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Blogging Advice for Consistant Posting

Blogging Advice Using Video

The best piece of blogging advice has to do with making consistant posts. Maintaining a constant frequency of posting on your blog is the problem of every blogger….so the best blogging advice is to post on a regular basis!

But…how do I post every day or 3 times a week when I’m sick, on vacation, maybe tired of my blog or just out of posting ideas?

One tool that helps you to make a quality post each day is called Video Utility Poster and when those days come up that leave you totally uninspired, Video Utility Poster will help fill in the blanks.

Well…I just picked up a copy of Video Utility Poster and did a search for “blogging tips” and limited the search to 20 videos. I took a quick look at the videos that came up and at that point I could have just picked one and dragged it over to my post here and I would have been done.

Turns out that the video I picked inspired me to make some additional comments. First the blogging advice is by Krysti from Moms Cash Blog….watch it and then take a look at my comments.

Make Money Online – Blogging Advice Video Blog Post

In this video blog post, I share a great way for you bloggers to keep your blog posts updated and even allow yourself to take a day off, yet still have good quality blog posts!

Blog ahead of time, learn how by watching the video…

Moms Cash Blog – Daily money making video blog posts from Krysti

Blog ahead of time, learn how by watching the video…

Moms Cash Blog – Daily money making video blog posts from Krysti

Save Post as Draft in wordpress blogging adviceBasically she is talking about autoblogging but on a manual level. Her advice is sound and there are automated ways to do what she is talking about but let’s leave automated blogging on the back burner for now and let me take Krysti’s method of blogging in advance one more level higher using the standard WordPress tools.

After you save the post as she mentions in the video about blogging advice, make sure the “unpublished’ window is picked in the Publish Status area.

Next you’ll see a little calendar icon with the following description “Publish Immediately Edit” and the word “Edit” is a hyperlink. Click on the word ‘edit’ and the box expands to give you the option that allows you to tell WordPress when to automatically Publish your Draft.

Schedule Post for furture publishing for blogging adviceSo…if you use this feature instead of using the method in the video you could write 5 posts, tell WordPress when to publish each of the 5 posts and then go on vacation. Your posts will automatically appear at the desired time while you’re enjoying your time away, getting plastic surgery, fishing, or sailing to the Bahamas :)

Hope this was helpful and thanks to Krysti for getting me motivated to expound on her blogging advice and tips!

Also, you might want to check out Video Utility Poster as a tool to keep your blog fresh and filled with relevant content….my blogging advice for the day!

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