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Mechanical Turk Amazon Video

Have you heard of Mechanical Turk Amazon

Chris Crompton has a presentation that is a video tutorial of Amazon Mechanical Turk.

If you’re not familiar with it, don’t feel all along. The concept is fairly new or I should say Mechanical Turk has just become understood and recongnized in the Internet Marketing Field.

Mechanical Turk briefly described is a quick, cheap and easy way to get articles written that are of very high quality. You can get an article for $2 to $5 depending on word length. This is a great resource for putting together an ebook, report, articles for pages, or articles broken down for blog posts.

Chris produces some pretty good stuff, take an hour out and look at this presentation and give Mechanical Turk a whirl….you can thank me latter :)

Although Chris’s program looks interesting and I’m sure would be helpful. You now know enough to get unique one of kind articles written in English by using Mechanical Turk Amazon!

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