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Adobe Dreamweaver Review

I have been trying to learn how to build a website and wanted to share my story.

First I went to the bookstore and picked up some books on html. To me it was confusing to learn and understand code but I studied hard and after a while I was able to read some code and understand it. So then I thought I might be able to use the code I learned to try to build a web page. I was not able to build a web page.

Then I thought if I bought some books on Css I would be able to put my Html and Css together and build a website that would look pretty good. Well after I understood some Css, I could build a webpage but still had a lot of problems with the page layout. I didn?t think building a webpage/template was so

Dreamweaver CS4

Finally I decided to buy Adobe Dreamweaver website software program and I am glad I did.

It took a little time to Learn Dreamweaver.

What I did was I signed up for lessons at and took the Dreamweaver course. This really was a big help for me to learn the Dreamweaver software program.

Then I added the learning I got from The Html and Css books and I was finally able build a website.
I am glad I bought Dreamweaver

Bob C

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