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Video Email Marketing

As with all forms of advertising, they evolve and change. What was once very effective and popular just doesn’t seem to work as well as new and more effective methods come along. With the world of the internet this happens at a very quick pace. It’s not at all uncommon for ‘the king of the hill’ to be outdated and ineffective in just a few short years. Video email marketing is just beginning to really take off right now. It’s on a huge upswing and gaining in popularity all the time.

The concept is simple, instead of sending text based messages to the subscribers on your email list, you will record a short video presentation that will offer them helpful tips on something in your niche market. When your subscriber opens the email they can click on a link and watch the video. Many people learn better when they can see a certain task actually being performed, rather than just reading about it, which explains the growing popularity of this form of advertising.

Today when so many people get a ton of advertising emails it can be really refreshing to receive something that they can just sit back and watch, something that doesn’t seem like such a chore to have to get through. And if your video will show them something that will make their life easier, the effect is even more astonishing.

So, let’s say you’re promoting dog training supplies. You could make up a series of short videos showing specific techniques for training a dog. Give your viewers only basic information (your objective is to get them to buy your product so you don’t want to give too much away, just enough to be helpful and to get them curious and interested in learning more). Then send the video emails out to your list.

There are several ways you can do a video. You can just do a screen capture video where they can see what you are doing on your computer screen. It’s like they are standing right beside you watching what you are doing. You can also get a video camera and record yourself performing the task you are explaining (obviously this method will work better with our dog training example above).

To increase the effectiveness of video marketing, you can also submit videos to video directories. If you do, make sure that you use keywords in your video title, description and tags. That will help drive additional traffic to your website. Also, don’t send the exact same videos to the directories as you are sending to your list. If you do and someone sees your online video, opts in to your list and just gets the same videos over again, they’re going to be disappointed and possibly even mad.

Video email marketing is becoming more and more commonplace. That’s happening because it’s very effective and easy to do. With all the advances in technologies and all the inexpensive or free video recording software and tools, anyone can quickly and easily come up with content rich videos for their subscribers. Give them something of value and they’ll like you, trust you, and buy from you.

Download Favorite Youtube Videos in 3 Simple Steps

Download Any Youtube Video in 3 Simple Steps

It wasn’t too long ago that your had to purchase video CDs if you wished to view one of your favorite videos or the other option would be to rent the video from a video store like Blockbuster if you needed a video to watch for the night. DVD, CD and Movie Rental Centers have experienced a paradigm shift in the way movies are distributed much the same as old mechanical watches met their doom to the electronic time piece, all simply due to technological changes. Ever since Youtube has come to life people have even drastically slowed down in the purchasing of pirated CD’s….not to mention DVD’s off the store shelf.

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You might be tempted to reason that this popularity of Youtube is simply because of the convenience and comfort of viewing your movie from home, but that’s not really true. While it’s correct that Youtube will allow you to check out your favorite videos at home, there are more reasons that has caused Youtube to skyrocket in popularity. The obvious reason….Youtube won’t cost you a penny. The scope of available titles is immense, you can watch the latest release or one of the old black and white movies….again, it won’t cost you a penny! The free cost of Youtube must undoubtedly be one of the most important factors to the global success of Youtube.

Reason number 2 for the unbelievable success of youtube is simply the incredible size and diversity of it’s collection of videos. As mentioned above, it doesn’t matter if you want to watch an old silent movie or the latest thriller….you can dig it up on Youtube. Finding your desired movie is as simply as entering a keyword related to your movie and click on the search button and almost like magic…the video pops up in front of you.

You might not know this but Youtube is really awesome because they allow you to download any movie of your choice. Maybe you want to start a collection of favorite movies or movie clips then Youtube is perfect for your needs. I don’t think Youtube would have succeeded to the degree that it has if they had not implemented the download feature.

You probably already know that there are many online video sites that permit you to view a video from their gigantic collections of videos and movie, but they haven’t had the success of Youtube. Probably the biggest reason they haven’t caught up to Youtube is that they will not allow you to download the movie, which for you limits you because you can’t add the movie to your favorite collections….also, you cant pause when watching the video for any length of time. They create these limits by buffering the downloaded video, and once the buffering is finished there is no way to save the buffered video you just watched.

Youtube has really rocketed in popularity because they allow you to upload your own videos to Youtube, which the world can then watch…..there are many implications from this one feature alone that can make you famous and even help you make a little extra….or maybe a lot of extra money!

Maybe you aren’t very familiar with Youtube and you might be wondering exactly how to download videos from the site, so….let me show you an easy way in 3 simple steps that will allow you to download all the videos you want from Youtube:

You won’t believe how simple this is!

1. Go and grab a free software application which is the Youtube Downloader Software and you can find it at Youtube Downloader

2. Now simply enter the url of the video you wish to download.

3. When it comes to saving the file, you must save it in the .flv format.

That’s it…now have some fun :)

Are you an internet marketer? Do you sell products or services online? Do you have any idea how powerful videos are in marketing online and how much traffic you can drive to your website? Do you realize there are 100’s if not 1000’s of video directories online? It took me forever to believe it and even longer to employ video marketing….don’t be like me. Download this book “How to Succeed with Video Blogging” to Understand Just One Aspect of Video Marketing….it’s FREE :)

Another think you may not know is that Youtube can deliver a ton of traffic to your website. In fact if you upload your video or videos to many of the online Video Directories your traffic meter will be buzzing like a buzz saw….really, I’m not kidding.

Have you heard of Traffic Geyser, it is a tool and membership that will teach you everything you need to know necessary to submit videos to 100’s of online video directories. Check out Traffic Geyser if you need traffic or want to employ one of the most exciting traffic generating methods online today.

traffic geyser for video marketing and video submission

One more thing. Did you know you can use Youtube videos to add some quick content to your website orVideo Utility Poster Blog? You know blogs need constant posting and sometimes you just don’t have what it takes to get a decent blog post up. Instead of skipping a day or two, you can use Youtube Videos clustered around a specific keyword. Write a couple of sentences and drag a couple of videos in your blog post. You can do this with a tool called Video Poster….yes, you can create a blog post in a couple of minutes and it will keep your readers satisfied all it takes is Video Poster and a couple of sentences.

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Using Video Utility Poster

Using Options in Video Utility Poster

Someone left a comment in one of my posts about Video Utility Poster…thought I’d post it the answer here:

I bought Video Utility Poster 2 days ago and It doesn’t work properly.
It seems very useful, the only thing is that I don’t know where to click for the options.
I can only copy the video and title on my blog but not the text, I can’t highlight it
Did I do something during the installation
How do I get the options
I use firefox but tried it while using IE and it does the same thing
I emailed them and got a response from a human telling me to send support ticket but no news since.
You can’t be in a hurray with those guys

Henri…sorry to hear that you haven’t found the answer. I stumbled on it the other day when listening to a teleseminar. Also, I know that these guys are always on top of their support and always provide answers in a timely manner. I’m sure you know that they just released it so they might be swamped, but also, it is a big holiday weekend in the United States….the 4th of July, which probably means Jack is wolfing down hot dogs and beer someplace :)

You seem to know that you need to find the Options tab….but just can’t find it. Video Utility Poster has the Options button in a very inconspicuous spot. See the screen captures below for help.

The Options tab is all the way to the right on the very top navigation bar. It is a very small down arrow, just click on it and a small text box with the word “Options” appears…..YOU MUST click on that text box and then a new window will open with the OPTIONs you are looking for.

Video Utility Poster Options Box

Video Utility Poster Options Tab

Video Utility Poster Options Box

Video Utility Poster Options Tab

Video Utility Poster Options Box

Video Utility Poster Options Tab

Video Blogging with Video Utility Poster

Video blogging can accomplish many tasks. One quick way to get started video blogging is by using Video Utility Poster, software provide by the folks at Authority Site Center.

By using Video Utility Poster you can get into Video Blogging within minutes. It’s important that you use video blogging as a means to an end. That being, producing quality content for the readers of your blog. If you simply start embedding a bunch of unrelated, junk, or garbage videos….you guessed it, your readers will get turned off.

Why use Video Utility Poster ?

Simple, if you have a steady flow of readers, they can get tired of reading all the time and a relevant video will spice things up. Remember nobody wants to watch junk videos, but a relevant video that is on topic makes video blogging something that will keep a visitor on your site.

The main reason to get into video blogging by using Video Utility Poster is that it will save you a ton of time. By using any of the Utility Poster products you can keep your posts flowing by doing a quick search for a relevant topic, grab a video or two and drop it into the post. Using Video Utility Poster really is that easy, in fact, I’m using it now and therefore this post will qualify me as a bona fide video blogger :)

The below video has Jack Humphrey, the creator of Video Utility Poster showing you more reasons why you should consider using this utility and what some of the benefits are of video blogging !

Grab Video Utility Poster today and it will make your life much easier when you can turn your blog into semi-video blog overnight!!!

Video Utility Poster

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Blogging Advice for Consistant Posting

Blogging Advice Using Video

The best piece of blogging advice has to do with making consistant posts. Maintaining a constant frequency of posting on your blog is the problem of every blogger….so the best blogging advice is to post on a regular basis!

But…how do I post every day or 3 times a week when I’m sick, on vacation, maybe tired of my blog or just out of posting ideas?

One tool that helps you to make a quality post each day is called Video Utility Poster and when those days come up that leave you totally uninspired, Video Utility Poster will help fill in the blanks.

Well…I just picked up a copy of Video Utility Poster and did a search for “blogging tips” and limited the search to 20 videos. I took a quick look at the videos that came up and at that point I could have just picked one and dragged it over to my post here and I would have been done.

Turns out that the video I picked inspired me to make some additional comments. First the blogging advice is by Krysti from Moms Cash Blog….watch it and then take a look at my comments.

Make Money Online – Blogging Advice Video Blog Post

In this video blog post, I share a great way for you bloggers to keep your blog posts updated and even allow yourself to take a day off, yet still have good quality blog posts!

Blog ahead of time, learn how by watching the video…

Moms Cash Blog – Daily money making video blog posts from Krysti

Blog ahead of time, learn how by watching the video…

Moms Cash Blog – Daily money making video blog posts from Krysti

Save Post as Draft in wordpress blogging adviceBasically she is talking about autoblogging but on a manual level. Her advice is sound and there are automated ways to do what she is talking about but let’s leave automated blogging on the back burner for now and let me take Krysti’s method of blogging in advance one more level higher using the standard WordPress tools.

After you save the post as she mentions in the video about blogging advice, make sure the “unpublished’ window is picked in the Publish Status area.

Next you’ll see a little calendar icon with the following description “Publish Immediately Edit” and the word “Edit” is a hyperlink. Click on the word ‘edit’ and the box expands to give you the option that allows you to tell WordPress when to automatically Publish your Draft.

Schedule Post for furture publishing for blogging adviceSo…if you use this feature instead of using the method in the video you could write 5 posts, tell WordPress when to publish each of the 5 posts and then go on vacation. Your posts will automatically appear at the desired time while you’re enjoying your time away, getting plastic surgery, fishing, or sailing to the Bahamas :)

Hope this was helpful and thanks to Krysti for getting me motivated to expound on her blogging advice and tips!

Also, you might want to check out Video Utility Poster as a tool to keep your blog fresh and filled with relevant content….my blogging advice for the day!

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