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Recording Webinar with Camtasia Tutorials

How to Record Webinars and Capture Audio

I record webinars for my own use with Camtasia screen capture software. Webinars have become more and more popular, there are even some webinar applications that produce audio without having to dial into a phone line.

One of my subscribers wanted to know how to set up Techsmith Camtasia so that you record the screen and audio. One way is to record the screen the normal way and use your microphone by placing next to a speaker. This method works but the sound is less than perfect.

There is a better way to record the audio, by tweaking some of Camtasia’s features you can record directly from the sound card on most computers. Below I outline how I record both screen and audio from the computer.

To set up Camtasia…open up a page with video, maybe a youtube video. Use
Capture from the Camtasia Recorder Application

Choose Wizard at the very bottom.

Click on Region of the Screen (make sure record audio is ticked at the
bottom)the click on Next

Click on the Select Region Button and drag it over the area you want to

Click Next

Since you’re using the Wizard to set the recording up you will get some
audio options. After you determined the recording area and then come to
Audio Settings.

For Audio Device:—-> click on the drop down arrow and check your audio or
sound card

For Audio input source —-> use the drop down and get Stereo Mix……..

The video on the page you’re recording must be playing. Check the input
level bar on the right. you should see a green bar moving up and down. If

—try moving the slider up
—if still doesn’t work try changing the input source
—if the input bar has yellow and red move the slider down or the audio
will be distored.

Experiment with a few video sites until you get your settings right….then
write them down! Can’t tell you how many times I forgot and had to figure it
out all over again.

Hope that helps.

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  5. Thank you! I’ve used it once before but now I’m going to try your suggestions!

    Jennifer Goodwin – Owner

  6. scottparat says:

    Glad it might help you Jennifer. Let me know if you run into any snags and I can give you a hand. Recording webinars or teleseminars really comes in handy I seem to learn a lot easier these days by watching somebody do something rather than reading about it.


  7. Thanks for the tips! I just got Camtasia and tried recording a webinar, but audio wasn’t recorded. I’m glad I found this site!

  8. thanks for the shortcut

  9. scottparat says:

    Glad you found found the Recording Webinar with Camtasia Tutorial of value!


  10. You can also just take an audio cable and loop the speaker jack into the microphone jack.

  11. scottparat says:

    That’s a good idea Shelly!

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