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First Attempt With the Genesis Framework by StudioPress

First Attempt With the
Genesis Framework by StudioPress

One of my goals this year will be to get a better understanding of how to build wordpress themes. For me, remodeling my house myself is no different than fixing up an old wordpress blog. Sure the tools are different but bottom line, you want theme that looks and does what you want it to do.

Anyway, I’ve had a StudioPress Membership for quite a while and those guys crank out some pretty awesome stuff. They have a unique system and they have an excellent support staff.

The way StudioPress works is through a main framework which attaches to various child themes. When major changes are needed it can be done through the Genesis framework without screwing up the theme. The child themes can be left alone or edited as needed.

Using StudioPress Child Themes

Anyway, I was messing around with a free StudioPress child theme that is very basic and does exactly what I need it to do, I can customize it as needed or just keep it as it is.

Ultimately I want to be able to take a photoshop template, slice it up and create a theme from it. It surely will be a more proficient use of my time to pay someone to slice up my .psd files, but I really want to know how to get it done :)

I messed around with a theme called Sinatra, I don’t know if it will be up while you’re looking at it. I had a problem with the slider and some of the widgets…. again, not sure if it was me or the original design since the Genesis Framework was just upgraded there might need to be changes to the theme….. hey…its a free theme so what the heck :) But it is my first attempt at working with the Genesis Framework and a Child theme. So far, I find it a very nice system.

Stay tuned, watch the tag and category called StudioPress and I’ll keep you updated with my progress.

Review of Theme Rabbit

Theme Rabbit has 10 variationsI just can’t resist a good WordPress Theme! Theme Rabbit is one hot WordPress Theme.

I stumbled over an introductory offer of Theme Rabbit, maybe one of the easiest and best looking WordPress Themes I’ve seen to date.

As time goes on, wordpress theme developers are making it easier and easier to customize a wordpress theme. I remember when it was an absolute necessity to know how to hack away at your theme if you wanted to add some custom content. Well…. Theme Rabbit comes with 10 basic themes, all have unique areas for content, sliders, images, optin forms etc.

If you are into offline marketing, the Rabbit Themes could be perfect for just about any local business. You could use if for resturants, service people, construction, professionals, local stores …..and I could go on. By the same token, you could easily use the Rabbit Themes for any of your internet marketing needs. Set up and affiliate site, sell a book, use it for a membership…. once again you are limited to your imagination.

The developer’s seem to be sincere with their desires to further develop the theme rabbit….. but then again, they all do. Only time will tell. Although, I did get some personal correspondence from them and they seem excited to implement some of the suggestions that have been forwarded to date. They’ve got a winner here, if you are a complete newbie, I really think you could get these themes working with little effort…… and if you are an experienced WordPress Developer and User, you’ll find these a nice change and pleasure to use.

Click Here to check out Rabbit Theme.

Stay tuned, I’ll be doing a video of this theme and how easy it is to use in the next couple of days.

I did a quick video review of Theme Rabbit…. take a look!

How to Install Your WordPress Theme

Installing a WordPress theme is easy to do and can be done many times through the life of your blog. It is also fun to do and can be addicting. The best part about it is that many of the themes you can use are free so you can change the look of your site as often as you want to try and find that perfect look for your blog.

There are many places that you can go to download a theme for free. You can look for them usually in a few different formats. There are three major types of themes available to you to get your free blog looking like a professionally designed website or weblog. They can be found in basic themes, advanced themes, and widget-friendly themes.

Basic themes are the standard types of themes. They are the easiest to use and great for those new to web design. The templates are all very attractive and although you might be a bit limited as to what you can do. You will still find it easy to get it looking as sharp as you want.

How to Install Your WordPress Theme

Advanced themes are a bit more difficult to figure out for the new person but it is a great second step in learning about how to use website templates. Website design is made easy when you learn more about this type of theme. You have more options but it can be a bit complicated to figure them out.

The widget-friendly themes are ones that enable you to make use of the various WordPress widgets made available to you that can help your new knowledge of website design be taken to a new level. WordPress widgets are things that you can put into your weblogs sidebar to make your website more interactive for those visiting your blog. The great thing about them is that you don’t really have to know much of anything about how they work. All you do is plug the thing in to your free blog and let it go. You will be surprised to find out how much more attractive your page can be once you learn how to install this into your WordPress theme.

After you have gone to one of the free WordPress theme sites and selected the one you want just follow the instructions on the page to download it. Once it is downloaded to your computer you can extract the theme and then upload the directory and all the other files to your wp-content/themes folder. Once you have uploaded it you can hit the presentations button to see a preview. On that preview, after you have seen that it looks just like you hoped it would, hit the image to activate.

Play around with the admin area. Once you have done this you will find more easy ways to customize your very own website and will learn how to build more complicated websites. It may seem difficult to build a web presence for yourself but once you learn how to install your WordPress theme you will find it a much easier endeavor.

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