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This powerful, yet extremely easy-to-use software program allows you… with just a few clicks of your mouse… to create high quality semi-autoblogs using the most used blog platforms: (which is free)

– And and

But what makes BlogHatter really stand out is its incredibly rich set of tools, which allow you to, among other things:

– Import Private Label Rights articles – Search and import images from Google, Tinypic and Flickr
– Search and import video from YouTube
– Create great blogs in  languages other than English using the embedded translation utility
– Quickly “rewrite” copy using the synonyms and replacement tool – And much more!

Traditionally autoposting or autoblogging has been confined to those with self-hosted wordpress blogs and expensive plugins. Not to mention there is the complexity of the wordpress plugins and trying to figure out how to use them, most are not intuitive and takes someone with some experience if you want to start autoblogging.

This is where Bloghatter really shines! Bloghatter is a very basic desktop application that allows even the newbie to start autoblogging. You might ask, “Why is this important?” simply because as a newbie your online exposure is limited until you can develop some outside links to your websites. Now….you can easily do this by setting up your own network of blogs with Bloghatter. Initially you don’t have to worry about how you link the blogs…..just create a blog with useful content and link back to another blog or web2.0 property that has similar content….every now and then, link back to your money site using anchor text that is composed of your desired keyword.

You can start out easily and slowy or your can crank out 100’s of blogs with BlogHatter!

With BlogHatter, you’ll finally have right at your fingertips all the tools you need to make a financial killing blogging online!

To learn more about this incredible new software program, just go over and check out BlogHatter today!

Review of Slick Autoposter and Article Stalker

Thought I’d take a second and let you guys know how Slick Autoposter and Article Stalker is working. The thought of autoposting or autoblogging can seem daunting to many, but in reality all you need is a few good wordpress plugins and you’ll quickly see some results.

First, Slick Autoposter is is a wordpress plugin that will autopost to your wordpress blog a variety of different ways. The reasons people use autoblogging are legion, yet the purist will call it evil while in truth it will save anyone’s butt that has more than one wordpress blog. One of the biggest problems for the blog owner is keeping up with your blog posts. You really need to post at least once a day, otherwise Google will think your blog is irrelevant. When looking at autoposters you want to make sure you can randomize the posting, there are some autoposters that will post plr articles, some do datafeeds, some post rss feeds and some will post entire books. Slickautoposter does this and a whole lot more, I’d like to see you buy it for your own benefit, so go over to the salespage and take a look at all the fuctions. I can see an argument getting started here, sure, if you click on one of my affiliate links then I’ll make a few bucks and that’s a good thing. But, that’s not why I do this, I like to help people who are looking for direction or stumbling along and one way I can do that is to expose them to what works for me and my friends. Whether you do anything with it is totally up to you. I you buy it and need help, send me an email. Contact me through this blog, I’d be glad to help!

articlestalkermanIn the graph below you can see how Slick Autoposter and Article Stalker doubled my traffic in a few short weeks. The best thing is, once I set up a autopost, I’m done and can get to work on something else. The big benefit of Article Stalker is that AS pulls articles with full text of the article and then posts the entire article. Almost all autoposters will only post a portion of the article, which becomes irritating to the reader of the blog post. I was shocked to see how Slick Autoposter using articles from Article Stalker more than doubled the traffic to my blog.

To be fair I must mention that I am also using a wordpress plugin called Auto Social Poster which I have to contribute much of the success to. I’ve been using Auto Social Poster for almost 2 years and although skeptical at first, I’ve been surprised by it’s effectiveness. Often times the guru’s will tell you to buy this and do that while showing you the great results they get. When truthfully, they leave out some of the details. Auto Social Poster is a powerful plugin because it will randomly submit a social bookmark to a social networking site on each post. If I go through the trouble of looking for the proper long tail keywords for a blog post, write the post and then submit it……I’ll find my post on somewhere between page 1 to 5 of Google within an hour. Now if you combine the work of Auto Social Poster with Slick Autoposter and Article Stalker you’ll find the results stunning. You’ll pay anywhere from $300 to $400 dollars for the two plugins and one script, but you can use them on unlimited domains. These are powerful tools and I guarantee they will get you results if you use them properly. In fact, I had to pay for a seminar to find out the Auto Social Poster (ASP) was one guru’s secret weapon.

The reason (ASP) is fairly secret is that people just don’t want to pay for their tools and think they can get results with free tools. You can do a lot with free tools, but real money producing internet marketing tools will get you there before you get frustrated and quit. Let me give you an example. As a carpenter I can build a house with a box of nails, a hammer and hand saw… will take a long time! If you give me an air nailer, electric saw that same house can be framed in a couple of weeks. The same goes for making money online. Invest in some real tools and see if you don’t get some real results!

My Traffic Doubled By Using Slick Autoposter and Article Stalker


As with any tool, don’t abuse these tools or you’ll risk getting your blog delisted. I can’t say that for sure, but only assume. In other words, you wouldn’t want to set Slick to start posting 5 articles a day, every day for the next 6 months. That would surely get Google alarmed. I always experiment with anything that is automated to see how its going to work and then  I install the scipt or plugin on my primary blogs.

Here’s a Testimonial I posted for Slick Autoposter!

I thought I’d stop by and hype you up a little :)

I wanted to give you a quick review of Slick Autoposter and Auto Stalker for the benefit of your customers.

Seriously, Ed’s products are always top notch worth the investment. Slick Autoposter is one of my favorite tools. I have some health problems which interrupt my posting schedule on my blogs, Slick has saved my butt so many times I can’t remember!

Just recently I started using another one of Ed’s products, Article Stalker, and when Article Stalker is combined with Slick Autoposter you have a pretty powerful weapon. At first I wasn’t sure about the articles that Article Stalker pulled and I was a little skeptical I’d get any traffic from the articles. Quite frankly, I thought that Slick would be posting articles from Article Stalker and that would keep Google happy.

Much to my surprise, I started getting daily traffic from the articles posted by Slick Autoposter. The quality of the articles is excellent and I even get people commenting on them.

Anyway, Slick is a potent weapon. Combine it with Article Stalker and you go nuclear!

I was surprised when I checked out some stats, but it looks like Slick & Article Stalker doubled my traffic….Thanks Ed :)

You’ll see a small downturn in traffic…..that was my fault because I had the blog offline for a period of time. Otherwise as you can see, Google started sending me traffic after autoposting for a couple of weeks.


If you’re interested autoblogging or autoposting watch this
video and see eactly how easy Slick Autoposter is to use!

Build Your Own WordPress Plugins

Robert Plank can be considered king of the hill when it comes to php programming and internet marketing! I don’t say that lightly, simply because I’ve become very cynical with the whole guru thing…..and I wouldn’t want Plank to get a bigger head than he already has :)

Robert Plank has a commanding knowledge of php programming. He knows internet marketing and he has combined the two in a way few have… produce products that have wide appeal and practical use. In other words, the products he develops not only teach about php and internet marketing, they increase sales, bring more traffic or increase profits along with a variety of other desired results.

Robert’s newest product is one of the coolest.

Do you use WordPress plugins?

Would you like to make your own plugins?

Would you like to have a series of wordpress plugin templates?

Would you like to be able to customize your wordpress plugins?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you need to check out his new product called WordPress Crusher

More on what WordPressCrusher will give you:

Create Your First WordPress Plugin In 60 Seconds Or Less, Just By Answering A Few Simple Questions And Uploading A Single PHP File To Your WordPress Folder… Read Below…

  • Import 10, 100, or even 1000 of your articles into your WordPress blog with one click… and schedule & space them out as far into the future as you like.
  • Make WordPress plugins that appear on the sidebar, known as widgets! Now you can display information on your blog and drag it around so it goes right where you want it to.
  • Make your widget as simple or as customizable as you want it to be for your users.
  • Add your Twitter account information to your WordPress sidebar in just a couple of seconds, using this helpful widget plugin!
  • Discover how you can save and load any information about your plugin to the WordPress database, in just one line of code.

RSS-Based Autoblogging: Why My WordPress Blogs Get More Comments, Repeat Visitors and Sales Than Yours… and I’ve Never Written a Single Post on Most of Them!

  • Use a secret plugin to automatically import as many RSS feeds as you want, as often or as rarely as you want… use either full article RSS feeds or simple news feeds… to keep your blog content as updated and fresh as possible, without you having to lift a finger.
  • How to get your plugins to respond to shortcode so you can add repetitious items onto your blog posts with ease!
  • Embed Camtasia or YouTube videos as easily as you can type a URL… the days of WordPress breaking your special video codes are over!
  • Get your WordPress plugin to edit anything in the database for you… this means you can distribute plugins that store lots and lots of information, without the usual customer support headache for installations! Now your users can install your scripts with one click.

Unique Ways to Use WordPress to Get Your Visitors to Do Anything You Want (95% of Marketers Overlook This)

  • Ethically bribe your visitors to leave comments on your blog every single day… this is the same technique I’ve used on my blog for over a year to make sure that none of the entries have less than 10 comments, and one entry has nearly 100 comments. Now, I’ve found a way to automate it! How many comments does your blog have? Want more?
  • How to get your WordPress plugins to e-mail visitors, e-mail you, or perform any action the instant you make a new blog post.
  • Abolish social media sites that suck up time… now you can instantly re-post all your blog entries to the Twitter social network without having to login, ever again.
  • Allow visitors to limit the reach of your plugins to only affect specific posts they choose.
  • Use the amount of videos, posts and comments to impress your visitors and get them to stay longer on your site.

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WordPress Plugin Suggestions

A list of good wordpress plugins is always appreciated. I know that I always pick up or remember a wordpress plugin I wanted to use but forgot about.

Mark Ling of Affilorma put together a list of 12 wordpress plugins and rather than repeat it, I suggest you stop by his blog and check out his recommendations….great job Mark :)

12 Best WordPress Plugins

Hi Guys,

12 WordPress Plugins

Following on from the last 2 days videos about setting up and customizing your wordpress

blog. I’ve got some recommendations for plugins. You don’t have to install these if you find

that part complicated, but for those of you who are familiar with how easy it is to do (and there are instructions on

each website that I list), these are fantastic!

Everybody is jumping on the blogging train these days and using the wordpress platform to create their blogs. The problem is that wordpress out of the box needs some TLC to make it more visible to search engines and the indexing spiders. I’m really surprised to see a number of big name marketers who have blogs and don’t have them optimzed properly. If you want to properly optimized your wordpress blog then you must use plugins. As time goes on, you can find almost any plugin you want for FREE and Mark has done a great job of compiling a list of plugins that will help anyone with a blog.

Don’t be afraid. Download a plugin and make your blog a traffic magnet :)

There are alot of free wordpress tutorials that teach you how to work with wordpress. There are few wordpress memberships that are worth taking a look at. Blog with Success is a one time fee membership that I would recommend to anyone looking to get the most of their wordpress blog. Content is constantly being added and it will help anyone who is using wordpress, newbie to the old pro….check it out now!