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New AIM BarleyGreen Website

BarleyGreen Superfoods for HealingI take lots of supplements and have gone in the direction of natural healing for the last 20 years. I’ve been sick and nothing seems to have worked that the standard doctors try to heal me with.

I started using products from AIM about 10 years ago….maybe more. I usually use carrot juice and barley green. I always felt better but never great and my symptoms never really went away. My wife however feels so much better after drinking carrot juice and barleygreen. There’s a handful of companies out there that product Barley Greens but AIM is one of the most effective. Their key is that they don’t heat treat the barley. Heat treating destroys the sensitive chemical composition of barleygreen and it therefore isn’t very effective.

If you’re interested in getting healthy or if you’ve been sick and just can’t get better you should stop by my BarleyGreen store and check out some of the products.

AIM is the company that produces Barley Green along with other supplements. Its actually like a network marketing company in terms of distribution. I never really went out to sell the products but its hard not to tell someone who is sick about the results that you are getting. It doesn’t take much effort to share the products with others and end up with your products free of charge.

Barley Green SuperfoodsAIM had a website for members but it was so far behind webdesign standards and awkward that I stayed away. Recently they started setting up members with wordpress blogs….its acutally a wordpressMU but it’s tied into the AIM store so you can send people to your website and they can get materials on how to become a member and buy the products. It may not be the type of site you would want to put a bunch of effort into, however it is a blog and you have some control over what goes into it. Best part is you can tell potential customers that they can have a site like this too.

A big problem with the site was that it isn’t ecommerce friendly. If you wanted to send a stranger to you site just to make a simple purchase… couldn’t or they couldn’t because they needed to become a member to buy at a discount or sign up just to buy at regular prices. It was very awkward to say the least and  not very intuitive…..enough to get the most experienced surfer lost….. let alone a sick grandma!

However, I just got an email from AIM and the site will be made e-commerce friendly. On March 1 you can simply send a customer to your site, they will be able to click on a link to review the products and make a purchase. Your purchase is cookied so you get the credit. This is really awesome and takes the AIM business to a new level. I highly recoomend you check out the AIM Business

I left a comment on the blog post of the main site regarding the new site and the ability for direct purchase. They deleted my comment….JERKS! Its bad PR to dump comments, the guy could have notified me if I did something wrong. Anyway, I post it below:

WoW! this is really big!!!

I just set up my but was left dismayed because of the clumsy ordering process. Nonetheless…got all my pages indexed and now plan on adding some good content and getting a lot of backlinks.

Man….this is so big!

Now I can send traffic to myaimstore knowing that the user experience will be maximized and I might even get a few sales :)

One question I have. Is there a simply link I can use to ensure my visitor gets cookied? This is somehting I would want to use on other sites. I’m looking for s simple affiliate link… I don’t want to use the myaimstore link. Also would like to have simple affiliate links for each product.

One more thing. I did a youtube video showing users how you can get FREE 25 Backlinks a day for your myaimstores ….check it out

Thanks Kevin for the awesome job your doing with the myaimstores!


Just Put Up 2 New Sites on House Finches and Superfoods

barley green and other superfoodsAs a member of Niche Profit Classroom I get a couple of new niche packages each month. This month I decided I would develop House Finches since I love learning about wild life and I enjoy birds. Finches are an interesting but always wild bird with a great amount of avid followers.

The other site I started to develop is actually from a MLM from the Aim company. I’ve had health problems for a long time and they provide some of the greatest foods in the form of superfoods. Things like Barley Green, Powered Carrots, Powered Beets, Fiberblend and much more. Both my wife and I notice a great improvement when taking these supplements and its about time I used my interent marketing skills to get this information to others. My wife has MS and I have so many problems it would fill an entire book. We’ve been using the AIM products for almost 10 years now and they really work! Stop by my site at Barleygreen or Superfoods and have a look around!   Please ask me any health related questions…..I’d be glad to help if I can.