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Free Tutorial on Chosing Video Camera Equipment for Video Marketing

Did you get a chance to watch Mike’s video on Video Camera Equipment?

If you did, don’t forget to download the pdf so you have all the facts on how to pick the right video camera equipment. I thought he did a fantastic job. I’ve read ebooks and watched other videos and I always feel like I just about have it but never seem to get all the information I need to pick out the right video camera equipment.

I’m sure these guys will be promoting their membership sooner or latter, but I was really impressed with the free content on video camera equipment. Usually you don’t get this type of quality information UNTIL you fork out the cash and join some kind of membership….so kudos to Mike and crew for the great information.

I especially like the tip on why it’s important to get a camera with an external microphone jack, I had no idea this wasn’t a standard feature. Also, it was helpful to be able to see a range of video camera equipment….I know I can find some good video camera recording equipment in my price range :)

You can still watch the video on “The Video Camera Buyer’s Guide: What to Buy
and Where to Get It.”
, I have no idea how long they’ll keep it up.

Before you can start using video on your webside….you need to make it first and if you’re going to make promotional videos of people, places or things….then you might want to know “What kind of Video Camera and equipment do I get? Check out the link a little further down for a free ebook and video on chosing the right camera.

Make money with your video camera and microphone

Check out this insider video. It’s by a guy with a business that has submitted more than 3 million Web videos in two years—so he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to cameras. He calls it “The Video Camera Buyer’s Guide: What to Buy and Where to Get It.”

He’s got a killer way to start a full or part time Web video business that I’ll tell you about in a few days. But this is where it all starts…with the right camera. He goes through all of them in this video from the new Flip cameras and Webcams all the way up to the HD “prosumer” models-and everything in between.

Plus he shows you which microphones to use and what the must-have accessories are.

This is great stuff—especially if you’re looking to make money with Web video:

Check out some of these comments on Mike’s Video Camera Equipment Video.

Plus he shows you which microphones to use and what the must-have accessories are.

This is great stuff—especially if you’re looking to make money with Web video:

Great video (as always) Mike!

And I thought I knew a lot about video cameras… ;-)

Anyway, thanks again for the video, and looking forward to future ones.

See you soon,

Hi Mike,

Thank you so much for your clear and concise guide and video. I recently decided that I needed to start making some videos for my website and for Youtube. And quite honestly I didn’t know much about the equipment that I’d need. I decided on a flip camera and I bought one yesterday. I like its simplicity. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Thanks again,


Thanks for the informative video. You have provided a wonderful overview in a short amount of time, and done so very clearly. I will probably enter on the low end of the market, but now I have an idea of where that fits in the hierarchy and what to look for in the future.


I have to say that was a very informative video…about video LOL :)

I really enjoyed it, and actually have been waiting for something like this (a comprehensive review of video cams and accessories) for quite some time.

Thanks again,


Hi Mike,

First off, let me say thanks for a great video. You packed in some top quality information thaere and I enjoyed your relaxed presenting style.

I currently use a couple of Sony HDV prosumer cameras for all of my video needs. The visual quality is exceptional and they offer a lot of flexibility through various manual overrides. I shoot mainly school theatre productions and family stuff.

The other aspect of video-making is video editing. I liked the use of overlay graphics in your film. Is this an area that you will cover in future videos?


Good stuff Mike, I have been looking for a new camera, I’ve been using the flip. I want something that works good as a webcam so this one video helped a lot.

In the pdf you don’t list any of them as capable of being used as webcams, didn’t you have one in the video that could be used as such?

Great info Mike,
And good timing especially with the Christmas shopping season coming upon us. Now we know what to look for when there are all those great deals coming at us for video cameras. (I heard there will be big price slashes this Christmas shopping season in the electronics arena to entice people to start buying again.)

I am looking forward to hearing more because I know the power of video and what it can do for your business.


Hey Mike,

Wow, you got all the toys, I really enjoyed the
story about the con-artists in New York, and the
little light ring, never saw one before.

Best Wishes,
Jeff Davis

Thanks for the Video AND Buying guide! I know this will be helpful in finding and retaining Prospects. We all know how powerful video marketing a home business on the internet is these days.

Thanks. Nice and informative. I bought a small flip camera at trade show and the salesperson told me that it had a mike input (he showed it to me). When I looked at it at home, it was an earphone output. No mike input. Your suggestions will help in the future.

Hey Mike,

Thanks for the great content as always. I don’t know if you have this planned or not, but are you going to cover video shooting techniques, e.g. shooting interviews (you covered), out door interviews, etc…

The video camera I use right now doesn’t have the image stabilization, do you recommend any accessories that can fix that?


I was so excited to get your email I opened it and stopped my homework and came and watched your video. It is so much better than TV and pitchy videos. I am using the HF-10 with flash memory storage and love it, except I run out of space sometimes.
I never saw a cool led light before and realize I need a wide angle Canon lens.
I really enjoyed this presentation and it has given me some ideas that will significantly improve my on line business including “how a video review blog should look” and “be a good guy”.
Looking forward to seeing the high end stuff and lighting tips.

Just starting out, grateful for info. My understanding is that the DV format is good in that in transferring, detail isn’t lost as in digital. Have I understood wrong?

I hadn’t seen that light ring before looks useful. I’m over in the U.K any supplier recomendations? Thanks

DV is digital–it’s just that the video is stored on tape. There isn’t a significant loss. Newer AVCHD cameras record to a SD card. For the most part there aren’t any more problems editing video from AVCHD cameras like there were at first.
If you’re using Sony Vegas, Final Cut Pro or iMovie, it shouldn’t be an issue. If you buy an AVCHD camera try to make sure you can edit the video with your preferred editing program.


You are Da’ Man!
As you know, Dina and I have been using VIDEO to build our Network Marketing Business for years!

We never could have done it without YOU and the TRAFFIC GEYSER team!

Thanks fo another great instructional video!

Mark & Dina Call

Mike, congratulations on a job well done for the video. Appreciate it!

I just did a launch with free video contents solely recorded via my iPhone. There is an application called Cycorder. It’s the highest quality of video i’ve seen coming from a phone. About the size of YouTube video and SHARP! And it’s easy to shoot video with an iPhone, being light and all. =)

So if you don’t need all those professional nuts and bolts for your video, iPhone may be your solution after all.

Very good video.

I could have used this months ago when I spent hours researching the same stuff on my own.
It took me many days/hours to compile this same information because there was really no good sources of easy-to-understand information readily available on the internet at the time. Video is definitely the future and internet commercials too. It is just the beginning.

You have explained the budget hardware very well and will save time for many others just getting into audio/video.


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Which Computer Makes Video Best PC or Mac?

Mac vs. PC – which is best?

Look, let me be blunt…you’re either using video for traffic generation and promotion or you’re in denial and ignoring it. Don’t ignore website video for traffic…..listen, it works! Ignoring video would be similar to dismissing the lead capture form 4 years ago. Do yourself a big, big favor and force yourself to learn what it takes to get some video up and then use some of the new technologies that use web 2.0 technology to spread your video around the world…..this stuff works. Now, check out the video below because there is going to be about 5 days of just plain good information about making and using video….and yes, these guys are going to be promoting their service, but the beauty is… can consume the content and ignore their offer. But if you want to launch your business into a new dimension….then it could be someting to consider…….just focus on the free stuff now.

Driving Traffic to your website with Video is one of the hottest potatoes in the internet marketing world. And of course with new technology comes a new learning experience….such as, which computer should I use. Two years ago I took a course and they almost force fed Mac’s down your throat……don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I just couldn’t swallow.

Anyway…take a look at the below video for a good explaination of what is good and what is bad about both PC’s and Mac’s for video production and you make up your mind. Whatever the result, remember, either will do the job!

Insider video of the day: “Mac or PC? Desktop or Laptop? Web
Video Producers Want to Know…”

This settles the debate over which computer systems and software
are the best for producing web videos.

If you’re wondering what system and software to get, check out
this video now:

PC or Mac …. Video Equipment


  • Which is better for producing Web video, a Mac or a PC?
  • Should you get a laptop or a desktop?
  • What’s the best software for producing Web videos and Webinars
  • Which accessories are “must-haves” or “nice-to-haves”
  • Where are the best places to buy everything


P.S This is exactly the type of video content you want to make and blast out
all over the Web to get top rankings, traffic and leads.

PC or Mac for Video Production

P.P.S. Send this to anyone you know who’s thinking about making “the switch”
or thinking about getting a new machine.

Here’s a few comments on todays video…PC versus Mac

Stop by my blog and get a free guide on How to Video Blog!

Hello Mike,

I’ve been using PC for years and have grown acustomed to Windows XP. I’ve had great luck with my Acer Aspire 5000 laptop. I wanted to get your opinion on refurbished computers. I would like to purchase a new laptop, but I don’t want to be stuck with Windows Vista.

Thank You,

Andre Hayward


AWESOME video…production value and content! I was curious to know YOUR setup. Saw brief screen capture and it appeared as though you have teleprompter…HVC camera (?)…nice set…and great lighting. Will you be exploring those in future shows?

Also, will you be covering any green screen techniques?

Thanks for the VERY helpful shows. Plan to use YOUR software as well for some clients.

Yo Mike,

You mentioned right at the start, that you are using some switching software to do your multi-camera shoot and port all your cameras into your desktop mac… what program or set up is that… Can you get into more specs there please?

Thanks man.



Great information. The comparison of PC and Mac was extremely informational and appreceiated. I took notes.

Thanks Mike. Very informative.

I’m about to launch a new video site ( and really needed this info.

I’ve been thinking about trying a Mac but wasn’t sure if that was only because of their great commercials.

Currently have Sony Vaio Desktop with Vista and no problems. But the old HP Laptop is a gonner.

I’ll be going with the Macbook Pro next.

Thank YOU, Mike!

Was in the market for a new laptop and vacillated. Took a whole page of notes on this one!
Also, accessory and software info was greatly appreciated!
Will a AT-3035 microphone work just as well from Zzounds?
Hey Mike,

Great info. I’ve found a Mac great for using any type of production software or graphics such as photoshop etc and with the ability to run any PC programs on a Mac now makes it a no brainer. The price tag is higher which keeps the PC market still in business, but if you can afford it the Mac rocks!

Thanks Mike, another great video. I’ve been going back and forth with which laptop I want to buy. I use a mac for audio production and I love it…but all my other stuff is done with a pc.

I definitely had fusion as a part of the picture if I was going to go with mac, I use other products from vmware and they can’t be beat. They even have a free program that will clone your pc, so you can run it in fusion/vmware desktop.

It just seems that the mac os and supported programs provide a better environment and are easier to get things done in….the fact that I can run windows on it also makes it an easier decision.

The one thing I find…as you said, pcs are ALWAYS cheaper lol. Thanks for the video, looking forward to the next one.

Hi Mike,

That was a very informative video. Well done! Lots of info in a short time. It also alleviated my concerns about buying a MAC and still being able to use all my PC info from 20 years. Thanks.

P.P.P.S Stop by my blog and get a free guide on How to Video Blog!