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CaRP for RSS to Html

I’m constantly getting questions on how to get rss feeds to display on your websites or blogs. Although there are numerous ways I use a script called CaRP and recommend it to all my Niche Health Products Members when creating custom RSS feeds to disply as HTML.

CaRP for converting rss feeds to html

You can convert RSS feeds to HTML for display on your website. Fully customizable to match your look and feel. Auto-updating content attracts visitors and search engine spiders. Downloadable free version of CaRP and give it a try….for a small fee you can get the advanced version that allows you to do all kinds of additional things to your feeds.

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Email Etiquette Question

Mary asks… email etiquette? I have a small group of friends that I email daily. I recently added a new friend who (without my permission or consent of others) started sending email to people on my list. This individual does not know some of these people and they were angry that someone was sending them […]

Free Redirect Script called Shorty

Redirecting your affiliate links is one of the most important things you can learn and do when you start internet marketing. There are 2 basic classes of redirecting your affiliate links. Using a service on someone elses server Using a script on your own server Let’s look at option 1 for redirecting your affiliate links. […]

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