort to get our sites on top of the search engines….. but we need to remember a human, real live, oxygen breathing person is reading our content, so….. the content must be written to keep him/her engaged!

* Use both on-site and off-site linking. On-site linking refers to the links on your site that point to other parts of your site. Off-site linking covers any links back to your site that are placed on a different site, which may be owned by you or somebody else.
* Make use of SEO on every part of your site. For example, use alt tags on images, and fill in the meta tags when creating your site.

Step #3 – Maintenance

SEO for small business is not a one-time thing, you need to be constantly working on it. Every time you add something to your website, you should have SEO in mind. If you are using a backlink strategy, then you need to keep adding links on a regular basis. Search engines change their results algorithms frequently, so you need to pay attention to where your site is ranked, and change your overall SEO strategy if needed.

If you own a small business you can always do the SEO yourself. Following the advice in this article is a good start, but it only covers some of the basics. SEO for small business is an ongoing process that requires continuing education and regular maintenance. If you don’t have the time to do this, or would prefer to have someone do it that already understands SEO, then you can always hire a firm to do your SEO work for you. Either way, search engine optimization is necessary in today’s marketplace and seo for small business is here to stay!

Tips For SEO Success

Tips For SEO Success Get
The Most For Your Efforts

SEO Article Marketing TipsSEO (search engine optimization) is a term given to a variety of methods that are used to improve the placement of your website in the search engines. A large percentage of people find new websites through search engines, and they heavily favor the sites that appear at the top of the first page of results. The following tips for SEO success will help you get the most from your efforts.

1. Three words: Keywords! Keywords! Keywords are the biggest tips for seo success! People use keywords when using the search engines, and the keywords you choose will make or break your site in the search engine results. Invest time selecting the best keywords and optimizing your site around them. You need to look at how many searches each keyword gets and see what kind of competition each has as well. There is no magic number or how many searches a keyword should get, so there will always be an element of guesswork involved, which brings us to the next of the tips for SEO success

2. Test and track your SEO. The search engines use proprietary algorithms to determine where a site is positioned in the search engine results, and they protect these algorithms carefully. The best way to get around this is to test and track your SEO efforts to get an idea of what works and what doesn’t. It can take some time for changes to be reflected in the rankings, so be sure to give it some time before drawing conclusions. You also need to keep in mind that the results are dynamic because most of your competition will be doing SEO, too.

3. Linking the right way. There are a lot of myths about the best way to use links for SEO purposes. Massive link swaps are one example of a link building strategy that is no longer effective. However, you can get a boost by getting links from well-respected pages that are relevant to your website. If at all possible, be sure that the links to your site include the keywords you are trying to rank for. There is also on-site linking which covers all of the links on your site that link to other parts of your site. Generally speaking, you should have all of your pages interconnected and you should use keywords for those links.

4. Stagnation and SEO don’t mix. This is one of the most overlooked tips for SEO success. A lot of website owners think of SEO as something you do once when setting up your site, and then it somehow keeps working its magic. The reality is that you need to keep doing SEO on a regular basis for two reasons: one, the search engines are always changing their algorithms so you need to respond in kind; two, you have to assume that your competition will always be doing SEO and you don’t want to drop down in the results as they move up.

Probably the biggest tip for seo success is to keep studying and learning the basic concepts of seo and then get into some of the more advanced seo strategies. Don’t forget to invest in ebooks, software and other programs that will help you in your seo efforts. Above all the biggest tip for seo success is to never give up….. not everything works, some things will inevitably be wrong… some could even destroy your site,  but remember, seo is like the wild, wild west of the United States. Compile your own list of tips for seo success and sooner or latter you will become an seo guru :)

SEO Friendly Website Increases Traffic on Your Website

SEO Friendly Website
Many Ways To Increase
Traffic On Your Website

Seo techniques for seo friendly websites

Getting website visitors to your website through the search engines requires that you have a seo friendly website. Simply put, you need to know the basics of search engine optimization and use them. Many books, many websites and many webinars have been produced to explain and teach proper seo techniques. Below are a couple of ideas you need to know when it comes to making your website an seo friendly website.

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is becoming increasingly important for website owners. People can come to your site in a number of ways, and using search engines is one of the most common. However, people rarely go past the first page or two of results. Having an SEO-friendly website is what will help move your site higher in the results, but only if you know what you’re doing.

There are several SEO techniques, and they can be broadly categorized into “white hat” and “black hat” methods. White hat methods are those that follow all of the rules of third-party services (websites, tools, resources), and are not intended to be deceptive. Black hat methods are those that bend the rules, or break them completely. People using black hat SEO tend to believe that the ends justify the means and they are often frowned upon by white hat SEO people that don’t completely understand black hat methods.

The upside of black hat SEO is that it can help you move higher in the search engine results. The downside is that the major search engines frown on black hat SEO and are constantly changing their algorithms to level the playing field. This continuing battle between the black hatters and the search engines is the best reason why you should focus on white hat techniques when building an SEO-friendly website.

Choosing the right keywords is the foundation of any good SEO plan. You need to do two things:

Your SEO Plan Should Reveal
What Are People Searching For?

1. Find out what terms people are searching for. What may surprise you is that you don’t have to go after the keywords that get the most searches; instead, you need to go after the keywords that will get you the best results for your efforts. This is the reason why “long tail” keywords are worth hunting for. These are keyword phrases that are several words long, but may not get as many searches. However, the advantages are that there is usually less competition for these terms, and the people who do search for them.

SEO Friendly Website Depends on
Discovering Proper Search ‘Terms

2. Find out what terms your competition is using. A good start is finding what keywords your competition is using and ranking with. There are several tools available that can help you to do this. Once you know what terms they are ranking for, you can get an idea of how you compare. However, you should also look for good keywords that they may not be using. If you can use some good keywords that nobody else is using, then that may be enough to give you an edge in the SEO game.

One author recommends the following for an seo friendly website:

Begin with the underlying SEO basics. The code of your site, such as the meta tags, title, and image tags are just as important as the visible body content. Perhaps of greater importance these days is the quality and similarity of content of the sites you can convince to link back to your site.

While some webmasters dismiss seo basics like meta tags, you should use them since they are like clothes fashions and while they might be out of fashion now…. sooner or latter their importance to an seo friendly website comes back in fashion at some point in time.

Another main concept for your SEO-friendly website is relevance. When people come to your site they have expectations, and the search engines will reward you for being relevant. While you are concerned about getting people to your website, the search engines are concerned with delivering search results that people are looking for; it is your level of relevance that plays the biggest factor in how high your SEO-friendly website ranks.

Four SEO Tricks

SEO – Four Tricks To Success
Its Not As Difficult As It Sounds

SEO link building strategies for website contentUtilizing successful SEO (short for search engine optimization) methods on a webpage is often more difficult than it sounds. To be honest, it’s usually quite frustrating. There are website owners that start doing SEO, only to find that it becomes an obsession for them. They try every SEO trick that they can think of, and spend more time doing it than they should. That’s not to say that SEO isn’t important, because it is, but there is also something to be said for doing it the smart way. Here are a few proven “tricks” you can use to improve the results of your SEO efforts.

People First….SEO Second

1. Make people your priority. Yes, you need to pay attention to SEO on your websites, but not at the expense of your visitors. To put it another way, your SEO should be unnoticed by a casual visitor, but well-received by search engine spiders. Go ahead and use good keywords, internal linking, anchor text, headings, and other SEO methods, but not to the point that it makes for a poor visitor experience. You are making your websites for people, so make them your top priority. If you build a site that only focuses on SEO, then it will seem unnatural to your human visitors and they will leave your site as quickly as they came.

Clean Up Sloppy Code Helps SEO

2. Get rid of sloppy code. It’s easy to focus on things like keywords and headings when doing SEO, but you also need to make sure your coding doesn’t get messed up. It may not be noticeable to a human viewer, but you don’t want to do anything that has the potential of confusing the search engine spiders when they crawl your site. The cleaner your code, the easier the spider’s job will be.

3. Keep things under control. Once you start seeing results from your SEO efforts, you may start getting obsessed with doing more…and more…and more. If you’re not careful you can spend more time doing SEO instead of doing other things involved with running your online business. There is no doubt that SEO is an important aspect of marketing, but there are other things that are also worthy of your time. Do SEO, but remember to keep it in balance with everything else.

No Tricks ….SEO Whitehat Only

4. Wear a white hat. When it comes to SEO there are two main ways of doing things: black hat and white hat. Black hat SEO uses any techniques possible and will break terms of service or uses other questionable means to get a site ranked higher. Those who use black hat techniques will often have justifications for doing so, and it is somewhat misunderstood; however, search engines frown on these practices and make frequent changes to their ranking formula to make current black hat techniques useless. White hat SEO relies on proven principles that continue to work, and doesn’t rely on the cheap and temporary gimmicks so often used in black hat SEO. To put it simply, white hat SEO is the way to go.

Article Spinning, SEO and Article Marketing

Search engine optimization and article marketing have to go hand in hand if you ‘re going to have a victorious article marketing campaign. Your consideration to detail and finding just the right keywords are essential, but so is learning how to make use of them properly.

Search engine optimisation, or SEO writing is utilizing key phrases or key phrase phrases to help you gain much better results and much better placement in search engines. Knowing how to create properly and come up with great content is incredibly important but just as important is understanding how to make use of key phrases effectively throughout your article to get better results.

To know how to make use of keywords properly in your purchases motivations and article marketing campaign you should first have a firm grasp on what they are and how they’re used.

Understanding Keywords When Spinning

Keywords and key phrase phrases are what the client will or is most likely going to input into a search engine as they attempt to find a solution to whatever problem they ‘re facing. Whether attempting to seek out the best tv set, best automobile, greatest method to stop smoking, lose weight, earn much more cash, discover a job … most individuals are going to try to do some research to find out what others are saying. It is either a word or a phrase that they, the individual, are probably about to input in a search engine to seek out material concerning the product or service you are attempting to promote. A good article spinner will help develop good content from your PLR articles, a good spinner will allow you to keep your keywords or variations of these keywords.

Making Your PLR Content Unique
Create Unique Content with
The Best Spinner
Spin Rewriter

Studying how to include your key phrases into your writing and article marketing efforts can be tricky. Search engine spiders scour the Internet looking for the phrases and key phrases which are most probably going to match what the searcher is looking for. The more it sees that keyword or phrase in your article, the better the chances are that it ‘ll show your website as a result. Although its important not to do something called keyword spamming.

No Keyword Stuffing or Spamming

There is an attraction though, to overuse that key phrase all through your site, which was done by many, who were keyword stuffing their articles, making them nearly impossible to read. They tried manipulating the search engines by stuffing keywords in their content, but the search engines caught on and now penalize those who try to do this.

What they now do is look for natural consumption of not only the key phrases, but also the words and content surrounding it. They ‘ll look at words which are commonly utilized in topics like you ‘re producing about and can judge an article based on that. If the search engines find too numerous occasions that a word or phrase is used it ‘ll send up a purple flag and draw attention that you don’t want and your article, or search engine advertising initiatives will most likely be hurt.

With PLR content material for your article marketing, the hard function of researching the particular issues you want is done for you personally, as well as the composition of the articles you need for your internet site. Check out the quality PLR content obtainable below! Using PLR articles becomes part art and part research and part writing. Using an article spinner will help become a back linking expert and you get multiple copies of your articles for distribution around the web for those valuable backlinks!

Search Engine Optimization Overview

Different Sides of SEO

link building strategies for website content and search engine rankingLiterally, everyone who has been using the world wide web for an extensive time period has come upon the term search engine optimization is most commonly known as SEO. SEO is performed in order to have a website achieve a high page rank. This modern way of website promotion is done by doing different techniques like writing and submitting articles, blogging, social bookmarking, social networking and even more, in fact, new techniques are almost developed weekly to enhance SEO efforts and it takes a dedicated specialist to stay on top of all techniques. This list is just a  basic list of methods to have SEO performed for someone’s website.

SEO Business

SEO businesses that offer the best and quality SEO service are not easy to find and you have to exert some effort and patience to be able to land to the right one. It is always good to see good results right away when doing SEO and so lots of redundant activities will be performed daily including the SEO activities you’ll have your list of things to do. Other businesses would recommend keyword research first before SEO is done and some also just dive into linkbuilding using the keywords the client wants. This process will accelerate if the seo expert is using a good keyword research tool. In fact, if you are hiring someone to do seo work for you, you should at least learn about keywords and keyword phrases and purchase a good keyword research tool.

Keywords and SEO

Keywords as mentioned a while ago matters a lot because it’s the key to proper SEO and to effective SEO. The primary reason for this is because there is certainly only less competition when the keyword is searched by someone on google. Along with long tailed variants of keyword is the correct way of placing the keywords in an article post so that SEO become effective. The best locations of keywords are to be at the title, the main paragraph, the last paragraph and even included in the domain name.

SEO Strategies

All SEO strategies as said are similar but some companies treat them in some different ways. However, if only one the basic ingredients such as social bookmark creating, generating inbound links and so on, went missing or was actually left out, the chances of a successful SEO operation are slim to null. The company will have to actually work on performing each of these SEO tips so that you will have evidence of the ranking to move up. You can look at different SEO practices such as white hat or black hat method, and note that if you’re planning to consider white hat first, you need patience before ranking rises.

Search Engine Optimisation Is Easier Than You Think

search engine optimisationSome people think that in order to benefit from search engine optimisation that they need to go to drastic lengths and take a lot of time to learn how to do it. But, the reality is that you can benefit from just a few simple tips and you can use these tips for your articles as well as your blog posts.

The best way to go is to start by building a big keyword list of words and phrases that are closely related to your niche. Ideally, you will want to find keywords that get at least 1,500 searches a month and no more than 20,000 competitors. Once you have your keyword list built all you need to do is to pick one keyword per article and / or blog post and write a well written article around that keyword.  You should then include the keyword in the title of your article or blog post.

Please do not make the mistake of thinking that the more keywords you include the better. That is called keyword stuffing and it will do far more harm than good. The search engines have remarkably sophisticated algorithms that can pick up on this and your article will be penalized if you try.  Instead use the keyword once in your article or blog post title, once in the first paragraph, once in the last paragraph and once or twice throughout the rest of your article. You want the article to read naturally.

Remember, you aren’t just trying to attract the search engines, you want to make sure your article makes sense for human readers too, actually this should be your main focus. You don’t have to short change your readers just to keep the search engines happy, you can do both.  You want to strive for a keyword density of no more than 3%. Obviously the longer the article the more keywords you can include and still make that 3% goal.  I recommend you keep your article and blog posts at about 350 to 500 words in length.

That is the optimum length because it is long enough to allow you to include some useful information without being so long that it turns off any potential readers. If your article is too short it just looks like it is all for the purpose of keyword stuffing and many search engines and article directories don’t appreciate that. On the other hand, internet surfers are notoriously short on attention span, so to get the most out of your articles you can also include bullet points and keep your paragraphs short and to the point. Also, don’t make your articles too long, over 500 words, or too short, less than 350 words.

There is a lot more you can do with search engine optimization if you want to invest the time and effort. But, for most people just a little knowledge and keyword placement in your articles or blog posts can really help you get more traffic to your website.

Keyword Search Engine Ranking Will Propel Your Site To The Top

keyword search engine ranking gets you to top of googleUsing keyword search engine ranking to help propel your website to the top of the search engine rankings is one very effective way to drive more traffic to your website all for free.  Besides the free traffic another wonderful benefit of this type of traffic is that it meets yet another criteria for quality website traffic:  all the traffic that comes to your website via this technique will be very qualified and targeted.

You may be wondering how I can know that, simple, since the people who visit your site are doing a search for a keyword phrase you are targeting you know that they have a big interest in your product or service, they are very targeted.  Don’t worry, I know this can sound complicated… and it can be complicated, but in it’s simplest form it looks a little like this:

Let’s say you are selling a book about improving your golf swing. The whole focus of your website is to help golfers improve their game by improving their swing. You’ve isolated a list of keywords that are very focused on golf swings. These keywords get decent monthly traffic and relatively low competition.

For this example, let’s say you are targeting the keyword phrase “improve your golf swing”. Using this phrase in your website optimization plan will help the search engines find your site. They will be able to identify that you site is about improving golf swings. If they believe your website can offer valuable information on improving golf swings to anyone who visits it, they will rank your site very high. Ideally you want your site to be ranked within the first page of results.

So, if someone goes to their web browser and types in the phrase “improve golf swing” and your site is one of the first ones that show up, they will very likely click on the link and be taken to your website. Since they were actively searching for the term “improve golf swing” you know that they have a high level of interest in improving their golf swing which makes them a good potential customer of yours.

This technique works well for not only your website but you can also use it for distributing articles for article marketing as well as for all your blog posts.

Just use your keywords as the basis for your posts and articles. If you choose the right keywords and submit them to good article directories, your articles or blog can show up in the top ten for that particular keyword phrase… again, good free traffic.

There are a few things to keep in mind:  for one thing, the algorithms that the search engines use to determine how relevant any particular site changes frequently.

To be really competitive, especially in a competitive market, you need to stay on top of your optimization efforts (or hire someone to do it for you), but you can still benefit from this method even with just a few simple tweaks to your website.

As a business owner you understand the importance of getting every advantage you can and using
keyword search engine ranking techniques is one of those advantages.

SEO Pricing Can Fit Your Budget

affordable seo pricing

Most people understand that their primary role as an online entrepreneur is to drive as much quality traffic to their website as they can get.  There are many ways to do that and most people will use several methods to get the best result. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of those methods. Before you dive in and hire a company to do your SEO for you, you will want to check out seo pricing.

There are companies online that specialize in doing all the seo your website needs. The prices for such services will vary depending on several variables. For one thing, the number of keywords you will be targeting in your seo campaign. The more keywords you want to target, the higher the cost will be.

The more competitive the keywords you use, the higher the cost will be too. SEO isn’t a “set it and forget it” method. It will take ongoing attention. That’s why the more competitive keywords will cost more, they will take more time and attention.

Most SEO companies will sell their services in packages. Usually they will be divided up something like: 1 – 10 keywords, or 11 – 50 keywords,etc. The package you will choose and therefore final seo pricing is something that will be based mostly on your budget.

Another important element to website SEO is back links. Many times companies will set their search engine optimization pricing structure on the number of back links they are creating. Back links will gain more importance, and cost more, if the link comes from a highly ranked site. A back link from  a website that has a PR4 rank will be priced differently than a PR8 website.

The truth is for most new, and smaller internet marketers, seo campaigns are out of bounds from a financial point of view. But that doesn’t have to mean that you can’t still benefit from seo optimization. There are many places online where you can learn to do simple seo techniques that will allow you to benefit from optimization techniques. You can use these methods for your website, your blog posts and your articles.

If you do decide that you have enough of a budget to hire a company to do SEO for you than you need to carefully check them out. Find out what they will offer, how much it will cost and how much time and attention you can expect to get from them. It’s also a good idea to find out what other people have to say about the company and their services. This can be a fairly big investment and you want to make sure that you hire a company that knows what they are doing, and can really help you get the results you want.

You also want to make sure that there are no surprises, that you know exactly what you will get and how much it will cost. Having a written contract in place is very important too. That way there can be no misunderstanding; both parties know what is expected of each other and how much it will cost.

When it comes to seo pricing remember that cost is only half the issue. You want to make sure that you get the service and results that you are really looking for.

Four Basic Tips For SEO Success

search engine optimizationSearch engine optimization, SEO for short, is a broad term given to any of the various techniques used by websites to increase their ranking within the search engines. There is no one way of doing it, but it is still used as a general term. The reason SEO is important is that it will help people find your site when they are using search engines to find information, which is relatively often.

The search engines use automated software to “crawl” the web in search of new or updated pages. Once these crawlers get to a site they check for different things. SEO is about making your website attractive to the search engines. Here are a few things you can do to help your site rank higher.

1. Short and long. Keywords come in two varieties: short and long tail. Short keywords are anywhere from one to three words long, while long tail keywords are four or more words long (for the most part). Short keywords are usually harder to rank for because they are the ones people think of first, and therefore generate more search volume. Long tails may not get as many searches, but they also tend to be very specific and have less competition. Using a combination of the two makes the most sense.

2. Think “keyword rich”. You need the crawlers to have a good idea of what keywords you are trying to rank for, so you need to use them liberally. There can be a fine line here, but the goal is to use your keywords as much as you can without the search engines thinking you’re trying to use them too much. You also don’t want to overdo it to the point of confusing your visitors.

3. Content counts. While keywords are of the utmost importance, your content also has to be relevant. Granted, the search engines don’t always get the relevance part of the equation right, but they are getting better at it all the time. If you think about it, the best search engines are the best because they deliver relevant results to their users. Therefore, they are quick to reward those sites they think are the most relevant. Your content needs to be relevant to the keywords you are targeting. This is true in regards to both crawlers and your human visitors.

4. No tricks. The world of SEO is often divided into white hat and black hat. Those who practice black hat SEO techniques try to get around the rules and do things to artificially manipulate their rankings. White hat SEO is playing within the rules. At first glance, it may seem that black hat SEO has the advantage. And the truth is black hatters can rank higher than their white hat counterparts, however, it doesn’t always last. The search engines will remove the black hat sites when they catch them, so it simply isn’t worth the risk.

Free Pdf for The Benefits of Content Syndication with WP Syndicator

Free Pdf for The Benefits of Content Syndication with WP Syndicator

5. WordPress SEO. Search Engine Optimization in wordpress is often times innate…that is built into the themes. There’s always room for improvement and each month more and more new worpdress plugins are being developed that help with search engine optimization. SEOPressor is one such plugin you might want to check out, its new and in development…..I’ve heard good things about this plugin and will be purchasing it myself. Another WP Plugin is called WP Syndicator and its not so much a seo plugin as a syndication plugin, however it does syndicate your content and creates deep links to your site in anchor text you determine….another seo strategy…..I’m getting good results with this plugin and recommend you give it a try.

All in all, search engine optimization is one important part of website development. Building a website that isn’t properly optimized simply won’t bring any traffic. The earlier days of website development proved  to be simple and just by building a website you could by accident create something that would cause visitors to come to your site. Not so today! Learn about SEO or pay someone well versed in search engine optimization when developing your website and you’ll be successful in generating website traffic.

One more tip. Search Engine Optimization applies to images, content, captions, titles, and even your domain name. When purchasing your next domain name try putting your main keyword in the domain name ….. it adds to your overal SEO!