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Free eCover Maker

Every internet marketer will need an ecover sooner or latter….and I found a free ecover creator for you.

I did a quick software box, took about 2 minutes. I know it doesn’t look very nice but you can edit your project until you get it looking just the way you want it. I’m really surprised how good this program is and I’m shocked that it is free!

You can contact an excellent graphic artist to create customer ecovers, boxes and website templates at or Custom Ebook Covers.


You can go to and play around with their online ecover maker.

I checked it out myself and found it fast and easy to create a cover. Often times when someone is just getting started in internet marketing they don’t have the cash to hire a professional to create their graphics and FREE always sounds nice.

Keep in mind, what you create at the free graphics creator will probably look just that….free. But, its a place to start and if you’re doing your first report or ebook you’ll get more traction by creating a cover….. this has been proven over and over.

So, try the FREE eCover Maker and once you start making some cash, contact Scott over at and hire him to do your graphics :)

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