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A student?s life made easier with academic software Microsoft Office and Dreamweaver

As a student, your main concern is to learn new things that will help you throughout your career. Since any career is related in one way or another with computers, most students try to get familiarized with all the available software. In this article I?ll try to evaluate the benefits of the academic software Microsoft Office and Dreamweaver.

Let?s take them one at a time. First of all, Microsoft is the leading company in the software business and the first name that pops up in a computer software discussion. Except for Microsoft Windows, the next big package of software available from this company is Office. The academic software Microsoft Office has many applications included in it that can be used by most.

Microsoft Office was first introduced in 1989 for Mac and in 1990 for Windows. The term was initially used to describe a set of applications because the first version contained Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Later a pro version was released that included Access and Schedule Plus.

Over the years, the applications in

Dreamweaver CS4

the academic software Microsoft Office have become more complex and allow users to perform tasks faster. Each application is developed for a specific use and the ones included in this software package are used by people around the world.

One of the components of the academic software Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word is a word processor and for a long time, it was considered to be the main program in Office. The main use for this application was editing documents. Current versions are available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Excel, another component of Microsoft Office, is a spreadsheet program. This consists of a rectangular grid that can be used to store information and perform various calculations. This program is commonly used for financial information.

Another important part of the academic software Microsoft Office is Outlook. Its uses include managing personal information and communicating through e-mail. It served as a replacement for other applications like Schedule Plus, Microsoft Mail and Windows Messaging. The main features of this program include an e-mail client, task manager, address book and calendar.

PowerPoint is another application included in the Office package and it consists of a presentation program. With it you can create various slideshows containing different texts, movies, graphics and other objects, and the user can navigate through them or print them on transparencies.

While Microsoft Office encompasses all these useful programs, there is also an application that helps a user with web development. This is the academic software Dreamweaver and it can also be found available for Windows and Mac platforms.

The academic software Dreamweaver is very helpful because it can be used by practically anyone. If you want to design a website, but you have limited knowledge about the codes, the academic software Dreamweaver comes in handy because the codes are hidden, making it easy and fun to use.

For a student to learn about any of the software applications presented afore the costs were quite high. However, these companies are now offering substantial discounts from the retail price for anyone involved in an education program. If you are interested in purchasing the academic software Dreamweaver and Microsoft Office at unbelievably low prices, all you need to do is visit

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Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Review

After having a chance to look into the new software package put out by Adobe, I felt compelled to write this Dreamweaver CS3 review. Is image management as easy as ?copy and paste?, like Product Manager Kenneth Berger claims? Or is it all hype with no delivery? Hopefully, after reading this short review, you?ll have a better understanding and can decide for yourself.

You know what can be the bane of my existence? No, not the 80s band Damn Yankees. Designing and maintaining my website. It seems that no matter what I do, I always run into a snag somewhere that translates into hours upon hours of extra labor. That is why I got so excited about the new release of Adobe Dreamweaver CS3. A Mac user, I found the universal binary of CS3 a dream come true.

Installed and running in under a half hour, Dreamweaver CS3 has a familiar Welcome screen and main window.

Dreamweaver CS4

The toolbars are basically untouched, as well. With enhanced support for Cascading Style Sheets (SCC) and added tools, managing styles is easier than ever. As a result, moving, reordering and renaming styles takes less time than ever before. The best feature I have seen with the revamped software is Device Central, which gives you an advance view of how your designs are likely to be seen on both standard computers and handheld devices.

Also, with Dreamweaver CS3, you can now drag a Photoshop file directly into the program and complete several different save-for-web tasks. Want just a portion of a Photoshop image? No problem. Layers are just as easily managed.

Obviously, I am a huge proponent of Dreamweaver CS3. CNET is with me on this, rating the software ?Very Good? on their scale. Of course, that?s only useful if you want to trust the experts. As a relative layperson, I also highly suggest picking up the package. The time and hassle you?ll save yourself is well worth the investment

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If you enjoyed this Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 review and would like to learn more, visit the official Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 website today.

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