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Aweber has New Sign Up Forms

Pile of Money

I’ve been keeping my eye on some of the new Aweber features over the last 6 months or so and have to say they have done a terrific job of adding features to their autoresponder service. The training is suburb, seems like they’ve been adding video tutorials and webinars on a daily basis!

One of the new features is the form that you set up on your website for collecting names and email addresses. It looks like they have 100’s of new looking forms that are just awesome! If you’re using Aweber as your autoresponder service, check out features in the “web forms” area.

If you think you’re saving money by running your own autoresponder script on your own domain… are dead wrong. First I guarantee you are not getting anywhere near the delivery that you would get with Aweber, second when you finally realize that you need a professional autoresponder service you’ll end up losing at least half if not more of your subscribers.

So, quit wasting your time, efforts and money…..get yourself an account at Aweber and check out all the new features….do it today!

How To Utilize Social Network Marketing With Social Networking Websites

Many people often ask the question “How effective is social network marketing”.  I am here to inform you that social network marketing while utilizing social networking websites.

If you are a business owner with a business website online, you should be conducting an amount of social networking as a lead generation for your business.  There are numerous ways to conduct business as well as generate leads but conducting social network marketing is a major key player in increasing your sales with your business.

Lead generation should be the ultimate goal of your business.  When you network online, it can produce many positive results for your online business as well as your products and services, which your business offers.

Try Bookmark Generation for Social Bookmarking

One of the great benefits which social network marketing offers are creating long-lasting relationships with your customers.  This can include professional friendships or personal friendships. Social network marketing can also provide more fast and convenient ways to connect with your target market as well as receiving referrals and gaining mentors.

You can establish yourself as an expert through social network marketing.  You can create blogs or publish articles, which answer questions or even give tips to your customers.  You can invite friends whether professional or personal to live events, which are commonly, titled webinars or teleclasses.

You can drive internet traffic to your business website while introducing special promotions as well as downloads while interacting with your customers or potential customers.

Social network websites provide storage of photo’s and video’s which will aid in gaining publicity and if you are on a budget, social networking websites is a cost-effective way in obtaining the publicity you are seeking for your products and services upon your business website.

It is very much worth the time and effort to join online forums within the social networking websites.  Within these online forums, you can answer and ask questions either directly or through forum blogging or articles.  You can post comments or events as well as tips.  Surveys and polls are also very popular in gaining the attention of not only your current customers but also potential customers.

Learn Social Marketing from The Originator
of Social Marketing…..Jack Humphrey

Videos are a great addition to your social networking website.  Remember to keep the videos professional.  Send requests to people within the online community.  Search for related groups while interacting with the online users within that particular group.

If you want to see if social network marketing is working for you and your business, you can sign up for detailed tracking of communications as well as internet traffic.  The opportunities for expansion are abundant with social network marketing and social networking websites.  Your success will depend on the amount of time and effort, which you place forward with this venture.

Review of Keyword Research Pro The Ultimate Google Keyword Research Tool

What can be better than the Google Keyword Research Tool?

Answer….not much? Actually there are so many keyword tools available that the subject of keyword research can become very, very confusing. Especially for the newbie, keyword research becomes a quest for something you know is important but really don’t know why. In fact, you usually end up with so much information that you end up in the information overload mode. In the end….You really have no idea what to do with the information.

Review of Keyword Research Pro The Ultimate Google Keyword Research Tool

Keyword Research Pro is a keyword research desktop application that is based on the Google Keyword Research Tool. First question….why not just use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool? Both the Google Keyword Research Tool and Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool are essentially the same…..confused? I know how you feel because I thought the same!

Fabian Lim recently took over Keyword Research Pro….I know, big deal, who cares….right? Once again, I got emails stating that Fabian took over and he was going to do great things. Heard that before! Well….I missed the scheduled webinars, but I began to see regular updates to Keyword Research Pro (I started to get impressed)….but I still didn’t see why I should start using the information provided by the application because I thought it was redundant. In fact, I really thought I got ripped off because the information was literally ripped off from Google’s keyword tool.

Click here to get Keyword Research ProStay with me….please!

If you struggle with keyword research for seo, blog posts and website optimization… will be pleasantly surprised.

I probably had Keyword Research Pro for about a year and never really used it….the results were just too confusing for me.

Well….I kept getting emails from Fabian Lim telling me how he wanted to make this the best tool since sliced bread and that I should stop by the members area and check out the webinars and other resources.

I took a chance and stopped by the KRP members area. And I just watched the first webinar and was totally blown away. In simple terms, the tool provides all the information we need to find the keywords we need that will get us traffic for our various niches and help us do all the proper search engine optimization we need for our blogs and sites. NOTE….but what has been  missing is the TEACHER! ……someone to show us how simple it is to use the resulting data.

This guy, Fabian, clears away all the fog and smoke from your understanding of the values that the Google Keyword Research Tool provides. Simply put….information is only as good as your ability to understand it. Fabian shows you how to change the settings in Keyword Research Pro so that you can look at 3 simple values for a keword or keyword phrase and determine whether it will get you on page 1 of Google. His first webinar was absolutely excellent, I’ve been doing this for probably 7 years and it cleared up some areas for me that really opened up my eyes.

This tool ROCKS! If you do anything with building blogs, websites, niche marketing …..I’m telling you that you need Keyword Research Pro along with the 3 brand new included videos, which in my opinion are worth the price of the application in and of themselves! If you don’t learn something new then you’re either a dummy or you know everything….either way you can get your money back if not satisfied.

Very briefly, here’s what Fabian recommends.

Search Google Competition by using the “allintitle” operator. This gives us indexed webpages serious about seo. You’ll be looking for a value range. (have to listen to the webinar for more detail) For Google Volume, this is the number times the specific keyword is searched per day, look for values between 200 and 2000, and this ultimately will all depend on the KEI value. Which of course Fabian clearly teaches us to understand. His knowledge of seo is golden…..I’ve studied seo from a marketing standpoint for many years and no one, except Perry Marshal, has a better handle on understand the interactions of these values and what it means to your website or blog traffic and ultimate sales.

In discussing the Google Keyword Research Tool we find out that Fabian Lim is truely an SEO expert and knows his stuff. He is an SEO professional working in east Asia and the United States. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to many men teach the finer details of internet marketing. Some may know their subject intimately and make a lot of money but they can’t teach worth a darn. It is very apparent that Fabian on the other hand knows his material and has the ability to transfer that knowledge to his students. His goal of transforming his knowledge into this tool and the support will make this a one of a kind keyword research tool.

I have two more webinars to watch and I’m anxious to go through them. It isn’t often that you are taught by one of the top professors in your field…..I’ll report when I get through them.

Do yourself a favor and grab a copy of Keyword Research Pro and study all the materials in the members area….I tell ya, there’s gold out there in them hills and I know how to find it :)

To finish up, I optimized this blog post with the longtail phrase “google keyword research tool”, now I did my search after I tuned up KRP to the default settings suggested by Fabian in the first video. There are 1,160 webpages with google keyword research tool in the “title tags” and there is a monthly search volume of 1,600 per month.

I highly recommend Keyword Research Pro, with Fabian Lim’s input, you could possibly just get another view of keyword research, think how nice it would be to immediately find keywords and keyword phrases that will put your pages and posts on page one of Google….you just might end up in the top position too!

When you get a copy….please stop back and leave a comment. I’m really curious to see how this can help you in your online business…..the right keywords bring traffic….without traffic your website or blog doesn’t exist!