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How To Get Buying Visitors To Your Website

buying website visitorsTo have a profitable website you want to have lots of traffic coming to your site.  But you don’t want just any traffic; you want visitors that are ready to buy what you are offering.  Here are some techniques that you can use to send ‘ready to buy’ visitors to your website.

1. When someone is looking on the internet for information or to buy a product they will usually search in the search engines to find what they are looking for.  If your website is being displayed highly in the search results then you can get a lot of free traffic to your site.  To have your site ranking highly in the search engines you will need to have it well optimized for the keyword phrase that people are looking for.  This means that you want to use that keyword phrase in your titles, Meta tags and throughout your content.  Then when someone searches for that particular keyword phrase they can find your website.  You can have a website ranking for multiple keyword phrases giving you even more traffic.

2. You can advertise your site through pay-per-click advertising.  You can do this through Google and have your ads appearing in Google when people search for the keyword terms you use for your ad.  Pay-per-click works just as the name suggests, you pay an amount every time a visitor clicks on your ad.  This type of advertising can become expensive if you don’t set it up correctly so you want to use a good, enticing ad as well as the right keyword phrases.

3. Publish an ezine and make it informative and interesting about your particular business.  You can include in your ezine any discounts or promotions that you are running or even ask readers to take a survey as this will encourage those readers to visit your website.  Most ezine publishers will allow writers to include a link to their website within their article.

4. Write articles and have them published on other websites.  There are a number of good article directories where you can publish your articles and you can include a link to your website in the resource box.  When you are writing articles you should have an attention grabbing headline to entice more readers and in your resource box have something that will grab their attention and entice them to visit your website.

5. Use banner advertising to drive traffic to your website.  You can place banner ads in ezines or on other websites that are related to your niche.  If you place ads on websites that aren’t related then you will likely receive a lot of non-buying visitors so to have targeted visitors you need to advertise on sites that are related to your business.

6. Advertise on forums.  Many forums will sell advertising space and forums can receive a lot of visitors, each one of them being able to view your ad.  Banner ads are great for placing on forums but once again make sure that you are advertising on a forum that is related to your niche.

You can use all of these methods or select a few to use as they are all quite effective at getting those buying customers to visit your website.

How to… Amazing Traffic Building Ideas

If you have a website you need traffic and getting those visitors to your site isn’t always easy.  There are a number of ways that you can drive traffic to your website and sometimes it is helpful if you can be a little creative with your traffic generation.  Let’s take a look at ten amazing ideas for traffic building.

1. Social photo sharing sites are a great way to drive traffic to your website.  The most popular photo sharing site is Flickr.  The idea is to have your website and Flickr working in unison to draw traffic to your site.  Whenever you write a new post on your blog you can add a link to the Flickr website.  When you share photos on Flickr you can add good tags to attract members to use your photos.  Your site will be working in conjunction with Flickr to bring you traffic.

2. Social bookmarking sites are another great option for building traffic.  You can make friends with people on social bookmarking sites that share the same interests as the topic of your website.  Include a link to your website in your profile information and you can also share your website link.  There are a few different social bookmarking sites and they work in different ways and it is recommended to use a variety of these sites.  Promoting your site on social bookmarking sites can make your site very popular as long as you don’t spam these sites.

3. The next traffic building method is blog commenting.  Find other blogs in the same niche as your website and leave comments.  When you use blog commenting you should always make a comment that is relevant to the post topic and be informative.  If you don’t leave relevant comments then your comment may be viewed as a spam comment and will be deleted.  If your comment is informative then people who read your comment may click on your link and visit your website.

4. Forum marketing is our next method for driving traffic.  Join forums within your niche and make relevant forum posts.  Have a link to your website in your signature so every time that you make a post on the forum you are creating a backlink to your website.  Never spam forums or you will soon have your account deleted and your time will be wasted.  When you give informative posts then other forum members are more likely to click on the link in your signature and visit your website.

5. Add extensions to your site such as a good theme and widgets.  There are many additions that you can use to enhance your site and make it interesting.  Your visitors are more likely to come back and visit your site again if it is interesting.  If your site is boring and doesn’t give good information then you will lose a lot of visitors.

6. Use word of mouth marketing by letting your friends know about your website and ask them to spread the word.  You can also ask your friends to place a link to your site on their websites if they have a website of their own and by using their visitors and contacts you can increase your own website traffic.

7. Contact other websites and ask them to put your website link on their website.  You can either offer to pay for a link to be placed on their site or you can offer a link exchange.

8. Do some article marketing to build up backlinks to your website and if you write interesting and informative articles then your article readers will click on your link and visit your website.

9. Add some podcasts to your site to expand your exposure.  People love video and audio so adding some of these to your website will make it more interesting and entice more visitors.

10. Submit your blog feed to blog site directories and this will help feed traffic from other sites to your site.

A website needs traffic to be successful but traffic building isn’t just about building traffic but also about giving your visitors what they want when they reach your site.  By providing good quality content on your website your visitors are more likely to return.

Great Ideas For Getting Traffic To Your Website

website traffic ideasTraffic is the key element to any website.  A website is created to provide and share information to those looking for that information.  Websites are also used as a source of income for those who promote products or services on their website.  A website is not much good if it doesn’t get any visitors.

There are a number of ways to get traffic to your website such as using search engines, recommendations or directories.

Search engines are where people search for particular keywords or phrases and are given a list of website results that relate to their search term.  If your website ranks highly for the phrase or keyword a person is looking for then your website will be displayed in the results and your site will get good traffic.  Recommendations are when other internet users or other websites recommend your site to others.  Directories are specific websites that list sites in their different categories.  You can submit your website to different directories for listing and it can then be accessed by people searching for information in that category.

To get a good amount of traffic from search engines your website needs to be ranked reasonably high.  The same goes for getting traffic from directories.  Recommendations can happen any time when you have one happy customer they are more likely to recommend you to others.  If you provide a good product or service then you may receive some word of mouth traffic.

There are three good ways to get traffic to your website and there are quite a few other methods that you can also use.  You can get traffic through organic placement which is when your site is being located because it is getting a lot of hits.  If a lot of people are finding your website with search engine results then your rankings can climb even higher because of its popularity.  You can increase the popularity of your website by actively promoting it and by optimizing it well for the relevant keywords and keyword phrases.

Getting traffic to your website can be a lot of work but if you are willing to work hard then the results will be worth that effort.  The more traffic your website begins to receive the more popular it becomes and that will help it to rank even higher, giving you even more traffic.  You need to set goals for your business and when you begin to see more traffic coming to your site and you are getting closer to reaching those goals you will know all your hard work has been worth it.

To increase your sites traffic even more you can try other simple traffic methods like article marketing, blogging, video marketing, forum marketing and RSS feeds.  If your website contains good quality information then you will also get many return visitors.  A website that stands out from the crowd and has something good to offer it’s visitors is a website that will continue to rise in popularity and in traffic.

3 Easy Ways To Generate Website Traffic

Create website traffic for yourself or others with Main Street Marketing MachinesThere are literally hundreds of ways that you can generate website traffic. They all work, but what you need to keep in mind is that they may not work immediately, so start with one, master it, and then move on to the next. As you do this, you will find the ones that you like better, or the ones that work better for your business and website, or both.

Here are just three popular ways to generate website traffic.

1. YouTube. is one of the most visited sites in the world (with over 73 million visits per day) and its visitor numbers continue to climb. If you want to be where the people, and your potential leads or customers, are, sign up for an account on YouTube, post a video, and put your link in the description of the video. YouTube also allows you to put your website on the video itself, but it is not a do-follow link so it is just there for visual purposes. That is the search engines aren’ suppose to follow the link, but real people will see the link and click it.

As with all of your marketing efforts, you need to do some keyword research before preparing your video. Pick a keyword that you want to use, use it in the title of your video, in the tags of your video, and in the description of your video. The video must be under ten minutes long but you can do a very effective video for under a minute, which is another great advantage to using YouTube to generate traffic to your site. It doesn’t take much time, and it’s absolutely free. If you further want to leverage your video, you can submit it to one of the video submission sites which then sends it out to other popular video sites.

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Pay Per Click

2. PPC. Most people think of Google Adwords when they hear the term pay-per-click advertising. Google is the best place to start because it is inexpensive to register (only $5.00) and it currently gets the most traffic. Again, you need to pick your keywords carefully. If you have a low budget, start out with the most uncompetitive keywords, use them in the first lines of your ads and even choose for your ad to show only when someone searches exactly that keyword. This will get you fewer clicks, but they will be more targeted. Once you start gaining ground, you can start to target more competitive keywords as well. You can also try the other PPC platforms like Yahoo and Bing. They have less visitors but the bids are also less expensive.

WordPress Blogs

3. WordPress. You can really use any blogging platform to get traffic to your website but WordPress is very good from an SEO point of view, meaning you can get some incredibly effective, and free, plug-ins that will help you raise the ranking of your website. Include the link to your website in your posts and when you comment on other blogs to generate website traffic. The very construction of the wordpress blog is appealing to search engines and consequently there is a “natural factor” when thinking of website traffic.

How to Generate Guaranteed Website Traffic

There are numerous ways to get guaranteed website traffic, but how much you will get is never guaranteed and may vary from day to day, depending on the method you use, the market, competition, or many other factors. This article will list just a couple of the many ways to get more visitors to your site.

First of all, making sure your site is properly “SEOed” is a first, fundamental step. Even if you are using other non-SEO methods to drive traffic to your site, this is something that will help you achieve results as well. When it comes to SEO, you need to optimize your keywords and keyword phrases on your site, as well as make sure you are getting high-quality backlinks. You can learn how to do this for yourself, employ someone to do it for you, or invest in some software systems that can help you with this important aspect.

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In reality, you will need to understand the power of keywords for whatever type of guaranteed website traffic method you use. It’s important to understand what are the best keywords for your website, as well as how to use them in the various strategies. Finding keywords is very easy. You can do it for free with the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, or any of the other free sites.

Article marketing is a great way to get more targeted visitors to your site. You can write articles that are information, helpful, and related to the content of your site. Again, keywords play an important role. If you are just starting out, pick keywords that are less competitive and more targeted.

For example, if your site is about cameras, you can target a keyword of a specific type of camera, or lens, or a course about how to use cameras (or that specific camera). The key is to search for words that have lower competition, and these will also be the words that have fewer searches.

Write a 500-word article with that keyword in the title, in the first five words of the body of the article, in one first sentence of one of the body’s paragraphs, and in the last sentence of the article. Then, submit your article to Ezine Articles first.

You will submit your article to other sites as well, but you need to change it enough so that the search engines recognize it as a different article. So, before submitting it to any of the other sites (GoAricles, Amazines, ArticleSnatch, or any of the others out there), change the title of the article (while still using your keyword), and the first sentence of each of the paragraphs of your article. Then, go through the article and change a word or two here and there.

There are many submission services and article submitters that can help you change your articles correctly and submit them to the thousands of directories. This builds backlinks which is one of the key aspects of guaranteed website traffic. There’s much argument regarding the effectiveness of submitting the same article to 100’s of article submission sites….. so be careful. I always suggest using a few of the top directories…in fact many marketers simply submit to alone.

The only tried and true method of submitting to multiple sites is through a program called Traffic Geyser. It’s a sophisticated system, but easy to use. The content that is submitted varies from videos, to articles, podcasts and other formats. In fact, they have what is called Biz in Box which is a program called Main Street Marketing Machine and will get any local business ranked and on page one of Google. Check these guys out and you can really build a profitable business that fits the make money online category.

How To Increase Online Web Traffic

A business owner can not even hope for sustained success in his/her business if he/she can not draw more and more online web traffic. It is not a one-horse race that is run by the business owner.  Competitors are only a click away.

Did you realize that Xsitepro, a wysiwyg website builder, is one of the easiest ways to get free website traffic! The reason is that it has built in seo tweaking abilities….relating to the method it creates webpages, how it names the pages, where it puts the pages and much more. Xsitepro can be just as good for creating websites as wordpress, in fact, if you want static pages…… Xsitepro is the solution!

Xsitepro Website SoftwareHence all possible steps and electrifying ideas must be implemented to increase this traffic.  Just having a well-designed website will not suffice to get results.  A good traffic source should drive visitors to the website and the visitors should be ready to buy.

Though there are several techniques for increasing this traffic, as a  business owner, you must choose the best ones: the ones that are considered the most suitable for your business.  All the techniques can also be used but you should know when to use which technique because timing is very important for the success of these techniques and all the techniques will not give you good results all the time.

You should understand these techniques by spending your time and energy studying them so that you can implement them at the appropriate time.  The first important thing is to study the contents of your website.  You should put yourself into the shoes of the customer and view the contents with unbiased eyes so that you can know if the contents are up to the expectations of the customer.  The business world is continuously evolving and so many changes are taking place.  If you do not update the contents of your website with the latest innovations and information, your website will become stale and you can not have a good online web presence.

You can also make your website an interactive one so that the discerning customers who visit it will have a chance to air their opinions on it and also offer suggestions for improvement of your product, your services and your distribution and delivery processes.  This gives you ample scope for improving your business to take it to the next level.

It is wrong to assume that traffic will increase if the contents of the website are improved to a satisfactory level.  You should do all things you can to popularize the website.  Writing blogs and articles is one such technique with which you can drive more traffic to your website.  You can submit these blogs and articles to various free blogging sites and article directories.

But you should ensure that the contents on these blogs and articles follow the guidelines laid down by the directories.  If the contents are good, these directories will host these articles.  Some of the web masters will also post your articles on their websites.  You can link these blogs and articles to your website for increasing the traffic to your website.

You should take the help of various keyword tools and find out the most popular keywords that can be used effectively on your blogs and articles.  If your blogs and articles are good and if you have used the most popular and effective keywords, there is every possibility that your website will get the prime position on the search engines.

You can also find out the most popular sites that already have a very good website traffic and give link to your website.  This may cost you some investment but it is worth it.  Since these sites already have a good traffic, the traffic who visit these sites may be diverted to your website, eventually increasing your online web traffic.

Review Of Traffic Exchange Programs

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Traffic exchange programs are abundant on the internet and a good way to get exposure and clicks to your website. Traffic exchanges, also called TE, work like this. They are free to join. Once you’ve joined, you post a short (compelling) description and link of the site you want to promote. In order to get exposure to your site you need to earn credits. The more credits you have, the more exposure you will get. You can earn credits either by clicking on the other members’ sites or you can buy your credits or upgrade your membership. This article will give you a description of some of the top traffic exchanges.

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TrafficSwarm. This is one of the most popular traffic exchanges on the net. The quickest and easiest way to earn credits with Trafficswarm is to set your browser’s “start page” to your own personal ‘Surf URL’ on TrafficSwarm (there are step by step instructions on how to do this and it only takes a minute). This way, every time you open your web browser to surf the Internet, you’ll earn a credit. You’ll also earn 1 – 1000 credits every time you visit another member’s website through your start page. TrafficSwarm has the most users and visits of any other TE, and they also have an outstanding referral program.

Dragonsurf is another one of the best traffic exchange programs and one of its main benefits is that it allows you to build up credits fast. The traffic exchange is owned by Soren Jordansen who has a very good reputation in this business.

TrafficSplash has risen quickly to become one of the best traffic exchanges on the internet. TrafficSplash has an impressive design, the cheapest upgrades and credits you can find, and the extremley good customer service. This traffic exchange also offers many rewards that range from credits to splash points. Referal commissions for Traffic Splash are 50% which also places it in the excellent range. Included in the TrafficSplash promotion page are personalized splash pages, regular splash pages, a splash page generator, banners, rotators, sample emails and sample textlinks.

Soaring4Traffic is considered an extremely effective and innovative traffic exchange with lots of unique tools and friendly customer service. The only drawbacks of this traffic exchange are that the upgrades are over-priced and the referral commissions are only 40%

BlueSurf is one of the newer traffic exchanges and has actually surpassed DragonSurf in alexa rankings. This company is innovated in this respect: the home page always includes an “average surf” number. On the home page, it says “The number you see above is the average number of pages each surfer at blue-surf surfed yesterday.” To promote consistent surfing — and to reward the “average” surfer, all you have to do is surf more pages than the number above and you will get a 15 credit bonus at the end of the day. This ads up.

Start out with one or all of the above traffic exchange programs to boost traffic to your site.

How to Use RSS Feeds For Increased Website Traffic

I responded to a forum post and mentioned using the RSS feed from your blog for driving traffic to your blog. I was talking about taking your feed and submitting it to the various rss aggregators and directories for backlinks. You can easily do this by hand or you can use software to submit your feed automatically to just about every rss directory on the net.

Here’s a few directories:

I use an automatic submission service or software that is a membership. Some people would rather purchase the software than pay a monthly fee. However, when submitting to sites that change, sometimes, on a weekly basis it’s best to use a reliable monthly fee submission service. The thought being that they will keep their list of directories updated as much as possible. Sometimes you can buy the submission software thinking that you are getting a deal, but the truth is, the software may work for a couple of months, but as time goes on it becomes less and less effective.


The person from the forum wanted to know how to get more traffic to their blog.

I mentioned a very simple way by using the rss feed of the blog.


You can find your rss feed by clicking on that little orange button or if you have a wordpress blog you can take your url and add “feed” to the end and you should have your rss feed. For instance, my blog is located at and if I were to add “/feed” I would have my rss feed and it would look like to confirm you have your rss feed, click on the link….go ahead and click on after clicking on the link you should see the rss feed of my blog parsed out….that is you will see the latest 10 or 15 blog posts with snippets, if you click on any of the titles you will go to the actual post! If you want to see how to feed is coded, you’ll notice it uses very different tags than the standard html tags, depending on your internet browser, click on “View Source” and you’ll get an idea how rss feeds are coded.

Now, if I submit that rss feed to the rss directories and rss aggregators it will be available for anyone to use, the search engine spiders will go to each location of my rss feed and include it in the search engines for my specific keywords and articles. The result is more traffic! Others might use my feed in a news directory of some sort so my rss feed becomes content for their blog and in turn I get relevant backlinks.

You will want to submit your rss feed to these directories. Typically you will have to go to each of the rss directories and register before submitting your rss feed. The automated scripts and software will sometimes have you register for only a small number of rss directories and then submit to the rest automatically. Trust me this is a very powerful way to get a consistent surge of traffic to your website. I use a service with a funky name…..BadAssRss, go ahead and click on the link and give it a try.

There is so much you can do with RSS it would take a 600 page book to explain all that rss can do. One thing you might want to do is take several of your sites, let’s say you make a and blog….each of those will have an rss feed. Take those 2 feeds and your original feed and merge them into one, you can find a site to do this easy enough, in fact, is one such location online that you can merge your rss feeds. Now that you have a new rss feed, submit it to the directories. If you’re using a service like BadAssRss you can do it in a couple of minutes.

If you’re developing a niche market you will want to set up sites on all the free feeder sites such as:

  • blogger
  • wordpress
  • hubpages
  • youtube
  • start another blog
  • forums
  • web 2.0 properties
  • twitter
  • facebook
  • tumblr
  • friendfeed


Each of these sites have rss feeds and you can combine and use them for traffic to your blog. You can use all these to get links back to your site, and you can do various combinations of their rss feeds and submit each one separately.

I shouldn’t confuse you if you are an rss newbie, but there is another way to use rss feeds. There is a script called Slick Autoposter ….this is a script that can use rss feeds to create posts on your blog, it’s a way of automating your blog posts. There is another script called Article Stalker, this script builds a depository of reprint right articles which allows you to search for articles by keyword. For instance I could search for “RSS” and it would bring up all the reprint right articles containing RSS in the title and automatically create a “rss feed” out of those articles. Instead of just being snippets of articles these are entire articles and you can use Slick Autoposter to automatically drip the articles into your blog for your readers and the search engines.

There are so many ways to use rss feeds, I really suggest you spend a little time each week getting to understand rss feeds and what you can do with them!

Internet Marketing Trends – Will Make You Or Break You

If you are reading this, then you’re just one of the many people looking to make some extra money online in today’s tough economy. I can tell you from experience that you are extremely lucky because of the many tools available and so many sources of internet marketing training, some free and some you must pay for. As more and more people are getting tuned into the idea of making money online, internet marketing trends are constantly and quickly evolving. Being able to identify the trends and tap into them with an up-to-date marketing plan can really set you ahead in your business.

Here are just a few of the current hot trends:

The Economy

Today’s rough economy is the subject of many business conversations. This goes for internet marketing as well. We will continue to see recession-proof internet businesses being marketed as well as various money-saving plans, tools, clubs and forums. If you aren’t already bringing up the state of the economy in your marketing, it’s time to start.

Less Hype Marketing

For a while, one of the biggest Internet marketing trends included lots of hype. So the web was made up of one big glaringly flashy advertisement after another, each competing for your attention. It finally seems to be hitting home that flash and hype is not the way to go. While it might initially capture some interest from your target audience, you’ll need to support it with great high-value content to keep them interested. Your customers are looking for solutions to their problems – make sure that you offer these in your marketing message.

Consider looking at an online membership designed to teach you the basic concepts of internet marketing. Earn1Kaday is one such membership and they basically teach the principles of several online business models and have a very active forum of experienced members. The content at Earn1KaDay is well worth the price, however, the help offered by the established members is priceless. As the name suggests, the purpose of the membership is to help you achieve a daily goal of making “X” amount of dollars a day! Many have accomplished $1000 a day, and some make much more.

The money is NOT in the list (exactly)

Most of you have heard the saying. . .”the money is in the list” or the leads that you can generate from your marketing. This is not exactly true. Building up a huge list really won’t do you much good unless you actually interact with the people on the list. The money is in the relationships that you develop with the people on your list. Learn how to develop relationships with people by using auto-responders, participating in forums, Facebook and Twitter, etc.

If you are new to Internet Marketing then you might not be familiar with the term “building a list”, however, it’s one of the first concepts you should become familiar with because it’s one of the most important processes in internet marketing. Building a list is usually accomplished by giving something away, an ebook or software, in exchange for their email address and name. Using a service like Aweber for building a list is one of the smartest first moves any internet marketer can make. Avoid cheap solutions or self hosted autoresponders because you’ll almost never get the type of email delivery that a professional autoresponder service like Aweber will give you.

Niche Marketing

Along With the economic downturn, businesses are focusing on more and more narrow niches. This is counter-intuitive but smaller, more targeted niches will bring you more traffic than large broad ones. See Niche Profit Classroom for 2 monthly niche products along with the necessary marketing packages….without sounding hypey, NPC has been one of the most impressive online memberships I’ve found in 8 years of learning about internet marketing.

Social marketing continues to dominate

And more and more businesses are tapping into this trend. It’s been proven that adding videos to your marketing mix increases traffic to your site as well as the amount of time a person spends on your page. Along with all of the other social media tools, the use of video is increasing dramatically. Some people are intimidated by the idea of doing videos. The important thing to remember is that your potential customers want to see other real people, not some sort of corporate actor, so just be yourself and you will draw more people to you and your business.

As internet marketers we do all these things in an effort to get website traffic. Without traffic to your website all your efforts will be in vain. You won’t sell your products or build your list….it doesn’t matter how pretty your website is or how good your offer is. One of the most effective methods of getting traffic to your website is with videos, otherwise known as video marketing. One of the most effective methods of creating a rush of traffic using videos is to use the tools at Traffic Geyser, in fact if you click on that link you can try it out for $1 for 30 days. This is a service that sends your videos to 100’s of video sites, turns your video to podcasts and a other services that you’re just gonna have to check out :)

Quick customer service

If you want to maintain relationships with your customers, you must respond to their needs immediately. If you can’t, they will turn to your competitor who can.

Knowing and understanding these general Internet marketing trends and then adapting your business to keep up with them can really put you at an advantage.

Successful Search Engine Marketing and Optimization For Online Promotion For Your Business Website

Search engine marketing and optimization defines the process of using the internet for the promotion and advertising of your website and web pages. When done properly search engine marketing will guide traffic from the search engines to your website.  Basically if you practice successful search engine marketing and optimization, you have tapped a source of free relevant website traffic, that is, you have tapped into the natural search engine results of the internet.

How is marketing defined?

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Marketing in and of itself is simple yet complex and is defined in Wikipedia as: Marketing is an integrated communications-based process through which individuals and communities discover that existing and newly-identified needs and wants may be satisfied by the products and services of others.  In the early 1960’s out of the many factors that determine whether a person purchases a product called a “marketing mix” was reduced to the 4 P’s: Product, Price, Placement (distribution) and Promotion. Research into any market will always take these features into account.

Website Visitors Needed for a Successful Website

If you want to become successful in the field of Internet Marketing it is imperative that you learn how to get website visitors to your website. Many beautiful websites are built without giving any thought to developing successful search engine marketing and optimization strategies and when this happens the website traffic valve is left in the off position….result is no traffic equals no sales!

Can Search Engines Market Your Website?

Sooner or latter you will realize how important it is that your website is indexed by the search engines….which means something similar to the fact that your website is in the yellow pages, with some ads being more visible than others. One aspect of search engine marketing refers to the fact that your website becomes visible with paid per click search engine marketing. A variety of tactics are used when marketing your with PPC marketing but the ultimate purpose of any ppc campaign is to steer website visitors to your site and then convert those visitors into leads or buyers!

Defining SEO?

SEO is the process by which you create a website and the content which relates to a specific subject or content matter that can be found by the search engines.  When you perform search engine optimization on your web pages you will included certain keyword and or meta-tags with your keyword listings.  Although you can’t control what website surfers will search for, you can create pages and optimize you site for keywords and keyword phrases that have a history of being used on a monthly basis. Proper use of tracking software will allow you to began to understand what keywords are being using to find your website and specific website pages.

Hiring a SEO Expert!

Successful search engine marketing and optimization most often should be done by a qualified specialist, this can be a service that is employed to develop a SEO strategy for your blog or website.  A Search engine optimization specialist is a relatively new occupation and as with all occupations, you have to be careful who you hire since there are no exacting standards as of yet. Of times unscrupulous SEO consultants will fill your website content with spam, a blackhat method of seo and although you might find a sudden increase of page rank and find your site on page one of Google, this is only temporary and you will end up getting your business website penalized by the major search engines.  The only way to ensure hiring a qualified search engine marketing and optimization expert is by thoroughly interviewing the prospect and asking for referrals.

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Pay-per-click advertising

PPC is a subject all to it’s own. There are many facets to ppc and many ways to make money and just as many to lose your money. Pay-per-click advertising is when you receive advertising space upon a website. You only pay for your advertising when someone clicks on a particular link.  This brings traffic to your website and it’s important that the traffic goes to a page that requires a specific action by the website visitor, such as optin for a free offer….also you should make sure you investigate different manners of preventing click fraud so you don’t get ripped off.

Using PPC Adwords for Traffic Generation

“Google Adwords” is one of the easiest ways to just start traffic to your website, although, take caution because the clicks can cost anywhere from $.10 to $10 and more, so it’s advisable to invest in some training first….it will save you in the long run!   Google Adwords will give your website offer a broad audience with much control, people searching for items related to your website will often times see your Google adwords ad on the right side of the search results page….if your ad is enticing enough, they will click on it!