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Page Rank or Pagerank!

The all elusive pagerank is one of the most important goals for many webmasters.

Pagerank is a numerical value between 1 and 10 with the degree of importance associated with the numerical value…..1 being less important than 10. In other words, if you had a website with a pagerank of 8, you would have accomplished a very exciting feat!

Google is asseses the pagerank value to your webpages and it is determined using their secret formula. The greater an authority your website is, the higher the page rank. Things like keywords, keword phrases, proper SEO configurations and linking all help to determine your pagerank.

One of the easiest ways to increase pagerank is by writing articles with links back to your website.

Jonathan Leger showed uses the same pagerank checker that I do. In fact you can read a little about his thoughts on trackbacks.

Here’s a site that helps you to determine the pagerank of your webpages….

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