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10 Creative Traffic Building Ideas

Everyone wants traffic to their website. It is not always easy to get more people to visit your site. There are ways to generate the desired traffic. It takes being creative and innovative sometimes; yet here are several ideas that will help.

1. Use Flickr. Social photo sharing drives people to your website. Add good tags to the photos so they attract the members on the site. Write a post in your blog and add the link to the Flickr site. The two sites will work in unison to draw traffic to your site.

2. Join a social bookmarking site. Share your favorite sites with other people sharing the same interests. Include your website. The social sites are like a specific search engine for many people. Add the bookmarks to your blog site to increase your internet traffic. Add interesting links to relevant products that the users are searching for. The more interesting links you have bookmarked the larger your following will become.

3. Start blogging. Join several sites where you comment on the blog posts. Add your URL with posting. Keep in mind you are commenting on your posts so remain focused on the topic since you do not want your posting to be deleted or considered as spam. You want to appear knowledgeable and someone others can trust.

Bookmark Generation Creates A Storm of Website Traffic

4. Use forum signatures for promotion of your site with a live link. Use topics with great information and link them back to your sties. The more information you provide the readers the more they will rely on you for your new information. They will return repeatedly to read what you are posting.

5. Add widgets, themes, and extension to your site. There are many free additions that will enhance your site. Make your site interesting rather than the typical boring website. Make your site user friendly and exciting. Users want to see and experience new things, give it to them with your site.

6. Use your friends to know your business and have them help spread the word about your website. They can use their personal blogs, websites, and contacts to increase your website traffic.

articlestalkerman7. Use industry specific sites to add links and networks with by contacting the websites. Many are willing to join the cause to help your build your website traffic.

8. Expand your exposure by adding podcasts to your site. Include audio and video that is interesting and intriguing.

9. Submit your feed to blog site directories. The feed will drive traffic from another site to your site.

Article Stalker Creates Blog Traffic Quickly

Last but not least:

10. Submit articles to article directories, using the resource box to drive traffic to your site and establish strong backlinks to your site; for the Search Engines.

When you do your traffic building, it is not really about the traffic but offering what the readers want. When you reach out to them with information and products you service a valuable purpose.

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  1. Have you any special technique for drive traffic in blog. I use everything for drive traffic in my blog. But till now not much traffic.

  2. scottparat says:

    You should have picked up some ideas from the blog post, however, I’ll give you 2 things you really need to do that will bring in some traffic….maybe 3 :)

    Use your blog’s rss feed. Submit your rss feed to the directories and make sure you ping the directories after each new post. Create some web 2.0 properties and use their widgets to display your rss feed. Learn all you can about rss feeds. I use an automatic rss submission service that gives me great results.

    Make sure you do some social bookmarking for each post. I try to automate everything, check out this method of automatic bookmarks

    Use a tool like Micro Niche Finder to locate keyword phrases that have 500 to 1000 searches a month and less than 10,000 pages online. Use these keywords in your blogs and squidoo pages.

    Make use of blogger and to create feeder pages for lin Remember these sites will ofter be deleted by those services so don’t spend a lot of time on theme.

    That should help you!

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