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Link Building Tools

Link Building Tools for Your Business

A chain with an oustanding golden link - rendered in 3dGetting inbound links to your site is one of the most important aspects of effective SEO (search engine optimization) practice. Link building tools can make your life a lot easier when you’re trying to structure your site to make it favorable in the eyes of the search engines. Each tool offers different value but here are a few that can help you out.

Analysis tools can tell you how many links point to a specific page or domain and/or which anchor text is being used significantly or even too much. These types of tools can give you a quick, superficial look at the status of websites but you’ll need some others to perform a more in-depth analysis.

SearchStatus is a group of features offered in a single Firefox plugin. It can provide you with useful information, such as Google Toolbar PageRank, page- and domain links through the Yahoo SiteExplorer, WhoIs information, Google’s cache of the page you’re visiting, an on-page link report and Another very useful trick that SearchStatus offors is the option to highlight all nofollow links which can definitely come in handy when you’re building links.

Another of the useful link building tools is LinkDiagnosis. This exists as a web based tool and a Firefox plugin. This one is similar to the Yahoo SiteExplorer except it attempts to filter out all low quality links, offers you a list of common anchor texts, and tries to show you a list with the most visited and popular pages of the domain you’re investigating. One great feature of LinkDiagnosis is that you can download the data it provides you as a csv file. . .extremely useful. Keep in mind when using this tool that an analysis of a larger site will take more time. A small site may only take a few seconds but a more content/page filled site could take up to 30 minutes.

A couple of tools come to mind when thinking of linking tools. You should check out the Ultimate Article Wizard for creating Unique article content to be submitted to each article directly….all on autopilot. Another link building tool is accomplished through video submission back links and is called Traffic Geyser which submits 100’s of videos to video directory sites, submites podcasts, submits pdfs all in an effort to build backlinks automatically…… one the few programs that is constantly being upgraded. Beware though, Traffic Geyser is a professional tool and isn’t something you purchase and allow to sit around on your hard drive to collect dust! Bookmark Demon is a tool almost everyone has heard of and it allows you to quickly get backlinks from across the web. Finally a system called Backlinks Blackbelt can teach anyone….old or new to build a system of backlinks and get on the first page of Google using this unique system of backlinking. Remember, getting backlinks should be thought of as a continuing process where you use multiple points of attack in order to accomplish a task ……that is to get your webpages on Googles front Page!!!

backlinks with bookmarking demonIf you need even more detailed data, you might want to look for tools that demonstrate link building efforts, structures and/or a history of the site. This kind of information can be helpful when you are trying to optimize your own website or that of a competitor.

Click on the banner and grab a free pdf which describes the backlinking process and some unique methods of getting backlinks. Its a free backlinking pdf and you do not have to register…. just click on the image and you’ll see the pdf in your browser!

SEOmoz’s Linkscape and MajesticSEO attempt to create the most complete index possible of the web for SEO purposes. Linkscape is considered more user-friendly while Majestic gets you a wider range of data which can also be downloaded.

Xenu’s Link Sleuth is another excellent tool for on-site analysis. It acts as a search engine crawler and checks websites for broken links and displays a continuously updated list of URLs, which you can  sort by different criteria. Link Sleuth is a good way to get a look at your own website and to evaluate your internal link structure as well. And you can run reports on websites that you’re considering getting links from to see what holes they may have in their site that you could possibly fill.

There are many link building tools to choose from. Hopefully these can get you started with your link building strategy on the right foot.

Search Engine Marketing Tips That Can Aid Your Online of Offline Business

Search Engine Marketing Tips That Can Aid Your Internet Business

Search engine marketing should results in getting as much web site traffic as possible to visit your website via the major search engines such as Google or through PPC campaigns using programs such as Google Adwords.  If you’re new to search engine marketing you need to keep this concept straight….. traffic comes from either the organic search or Google or the pay per click side of Google. Consequently proper SEO education and search engine marketing tips are very important for any internet business because traffic equals money. Exciting things have happened concerning search engine marketing in the last 5 years,  internet users and surfers (consumers) are consistently searching for a variety of different products as well as services. Unfortunately, if your website is not indexed and listed within the internet search engines you are losing business and your internet business is doomed to failure! Here’s a search engine marketing tip, 90% of online business owners believe in the website marketing model of, “Build it and they will come!” when in reality, without properly optimizing your web site and web pages for the search engines your pages will only get website visitors by mistake!

When Considering Different Search Engine Marketing Strategies Remember That Google, Yahoo and MSN are Your Business Partners

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You will want to register your website with major search engines such as Google and Yahoo or maybe even MSN.  This can sometimes entail a lot of work and if this becomes too time consuming for you, there is always the option of hiring a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert to aid with this project.  Here’s a search engine marketing tip, SEO experts typically work for a significant fee but considering their experience, time and expertise, which this this type of work requires, it is worth every penny to hire a qualified SEO professional.

Investigate Pay per click Advertising

Often times search engine marketing utilizes pay per click advertising as a method to get traffic to your website.  SEO aims at the organic search traffic to improves the flow of traffic to your website via the various search engines.  Pay per click advertising can get specific targeted traffic to your business website once your internet campaign is active, but each click can cost a lot of money.  Pay per click advertising is paid when someone clicks on your internet ads which direct the user to your website.  This will aid with your budget while driving visitors to your internet website.  Pay-per-click advertising is a wonderful marketing strategy which results in almost instant traffic to your website and offer, which is a very good strategy for driving traffic to any business website.

Even for Newbie Search Engine Marketers

If you are new to search engine marketing, do understand that you do not need to have additional budgeting allotted for such.  You can relocate your offline marketing budget while testing it on search engine marketing.  This is one of the most important search engine marketing tips, begin with a small budget while viewing the effectiveness before you jump in with both feet and start allocating large amounts of cash. Everyone is different when it comes to learning, absorbing and applying information, but there is no substitute for investing in learning materials, whether they be books, courses, audios or events. Here’s the search engine marketing tip of the day…. invest in yourself because the entire field of search engine marketing can be very rewarding, not only monetarily but personally. In any case, ensure that you feel confident with basic search engine marketing strategies before pursuing a more expensive means of performing search engine marketing.

Research And Search Engine Marketing Tips

Understanding search engine marketing is very important for any internet business, whether offline or online.  When search engine marketing is performed correctly, this will build up the reputation of your products, give you instant product or service awareness and most importantly will result in a steady increase of sales for your business.

Education and Research The Most Important Search Engine Marketing Tip

You can begin your search on search engine marketing on the internet.  There is loads of information readily available to research.  If you are still unsure after researching the internet then you might be a great candidate for hiring a search engine-marketing professional; to aid you with the marketing needs of your internet business.

If you are considering outsourcing or contracting your search engine optimization and marketing strategy work, you still need to understand what seo, search engines, indexing, etc are and how they work. This is important, if you don’t understand the basics of seo then anyone can pull the wool over your eyes, sell you anything and deliver nothing. So, do some research, read some books, find out where the seo freaks hang out and ask questions. Only then will you be able to ask intelligent questions. In any case, make sure that you hold adequate interviews for professional SEO’s, just don’t go with the first one you talk to and ask them what type of search engine optimization strategies they would recommend.  Finally, ask for resumes as well as references and take the time to contact the references and ask they how there experience was with Mr. SEO…ask them if they would use the service again!

These are just some random search engine marketing tips and hopefully will help keep you on the right track when you start your own search engine marketing campaign and plan.

Santa Claus Is Dead — But Internet Marketing Get Rich Scams Aren’t

Yes, Santa Claus IS really dead. Sorry for the news. And you might want to keep the kids from looking over your shoulder here for the next few minutes. :-)

As an Internet Marketing Coach, I hear all the time from new clients how they’ve wasted hundreds to thousands on Internet get-rich-quick schemes before coming to me.

Desperation and inexperience are the breading grounds that allow these scammers to prey.

Just this last week, one of my colleagues replied to a guy on a forum who wanted to start earning $5,000 each month — oh, and within the next 30 days. And he had $80.00 to invest, a whole eighty dollars!

I’m sure the guy is nice, but he also sounds desperate. How is anyone going to start earning literally thousands of dollars a month within 30 days on just an $80.00 investment?

Isn’t this scenario as realistic as saying ALL the employees at your local fast food restaurant earn $100,000 per year?

Yes, Saint Nick is gone and did I mention that The Tooth Fairly is on life support?

Let’s get real.

Are You Real about Internet Earnings and the Business Costs Required?

Back to my big spender above who has just $80.00 to invest…where did he get the idea he could be a successful Internet marketer on an $80.00 investment?

My guess is he probably got that idea from some forum.

And that may bring up a good point: are you likely to get good advice going to forums?

Me personally, I’m too busy to participate in forums. Although to be fair, I do have successful SEO (search engine optimization) colleagues who do. But while you could encounter a talented person to give you free advice on a forum, my best advice to you is you are more likely to encounter people with free time.

If they have so much free time to participate in forums, how busy are they with paid work?

And about free advice…how many people do you personally know who work for free? How would they pay their bills?

Do YOU work for free now?

Are you going to be working for free with your online enterprise? If you’re not, then why should someone else?

If you want to earn $100,000 per year form your Internet business, do you want your advice coming from someone offering free advice OR only charging $20.00 per hour?

OK, You’ve Got Some Money to Invest in Your Internet Business, What’s Your Next Step?


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Well, protect it and spend it carefully! Watch out for "blue sky" promises of anything that sounds too good to be true.

Compared to conventional advertising and marketing, you don’t need that much money to market online. But you do need some.

You need money for a Web site and you need some for marketing, likely PPC (pay-per-click) and SEO.

The more cash you have to invest, the less time you have to invest. You can hire an Internet Marketing Company to perform much of the work for you.

OR, the less money you have, the more of your time that will be required. This can be a very good time to considering hiring an Internet Marketing Coach, to save you money and speed up the timetable for you to earn income.

The problem is the people with no money to invest OR with unrealistic expectations are the ones who fall prey to the Internet marketing scammers. Often, these are the same people who don’t have the skills to do any of the work themselves or the desire to develop the required skills (sigh).

An Example of what to Do…and what NOT to Do

Consider another one of my clients who paid $1,000 for a well-known Internet marketing program. My client was told all sorts of inconsistent things, including that the course was for people new to online marketing, which that wasn’t the case.

And he was told to market something online that he didn’t know anything about or have any particular interest in.


How does THAT make any sense?

But at that moment, that was what he wanted to hear, because it was easy and didn’t require much effort or time from him.

Here’s the real deal: there are thousands and thousands of people marketing the same or similar product or service to yours. You have to do it BETTER.

That requires time and effort. It requires using one’s brain.

And this is where a qualified Marketing Coach or a Search Engine Optimization Firm can help you.

The money you spend you will more than save in increased profits, much faster and avoiding the potholes and pitfalls that come with Internet marketing. Those pitfalls can be very expensive (and time consuming).

And there are actually Internet Marketing Coaches you can begin with for only a few hundred dollars, which could be money very well spent. :-)

Marketing online since 2004, Paul Marshall can help you market on a budget. He’s a Internet Marketing Consultant and a SEO Consultant offering affordable marketing services (and d-i-y Coaching). Receive your Free Introductory Consultation, just visit Strategic Web today!

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