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Trendfetch and Marketing with Google Trends

google trends with trendfetchCheck out this quick video about marketing with Google Trends. The author is using a service called to find current trends in Google Trends and then develops one page sites on blogger or any type of site you want. The idea is to grab something that is current and creating a rush of activity online, create a quick site, use your keywords, post an article and submit the article to some of the social bookmarking and web 2.0 sites such as Digg. Do enough and a you’ll sooner or latter hit on a winner.

Monetize the blog or site with Adsense, banners, cpa or anything you think is related.

You can try TrendFetch for free while its in beta!

Sooner or latter somone is going to twitter your story and it just might be what you need for the story to go viral. Get enough eyes on your page and you’ll make some quick bucks using google trends!

Here’s a quick look at how you might accomplish this