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WordPress Video Player and Video Editing is Easy Video Player The Best?

What Should I Buy?
Easy Video Player and
Adobe Premiere …

I’m finally going to jump into some video projects that require a little more knowledge and experience than I already have. So I started a couple of threads in some internet marketing forums and to my surprise I didn’t get any responses…. or I should say, I got a few responses that were helpful. I was interested in how effective Easy Video Player was and programs like Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere.  ……anyway, below is one of the posts I made, please leave a comment if you have some thoughts!

Wordpress Easy Video Player PlugiinMy only experience with video over the years has been with screen captures using Camtasia and embedding YouTube videos. So far its worked for everything I needed to do but I began to wonder if I would need a separate wordpress plugin for showing videos such as Easy Video Player 2.0.

I’ve never really had the need to produce a video and then put it up on a site with a player …though I’ve purchased some through wso’s and I couldn’t find em even if they were up to date. So the video players I have  purchased really aren’t similar to Easy Video Player which is designed specifically for use in wordpress blogs and for using cloud storage such as Amazon S3.

Using Production Video Software and
Displaying Video with Easy Video Player
Seems Easy At First Glance!

My Project

I’m setting up a membership site using videos shot with a Sony HandyCam. The videos will show certain techniques and projects so they need to be clear and fairly detailed… I tried a flip camera and it just wasn’t good enough. The Sony camcorder produces movies in the AVCHD format…. so I need Video Editing Software to edit and produce in that format and then convert the finished video in a format that can be played in a player like Easy Video Player.

My Problem

I need to edit the videos and I need to put up on a wordpress blog in some sort of Video Player.

To edit the videos I need simple things like Title slides, notations, zoom, intro, outro music ….all the basics although it would be fun to learn advanced techniques…. I want to be able to quickly create a couple months worth of videos and get em uploaded.

If it matters, I’m proficient at photoshop. I was looking at Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere for editing…. not sure which versions I would need. Not sure if MovieMaker can edit AVCHD format and I really don’t want to convert each video into a different format.

I’m not sure what to do with hosting the videos. I don’t have an S3 account, but would consider doing so. I don’t anticipate starving crowds begging to get in the membership so I don’t know if S3 is overkill or not.

Which Video Player to Use

My membership site with be a WordPress blog and the question I have is which player works good on WP, which player is easy to configure and get the video to play… are there free players? …..what are the good paid players? ….is there a WP Video player plugin? If I have to purchase a player I don’t want one that has a yearly or monthly charge. Although I just found out that the monthly fee associated with Easy Video Player 2.0 can be cancelled at any time and doesn’t affect the player at all….. the fee is just for access to the forum. You might want to pay for a couple of months until you satisfy your questions regarding easy video player.

Someone Tell Me of
Their Experience with Easy Video Player

I know there’s a bunch of video experts here ….hopefully you guys can point me in the right direction so I can started editing some of my videos and getting this site in shape!

Although a quick search will turn up some info on my questions, I’m hoping to get thoughts on current versions and products.

It’s amazing how far you can fall out of the loop when you purposely focus your efforts in other areas and more specific…. when you purposely stay away from one dimension or another of internet marketing. Although its next to impossible to know everything in the internet marketing arena, I try to keep up with the basics …..I guess I fell asleep when it comes to video!

I really appreciate your thoughts about Easy Video Player, Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere, however detailed you want to get.

Thanks guys!


I did find a good blog post entitled The Best WordPress Video Player that had some good info along with other blog posts that were helpful regarding videos and wordpress blogs. He uses a free video player and its very similar in some respects to Easy Video Player.