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20 Xsitepro Templates for Niche Marketing

I just put up 20 Xsitepro Templates for only $2.95!

You can use these xsitepro templates whenever you’re in a pinch and need something quick. While you get 20 templates for only $2.95, they are not cheap by anymeans….that is, regarding quality.

These Xsitepro templates come with the standard .xse files to import into Xsitepro and you also get a variety of graphics that make it easy to edit your sites and make them very unique. You’ll get different .jpg graphics and you’ll also get the photoshop .psd files so you have total control and editing capability.

Xsitepro Template for $2.95I don’t want to get all marketing on you…but I’m really not planning on leaving this package at $2.95 for very long……although, its really easy to forget so if you stumble on this post 3 years from now, give it a shot :)

Let me take a second to comment on Xsitepro as a program, Xsitepro as a WYSIWYG program. I’m a Dreamweaver user and thought it would be really elementary of me to use Xsitepro…..boy, was I wrong. It’s a different way of website building….but its fast. It’s an extremely fast way for the novice to get a website up and running and its a quick way for the old pro to throw up some quick 10 page sites, linked properly, along with proper seo strategies automaically applied.

Xsitepro….even in this first version allows for some customization and you can create some really unique and complicated sites. I’m looking forward to the new version that is to soon appear. Here’s the rub, if you get Xsitepro now, you get the upgrade for free.

I really didn’t mean to go there, just buy my templates and you’ll be happy :)……..heck, what on earth can you buy for $2.95!

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  1. Great looking Xsitepro templates you got there!

    Any chance you’ll design some more and offer resale rights? If not, let me know and maybe we can JV on a Xsitepro template project!

    Great blog. Keep posting. It’s the only way!



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