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Can I Eliminate the Backlink When Using an RSS Feed?

I noticed that all feeds in your sample blog link to outside, is it a good strategy? 

I know it can be set in feedwordpress plug-in to link back to my own site with permalink, but the content it grabs is only the header with only a few sentences? I’m not sure which options is better, what do you think?

….I think your question is another one that creates a little contreversy on both sides of the issue.

Consider this…What if you spent an hour or two a week putting up thoughtful, usefull and quality blog posts. The content is all yours and its unique. Now, from my standpoint I wouldn’t mind if everyone and their brother used my rss feed for content on their sites….but I would be pissed if they took the content and bypassed a link back to my site.

Taking content from other websites without linking is called scraping. A common practice used back in the day for building sites for trying to trick the search engines into thinking it was your content and getting visitors to click on their adsnese links.

Even today, some people advertise their rss links on their blogs but get upset when they see their content on your blog. They completely miss the concept linking.I’d love to see one of my blog posts used in a 1000 or so sites with a link back to my original blog post :)

So….the benefit to you is getting free content at the expense of a backlink to the original author. In my mind…that’s only fair.

If you were to have a blog composed entirely of content from rss feeds without any link to the original site, search engines and their spiders are smart enough to figure out you implemented a nofollow tag or just eliminated the backlink.

The best solution would be to have a random mixture of displaying feeds with links and without. Maybe a little blackhat….but it would be a nice solution. I don’t know of any plugin or method of accomplishing this on a blog though.

Just my thoughts,


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