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I’m a Twit…. a Twitter Loser!

I must be a twitter loser!

I can’t seem to figure out when, why or how these stupid tweets get twitted and to who :) but I’m learning.

It seems I’m always behind the latest internet explosions. I started building adsense sites about 8 months before blew up adsense income for internet marketers. It took me forever to start blogging!  ….and now, after listening to Perry Belcher and the good folks at Earn1Kaday, I’m trying to start twittering.

It’s one of the oddest things I’ve ever done. You probably know, most males speak 1/10 the amount of words that a female does during the course of the day….. my wife is living proof :) I on the other hand think and say what needs to be said and go about my business…… so, pasting mindless comments about my daily life on the internet hardly seems to be the best use of my time!

I understand it can be used as a marketing tool. I understand it can be an outstanding method of communication……I just need the get the @’s , RT’s, twits, tweets, favorites, blocks, unblocks, figure how to direct message……I feel like an idiot. I make a post using what symbols I think I should use and pray it goes where it’s suppose to go! And how do you DM (direct message) someone? I tried doing the @xxxxx and then looked at xxxxx twitter page and my message isn’t anywhere to be found….I’m confused…..but no fear, I will not give up :)

Here’s another Twitter Conundrum ….. have you seen these guys sticking out their chests bragging about having 18,000 or more followers? OK, I get that part. You can have a ton of people following you, especially if you’re some fancy pants big shot……but how the heck can you follow 1,000 or 5,000 or more….. that’s impossible, so what’s up with that?

Fight twitter as you may……look what Obama did through the power of social media….Twitter being one of his tools. The end result of Obama’s use of social media proved the effectiveness of communication…..something the Republicans failed miserably at. If communication is important to your social life or business life it certainly appears as though Twitter is leading the way. Perry Belcher uses twitter to build a list in a round about way, but first he doesn’t offend any of his twitter followers by sending them blatant marketing tweets…..I really am annoyed when people I follow do that. Belcher says to develop the friendship first, funnel the twitters to your sites and go from there…..he’s got a whole course on the process and he really seems good at it.

I grabbed this short tutorial from the twitter folks…..might help you get started if you’re having problems.

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Here’s another review that might help beginners.

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