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Weaving Flash With Dreamweaver

In the field of web designing, it is only the creativity and the right tool or application used for that purpose that counts. The competition between web designers has grown fiercely, so does the competition among the creators of software that aid web designers in their work. At present, there are several companies offering software that help web designers to create attractive websites. The Dreamweaver is one such software which helps to create Website Flash Design.

Not only is Dreamweaver quite easy to work on but also provides a range of features to the web designers to create Macromedia

Dreamweaver CS4

Flash Web Design. The credit for that goes to the two remarkably useful tools present in the software that make the creating of Flash look so easy. These tools are Flash texts and Flash Buttons.

While the Flash text helps determine the behavior of the text that appears in a Flash programmed, the Flash Buttons help in adding style. Both features are really cool and help the web designers to create Custom Flash Web Design. For those who have experience in designing website and working on Flash, they would find its extra beneficial.

Currently, there are various versions of the Dreamweaver available in the market, the latest one being the Dreamweaver 4 which has the above mentioned features. The popularity of a website depends upon how appealing it is to a person who is using or watching it. The animation element of Flash in website has helped web designers to convey the message that they wish to convey through the website in a more effective manner. In fact, there are several websites currently present which are solely Flash based websites. The popularity of the Flash has reached such height that today; we seldom see a website which does not have a Flash running in it.

Therefore the new version of the Dreamweaver is likely to further encourage web designers to use Flash in as effectively as possible.

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This article is written by a technical writer, working at Synapse India, a software and web development company in India. This article emphasizes on the various flash design options available, which will help the designer to create Custom Flash Web Design.

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