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How to Add an Opt-in Subscribe Box to WordPress

Watch this video by Frank Bruno on how to add an optin subscribe form to your WordPress Blog….you’d be surprised how easy it is.

Frank has a really cool and effective means for stopping wordpress spam called Comment Nuker it’s only $10 and Shannon Herod of Blog for Success fame says its the most effective method he’s seen so far….in fact I think he’s mailed me about 5 times regarding it….and for $10 he’s not going to make a lot of money:)

Another tool you’ll need is an autoresponder, I use Aweber for a variety of reasons. First it’s the best for anyone thinking about trying to make money on the internet or just make money at home. It’s a tool used by newbies and guru’s alike….the reason why, well, it works. By that I mean your email is delivered. There’s no use collecting email addresses and names if they cannot be delivered. When I first started I hosted my own autoresponder script and built it up to 6,000 or so. Eventually delivery rates dropped down to less than 30%, so…… Aweber delivers and has built an outstanding reputation. The features of Aweber are almost uncomprehensible, but, it’s easy enough for a newbie to get started with… check out Aweber Autoresponders.

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Pat Quinn Issues Question

Lisa asks… What do you think of this story? Top 5 places to live in US for illegals? 1. California California’s state motto “Eureka” (I have found it!) aptly applies here. The state’s population includes 3.2 million illegal aliens — almost 24% of all illegal aliens in America — have chosen the Golden State as […]

Automatic Mlm Team Builder

Every person who owns an excellently operating web site understands the importance of Aweber or an auto responder.  You do not have to spend so much time and energy trying to answer queries or closing important deals and transactions.  Aweber allows you to maximize the potential of your online business by boosting sales and providing […]


  1. I agree Aweber is a good one. Easy to use as well for the noob. I use GetResponse that seems pretty easy to use at first too. Another one is called iContact. The difference between the first two and iContact is that you can upload leads into that system without having them re-opt-in and for some that’s a bonus. But I think Aweber has my two thumbs up for a solid and easy service.

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