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Ebay Sniper Software Wins Ebay Auctions

One of my son’s friends was bidding on Ebay and extremely disappointed when losing a bid. I showed my son how to use ebay sniper software so he asked me to share some ebay snipe tools with his friend. This is the email I sent.

Hi Randy,

Here’s a link to Ezsniper which is ebay sniper software….its a program that automatically bids at the last minute or seconds of an ebay bid. The only way you can get beat is if someone else is using this or a similar program…..even then you have a much better chance of winning the bid.

This is the link….just click on it EzSniper Ebay Sniper Software

You can read about how ebay sniper software works, but I’ll give you a quick idea.

ebay sniper software

Let’s say you want to bid on a chainsaw and you’re willing to spend $300 on it and no more. So, you set up ezsniper and but $300 for the maximum bid. Keep in mind that doesn’t mean you’ll always spend the $300.

If the bid is going along and the last guy bids $150, ezsniper will automatically bid $155 seconds before it closes and you’ll win the bid. Conversely, if someone bids over $300, ezsniper won’t bid on it anymore since you put a maximum bid of $300.

The cool thing about this software is that you can set the maximum bid when the item first comes up on Ebay and sit back and wait…..or if you decide you really want it and you see that the bid is over $300 you can go back into the software and increase your maximum bid…..of course you can’t do that in the last seconds.

I think this ebay sniper software will give you get 3 free snipes and then it costs 10 cents a snipe or something like that……It really works though, I’ve used it to get parts for Michael and a couple of auctions for myself.

If you need help setting it up, give me or Michael a call

Good Luck,


Almost forgot, when looking for ebay sniper software, you’ll find plenty of free ebay snipe tools but beware because they don’t work as well as Ezsniper…as often said, you get what you pay for!

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