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Rotate Content on Your Blog or Website

Did you ever want to rotate content on your website?

Let’s say you had 5 banners you wanted to rotate at each page refresh or maybe over a certain time period and in a random manner.

Maybe you wanted to rotate images.

Or how about rotating a different snippets of paragraphs to help create new content for each webpage.

Using php scripts you can rotate just about anything and here’s a few places you can find those types of scripts.

Or here’s an impromtu script I picked up from the warrior forum

Can you not just code something simple for yourself. If it’s a php page drop this code in:

switch ($link) {
case 1:
$displayname=”Gumption Communications”;
case 2:
$displayname=”Gumption Freelance”;
case 3:
$displayname=”Your First Online Dollar”;
case 4:
$displayname=”AMAZING WSO”;
$displayname=”Everyone’s favorite forum”;
echo $display; //display the link or
echo “<a href=’$display’>$displayname</a>”; //Display it as a clickable URL

Change the five in the second line to however many options you want and keep adding cases….

I’ve found that there are many reasons to rotate content and images. Whether you own a blog or static website you certainly use one of these methods to help keep your website interesting.

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  1. llamafruit says:

    Hello folks. I just joined the site and it seems fascinating.

  2. HauttDalk says:

    Does anyone know of a good article spinning script. Looking to take my articles and PLR articles and spin them.

    Steven Walsh

  3. Thanks for these tips and the links to the sites. I have been looking for a rotator script and this is perfect!

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