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Lightbox or Greybox Scripts for Popups or Layovers

At one time popups were so effective that they became a nuisance….guess what, they still work great if you know what to use and how to use them. You find a great tutorial on how to use unblockable popups 
I love getting a new email from Ask Michel Komarov because I know I’ll learn a new code, script or different way to make my webpage useful. There is a new post that shows you the coding involved in a new type of popup or layover you’ve probably already seen.

The background of the page becomes grey and the layover or popover sits on top of the page giving forcing the webpage visitor to focus completely on your message.

There are various programs that you can purchase that will allow you to put these on your website but, Michel shows you how to do it for free! If you’re interested in learning how things work and how to code on your own, you’ll find this post very rewarding….in fact the entire site is very useful, full of all kinds of goodies.

This tutorial comes complete with the code you need to get the effect along with all the screenshots you need to see what is happening.

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